Obese by Easter…

Easter2I love Easter Candy!
I just love it! Jelly beans, Brach’s jelly beans, gourmet jelly beans, any and all jelly beans… and chocolate eggs! Brach’s malted-chocolate-covered eggs are one of my fav!Easter3

Then there’s Cadbury royal dark chocolate eggs coated with a crisp sugar shell. I so love dark chocolate!


Pangburn’s of Texas makes a millionaire $ bunny…pecans and honey caramel covered in milk chocolate.

I try to limit what I buy and therefore, my consumption because each time around Easter candy time, I gain about five pounds!

Easter9Some years, I am better than others at limiting… but this year.. I gotta admit! I am not doing so well with my limitations of Easter Candy…either buying or consuming…

I munch some after lunch, mid-afternoon and at night…

As soon as Easter candy time is over, my Easter candy five
Easter7 pounds drops in days and like Easter bunny magic, I am back to normal…  which goes to show how easily empty sugar calories add weight…but until then…

I am munching.. munching… Easter time munching…Can anyone relate?

Happy Easter…bunnies!!!

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