Fear…Friend or Foe?

brickorange3Fear can be your friend or your enemy… or both, depending on the time frame and circumstances.

Fear can warn you of impending danger and in that regard it is your friend even a blessing…or it can keep you in a state of confusion that will dull your senses and make you weakened and easy to be taken advantage of, only to be lead further to your destruction…it then becomes your foe working to your disadvantage and against you. It can stop you dead in your tracks in a ‘knowing’ of warning, or freeze you so that you can’t succeed or overcome.  Fear can make you a hero or a victim. The wisdom is to know the difference.

I believe that all our feelings and emotions have their place and one is not better than the other. All of them are appropriate and when we process through, honor what we are feeling, and walk through emotions is when they serve us as God intended. After all, we are sentient (feeling) beings. We are on earth to ‘feel’… and to experience.

Fear is to warn and to protect… but also to spur us on…

What is your greatest fear? Is it fear of death? Fear of public speaking? Fear of the government? Fear of evil? Fear of pain? Fear of being alone? Fear of losing all that you have? Fear of the world ending?

We all have them. Look at whatever fear you have. Walk into it. Imagine what it would be like should it occur… examine all your feelings and emotions about it … Then step out of it and observe…

Years ago, I was an interior designer and I was asked to speak before a large group at a convention on the topic commercial selling. I was in the top ten in the nation and they wanted me to share my knowledge and techniques. Of course, I was honored and I knew my subject inside and out. But right before I was to go on stage… I thought I was going to faint, collapse, have a heart attack and literally die. I was actually shaking…  and wanted to run away and out of the room as fast as I possibly could. But how would that look? I had many in the audience who worked for me and they saw me as their fearless leader…Yeah right! Not in this instance, however…

So, to the woman standing near me I confessed, “I am scared to death.” She graciously took my hands and we prayed, and, of course, that helped.Then I recalled something I had been told… ‘Imagine the worst thing that could happen’. So, I did. Which was I walked up to the microphone then fainted or dropped dead…and  the image of that happening made me chuckle. Because if that would occur … it just would. THEN it was time.. I walked up the stairs one by one and approached the mic and dropped to the floor right then and there.

NO! HA!  I told the audience that I was scared to be talking before so many .. so would they bare with me, if I made a fool of myself. They chuckled in understanding and smiled warmly at me. I took a deep breath, felt relief and smiled back at them. So I began.. and I loved it! In fact, they had to make the cut motion across their necks for me to stop and get off the stage for the next speaker to have their turn. The audience was asking questions and I was on a roll…I was feeling good, competent and not scared at all. I was loving it… TA DA!

Afterwards, everyone complimented me and momentarily, I felt like a ‘star’…

Had I allowed by fear to ‘control’ me … I would have missed the fun, the accomplishment, the feeling of success of conquering my fear.

My intense fear was unfounded… although, public speaking is on the top of the list of things people fear the most.

Obama and others in our current government use fear to ‘control’. It’s the weak, manipulative people who use the ‘threat of fear’… and this is what Obama has done the duration of his ‘rule’. He preys on people’s fears knowing that the weak and lost will buy into it. He wants people weakened and lost. He is our first ‘victim’ president and he appeals to others who wear the ‘mantel of victim’ … as these people are the first to succumb to fear instead of overcoming it … making them easily to be told what to do, what to think and how to behave. We have all been victims at one time or another, but what makes the differences is if we stay in that mindset or not… if we stay in the fear or not. If we allow the fear to overcome us, we remain victimized by it and it

diminishes us.Remember…”A weak man dies a thousand deaths. A man of courage only one.”Or “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave but one’…. (The man who first said that) was probably a coward…. He knew a great deal about cowards but nothing about the brave. The brave dies perhaps two thousand deaths if he’s intelligent. He simply doesn’t mention them.”
Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

Let the fear in your gut serve to warn you, prepare you, sharpen your actions, and reserve, to call on something deep inside yourself to overcome, but not to freeze into your being and stop you from overcoming it.

Fear can be your friend and also your foe…remember the ‘wisdom’ is to know the difference.