Defensive people…

???????????????????????????????are difficult, even scary and can be very destructive. They are usually immature, combatant, insecure and reactionary..

They behave like children and may have been abused emotionally, and, or physically… they usually come from a fractured, and, or disordered home. They have a low sense of self-worth… so they can’t handle criticism or disagreements about their performance. They are difficult to communicate with because they don’t listen with open ears, but with a closed mind as they ready their defensive stance. They use blame as one of their defense tactics because in their inability to look at self, they continually project and state it must be you, or someone else, not me, never me… as in, you caused me to do that for this to happen, not me, never me… not my fault.

They take no responsibility, unless it’s for something good or something that they are proud of and want to attach to their persona. They steal accolades and place blame. They are adept at side-stepping responsibility.

They are fractured individuals… and behave like children because they are frozen somewhere in the trauma of when they were a child. They are afraid of any kind of failure and can’t accept it… hence their defensive stance. They also use divide and conquer as apart of their defense. They are destructive, 
divisive and disruptive. They will do any and everything in defense of their fragile self. They are jealous and envious of others and wish to take them and take from them. They are a blight on society.

We have a perfect example in Obama…