Censorship and bullying of conservatives by …

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On FB lib/dem/progressives post horrible things about President Trump, our First Lady, members of the first family, etc.  And nothing is done. But if a conservative posts their opinion about Michelle and Barack Obama,  the Clintons and the way lib/dem/progressives  act and think they are censored and put into FB jail. This is unAmerican. It’s against First Amendment Rights and FB does this all the time.

Zuckerberg states that he created this platform for people to connect – well, it appears only if you think and post as the Facebook regime agenda allows you to.  FB is a socialist/communist/progressive site under the’guise’ of getting people to connect.  Actually, it is a site to implement their agenda, to brainwash and try, even force those who think differently to change and adapt to their bullying and censorship or be kicked off.

Here is the exact post I was put into FB censorship jail for 30 days:

Ayn Dillard

“Think of the progressive/dem/lib platform.. tear down and change for their use and gain from that which they envy and can’t be or become.That is a real hater – then they deem everyone else haters.. I have never seen or experienced such hate as when Obomo was in his tear down mode of America and all moral values. Africa is always having some civil war – gangs are always fighting.. that is how those of that ilk move through life.. Look at what Moooo is out saying now.. that she is the ‘forever’ first lady.. that is obscene and is how a dictator thinks and talks.. Obomo and Mooo are a stain on America. They are both evil and evil in their intent.. They are un- Amercan and should be arrested, imprisoned, executed or exiled with all resources taken – Same with Clintons – they all sucked money off the American people.. They are destroyers and takers.. the real ‘haters’ .”
This is how most all conservatives think. This post  was liked and shared repeatedly on FB. So FB decided to take it down and put me in their censorship jail for writing my opinion and what is actually truth. While at the same time, I get continual emails from FB asking me to promote articles and posts that are doing well – even for this same post I am put in jail for.

17 thoughts on “Censorship and bullying of conservatives by …”

  1. I got off facebook last year. I got tired of being censored and put in their facebook jail. What kind of deal is this to make adults shut up for speaking their minds.

  2. Ayn, the post you got put in jail for is truth and Fb doesn’t want truth. They want progressive lies. I came to hate that site. Will never go on it again.

  3. Ayn good article. I will share it. Censorship of conservatives is on Twitter and other social media sites. It’s an effort to brainwash the masses and keep them from thinking.

  4. Face book is run by communists. They need to be shut down. Suckerberg is a screw up. He hates America and lies like a rug!

  5. Excellent article. It’s truth. Fb and other social media sites censor conservatives and it’s against first amendment rights.

  6. It would be better for the world if there was no facebook. This is a place where terrorists and other sickos can hook up.

  7. Fb is run by globalists. They want to control every thought. My suggestion is to get off of it. Any site that will not allow for opinion and differing thoughts is not worth being on. Censorship as fb does it, makes it a propaganda site

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