Liberal idiots … why our country is so screwed up…

blueface1At a function the other evening, I had a conversation with a man that I didn’t realize was an ‘Obamanut’.  I did think him bizarre, but he started talking to me so I was polite.

He was a 60 year-old attorney and his story was that his ex-wife is mentally ill and he has custody of his four young children… all under the age of 10. Because, their mother tried to commit suicide under one of the children’s beds. Geez! I just listened as this man droned on with his sad tale of woe.

His story went that he had been married to this woman for 12 years ‘before’ they had children and in their first year of marriage she was diagnosed with a severe mental illness.  Of course, my question was. “Why did you have four children with a woman who is severely mentally ill?”

His response with a shrug and a no responsibility, clueless expression, “She seemed better at times.”

It was clear this man was looking for sympathy for his plight, while I was thinking, ‘what an idiot’, as I tried to disengaged from his pathetic droning.

Talking to this man was like being detained by a fool and his tale was one of a clueless idiot. The more I heard what came out of his mouth the sicker I felt. I moved away, but he followed.

He thought Obama was doing a great job, especially with foreign policy. When I inquired why did he think this? His response, “He got Bin Laden, didn’t he?”

Then this man whose life appears a mess by his own choices, goes onto say that his main concern these days is about the suicide rate of young gay people because heterosexuals are haters… that gay kids commit suicide more than others.

I was talking to an idiot… a liberal.  Four kids under the age of 10 when he is 60. The mother of the kids is mentally ill. Do the math. When he is 70, the kids will not be grown.  He thinks Obama is great on foreign policy and his main worry is the suicide rate of gay kids.  Whew!

This is one example of why we have such a screwed up country. People’s heads are in the clouds. They live with no thought of what they are doing and they bring children into the world without thinking about the consequences. Then they are concerned about something not relevant to them. Unless some of his kids are gay, or he is gay or… I don’t know and I don’t care! It was a conversation that jumped around, made no sense and left me feeling like I had been held captive in the distortion of a fun house mirror reflecting a kind of bizarre insanity…just like when I hear Obama, Pelosi or Reid, etc. talk.

After this experience, I have decided  I will not talk to liberals. I will even be rude if need be, in order to disengage. As soon as he proclaimed his like of Obama, I understood why he had four kids with a severely mentally ill woman. He was a non-thinking fool.

I have never experienced such poor choices and ignorance that I see in the world today. And this ‘catch’ was eyeing the room for some woman to take on the task of his choices…. to help him rear his probably mentally, emotionally damaged, and who knows whatelse, kids.  I was repulsed! REPULSED!

Our society is in real trouble. Too many ignorant idiots who live without thinking then worry about these societal created ’causes’. The future will belong to these fools and what they are creating.

This gay issue is at the forefront and why? It’s a small percentage of the population. But the Obama administration has put emphasis on it…. this gay marriage thingy. We live in a distorted, sick and bizarre world.  And this man is an example of why…

After my short conversation with this screwed up liberal,  I felt sick to my stomach and like I needed to take a shower to wash off the stench of stupidity.

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  1. You would be surprised or maybe not at how many people ignore the facts of a conversation such as yours and immediately feel sympathy for those queers. Sorry I’m not p c.
    Keep shouting great posts love your work.

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