I am a dictator. I rule the government. I rule you…

You are not individuals. You are a collective. I know what is best for you. You are all equal, mushed all together. And I am above you. No one has more than another in talents, looks, or benefits because of their family lineage, work, or genetics as that would be unfair. I make you all the same. Work hard and gain and I can take it away then give it to whom that I choose, or keep it for myself.

As if in a concentration camp, you must all think alike, be alike, and be equal.  You are easier to control that way. Whatever you have that another doesn’t have, I can take from you and give to them. Soon, you must dress alike and all must have a number. I must know your count. There is no privacy.
I know all about you.

I can lie to you, but you can’t lie to me. If you do, you will be prosecuted.

I can vilify any group that I choose and you will believe what I say. I can tell you that Jews are bad, or the wealthy are bad and you will believe me. I can create class warfare, race warfare, religious warfare and then change it around to vilify another. I can cause you to kill one another. I can blame whom I choose to blame for whatever I do, or don’t do.

It’s all my agenda…
You may think that you can figure it out, but I convulute it so that you cannot. Confusion is my game, Leviathan is my name. You have become lazy and stupid, so easily led. I dumbed you down for my purposes.

At my orders, I can have you transported to where ever I desire.Jews from the Lodz ghetto are loaded onto freight trains for deportation to the Chelmno extermination camp. 
You will do as I say, as I tell you it is for you good, when it is quite the opposite.

Any talent or intelligence, I will use, or tax to my advantage, or it will be taken away. If you have beautiful hair, I can shave it off. If you have beauty. I can destroy it, If you have health, I can take it away at my whim. I decide what beauty is and what it isn’t. I tell you what to like and what to not like. If you have a talent, but go against me, I can have you ignored. I can turn the tide against you. I can change the meanings of words when I deem it necessary to further confuse and to keep you off center.
I can experiment with your life and your body. I can tell you what to eat and how much, or that you can’t eat at all. I can force you to inoculate your children, and if you don’t do as I say, I can take your children away, and put you in prison. I can tell you what to drive and how far and I can track your car and where-abouts. I can listen to your phone conversations. When you travel, you are searched. I can track you where ever you go. I put the prices on items and commodities, things that you need to live. I can make it so that you can’t get them, or afford them. I create the need then take away what you need to fullfill it. I am all powerful. You are not.

You can fight or challenge me, but I will win. I can make your life miserable. I can take your possessions, tie you up in the court system for life, imprison you, and yours and ruin your reputation by my control of all thoughts in the airwaves. I control the media, the school system, your healthcare, your life.

I create wars for my benefit. I create the stress that keeps you from thinking. If you have a business, it’s only if I allow it.

I am your god. I am your mother, your father, your family. I am your authority. I educate you and keep you dumb. I pick what you will learn. I hide what I don’t want you to know, or see. Everything you see, hear, or read is what I want you to see, hear and read. You believe what I tell you to believe. I can tell you that it is for your own good, then do as I like. It’s all for me, not you. You don’t matter, unless it benefits me.

I control your mind. I will repeat it often enough that you believe whatever I say about anything. I control you.

I will reward my followers and punish my critics and enemies. Try to expose me and I will annihilate you. 

If you work for me, you work for god because I am the god of your life and your world. You do not matter, I do. You feed me. And for you, it is “Freedom through work.” You will believe that this is your truth, or you will die. It matters not to me. I tell you what is true and what is not. You are only commodity to keep me running. I matter you don’t. I can tax then take what you have then sort through it.
I can take your home, all your belongings and your life.

One is for the many and I control the many.

I know your secrets and can destroy you at my whim.

You gave me all the power and I took the rest when you weren’t looking. You are too weak and stupid to think on your own. You need me. I am a dictator. I am the government. I am the authority.
I rule over you. Without me, you have no rights, no freedom, no life. It was not difficult for me to get to where I am in your world and in your life. You believed me, not yourself. You do as I tell you to do. I am a dictator. I am the New World Order where the evil infiltration of oppression controls the world. I rule over you…I am the authority that controls you…I rule, dominate and control everything in your world. I dictate all that governs over you…

My only opponent is your belief that I don’t and that you are free.

(What began as a way to protect the rights of an individual has been infiltrated and changed.)

8 thoughts on “I am a dictator. I rule the government. I rule you…”

  1. Very, very powerful piece! Nicely done! Sadly, this is the world’s momentum. Groups always go insane and comply before individuals. Individuals can stand up to tyranny, but the tallest blade of grass is always cut by the mower first. In USA, our only hope is for the states to nullify unlawful fed gov actions. A state that rebels has a better chance of victory than an individual. But ultimately, you can beat the New World Order by just smiling as they kill you for refusing to obey. We all live forever, so one earthly death is no big loss. Better to die with dignity once, than to submit and remember your cowardice for an eternity (although you get unlimited chances to do it better next time

  2. That’s exactly how I’d be feeling, IF… thank God for my own thinking ability. This isn’t MY battle. ^^^

  3. Let’s see,

    Give them (the people) free stuff

    Provide housing

    Teach what they want in school

    I heard the other day, as far as the food stamps go… they give you sort of a rationing, so most have to go to food banks or other places just so they can feed their families.

    It’s total control.

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