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I got to watch the movie, “Agenda”, yesterday. It was presented by the Frisco tea Party. I promised Ann, I would write my thoughts down and share. Here goes:

No horror film could be as scary as the real life story of what is happening in our world today. Communism is thought to be dead by many people because of the fall of the Soviet Union. Not so! It lives on and thrives. It does not usually call itself by that name any longer, it is called Environmentalism, Progressivism, or Liberalism. I wish every American would watch this 90-minute documentary. It is well-done, chock-full of relevant information, and very compelling.

Man! America needs to wake up. I know that millions of us have come awake in the past few years and have formed Tea Party or Grassroots or Patriots groups–but it is not enough. We need more people to wake up and those of us who are awake need to start acting effectively, not just chatting about the situation. We are at war with an enemy that is coming from within. It is a cancer that has spread throughout all our vital organs and we have very, very little time left to stop it from destroying us completely.

One chilling point they made in the movie is that when/if America falls, it does not just mean that our children and grandchildren will live in a miserable world, it will mean that their children for many, many generations will live like that because there is no opposing force on earth to undo the damage. America has always been that force that could provide a beacon of hope for oppressed people. America will be GONE!

At the end of the movie, Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father (Ted Cruz, Senatorial Candidate) and a new friend of mine because we meet at so many conservative functions and events, spoke of how what is happening in America mirrors what happened in his old country, Cuba. He told us how shocked he was at the speed at which Communism took over his country and at the misery and devastation it wrought. He pointed out that we have now got just five (5) months before the primary elections and that if we fail to elect real conservatives, not just republicans; but REAL CONSERVATIVES, we will have virtually no hope that America will stop the descent into Communism.

The fundamental strategy by which Communism plans to take down America is to undermine all of our traditions, values, and morality, thus weakening us spiritually so that we are unable to resist. Christianity and its values and morals are the main obstacle to Communism.

Communism has been implementing its strategy in America since at least the 1930’s–they are patient because they believe they will eventually win. Evidence shows that they will be right unless we can stop them NOW.

They intend to instill loyalty to the State to replace loyalty to God, parents, or family. The State consists of a ruling class that has absolute power over life and death of the subjects.

Regarding our speaking up and acting now, they quoted Abraham Lincoln as saying: “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.”

Christianity is the ONLY religion that elevates the value of the individual. That is an obstacle to Communism which seeks to value The State above The Individual. That is why Liberals are opposed to religion–but only to one religion, Christianity. They do not object to Islam, Buddhism, or any other.

In some public schools already they are reciting the World Pledge instead of the Pledge of Allegiance to the America Flag.

The goal of Communism is not only to create a desire for a Communist State; but to create a dependency on The State. This is done by corrupting our education system as well as our churches and all other institutions that people could turn to.

There is more–so much more! I bought a copy of the movie and intend to show it, or at least portions of it (the movie is 90-minutes long) at campaign events in the near future. I will try to get a link to put on my campaign website so people can order the movie on DVD.
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To call all this a conspiracy would be an error. A conspiracy is done in secret. All of this was done in full view. They published books on their strategy to destroy America. They have an Agenda that they have followed for decades.

All I can say it that if all you are doing is forwarding emails, don’t stop doing that; but please find ways to do more. We are reaching the end game in this chess match with Communism and we can not afford to lose.

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Thank you, Al for sharing this important and urgent information.
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