Can you be too honest?…

 ???????????????????????????????I have a tendency to say what I think. I am, at times, brutally honest about what I feel and what I think. I don’t want or intend to hurt people, but I get tired, even disgusted watching people being lied to and manipulated. It’s one thing to be kind and another to plain out lie and withhold the truth about a person or situation.  It’s my opinion that manipulation is an insult to all who participate.

It appears to me that there is so much lying, con, spin and manipulation these days, that when someone tells the truth, it is shocking to some.

Friends lie to friends… and I always ‘thought’ a ‘real’ friend would tell you the truth.

I have had friends tell me that they come to me when they want the truth because they know I tell it… not that it isn’t difficult to hear at times… but not telling the truth pretty much really causes damage and harms people in the long run.

We have a media that lies to us continually. We have a government that lies to us continually…

Are we losing the meaning and value of truth, of facts, of saying what we really feel, and think? Is most everything said and done for agenda, manipulation, gain and orchestrated outcome?

Now days, can you be too honest because most don’t want to hear it and would rather live in delusions and escape?

But, if we lose honesty… can we have trust? As without honesty, how can there be trust?

A friend of mine once commented, “I only want the truth not the facts.”  ??? Aren’t the facts, the truth? Or they should be, huh!? Or am I missing something.. UMMMM and HAHAHA!…..

What’s your opinion on the topic of truth? Will you tell me the truth?

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5 thoughts on “Can you be too honest?…”

  1. Can you imagine if the world were compelled to be 100% honest for even 24 hours!!!?? The whole world would change. Deception is the order of the day and the world is a complete toilet given what our potential was/is.

    Always honesty! But there’s no need to hurt others with that honesty, tact is an important trait as well. Can’t imagine any situation where honesty wouldn’t be the best choice in the long run.

  2. True words aren’t always pretty and pretty words aren’t always true. But one thing is for sure, a “lie” can only be that. It has no 50 shades of gray, unless you live in Hollywood!

  3. You are True ,Wisdom!! It is alsoTrue that Truth shall prevail. At least all agree that one must speak the Truth but MUSLIMs don’t even say that. Telling lie is allowed by religion
    “TAQIA” Generally they create an atmosphere of FEAR andTension so that others are compelled to tell lie. BUT Coz and Effect plays it’s role and we can see that for biggest liars …..
    “Why has progress in the islamic world stopped so profoundly”
    Even those who amassed Wealth by means of Telling Lies and loot etc. in the end Want some guy who is truthful so that their Wealth Is safe. You know Wisdom !! That the Peace and Śatisfaction which comes with Truth is matchless.
    You are great to attract people to suchTopics
    Which ultimately matter such a lot. Thanking you for Such Social Reform.

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