Violation of First Amendment Rights…

Facebook – and others are censoring conservatives at their whim and at rapid pace for doing little to nothing. Some in social media do not want the truth out or any differing opinions that do not support their communist/progressive, NWO agenda. Therefore, ‘FB jail time’, blocking and banning are happening more and more often.

FB put me in jail for 30 days for a post that I wrote years ago and it was not anything but my opinion about how ‘some’ homosexuals behave which is my right to have and to express. So now, FB is going back in time to find anything that they can to shut  up conservatives, Christians, white people  and heterosexuals.  Anything  against DACA, Muslims, Sharia Law, illegals – post anything about an aspect concerning gun control, homosexuals, transexuals, women’s march – women who wear vaginas on their heads – being in support of President Trump – anything against Hillary, Dems, progressives, NWO are deemed as going against ‘FB community standards’. While FB allows verbal abuse of conservatives from terrorists,  gays, dems, muslims, lib/dem/ progressives, etc.  and allows them to post horrible even threatening things and not be censored. FB allows all sorts of perversions to be displayed and if you are against them – you are thrown into FB jail and ‘punished’ – censored – as if you are some school child.

Censorship for agenda must be stopped. It is against our First Amendment Rights and is why our forefathers stated it as such – in order to curtail censorship for agenda before it begins and to allow freedom of speech for all – not just a few.  When people are not allowed to express differing opinions then we are under a communistic rule and dictatorship coming from some in the social media, etc. 

Political correctness is nothing but Censorship.  ‘PC and so-deemed hate speech’ are being taken way too far and being used as control of free expression and free speech.   It’s for the evil agenda of perversion and control of the masses.  FB  even wants an app for children – so their agenda can be imprinted as early as possible – so addiction to technology and  that brainwashing can begins earlier and earlier – the sick twisted desire of rule, dominate and control to implement their agenda over the masses.

FB should be cited, sued, fined, etc. for curtailing freedom of speech and expression.  According to Zuckerberg, FB was started as a place for people to communicate and share expression. Now, it’s become a place to promote Zuckerberg’s agenda as he censors anyone against it –  curtailing FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS for those ‘they deem’ going against ‘their agenda’. FB is un-American, about control and about ‘their’ agenda while they make money off ‘everyone’ who uses their communistic-run site. People are punished at FB’s whim without due recourse or way to communicate. Those in protest are not even listened to – I have contacted FB hundreds of times, after I have been thrown in ‘their FB censorship jail’ and no one  ever responds.  zuckerberg resolution 2017 mark 5 1500x1000Being on FB is like North Korea –  being on there, we are under the dictates of a  wimpy little dick-ta-tor of control, arrogance and agenda. Zuckerberg is now creating a household computer- ‘butler’- like robot and he has made it so that it only listens to his voice and not his wife’s. This man is an out-of-control dick-ta-tor and needs to be thrown in jail for being a traitor to American freedoms.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are a menace to a free society. He curtails freedom of speech and freedom of expression and uses his site to promote progressive communism  to try to weaken America, flood her with illegals, muslims  and refugees who hate our country, in order to created chaos – thus enabling  the progressive agenda of control to insert a weakened America into the NWO under the rule of the UN – where all rights will come through them and they have control over all earth’s resources, land, property and people.   Completely against freedom – all about the evil of control. 

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  1. Ayn you are so correct. FB is getting worse and worse. People are leaving it. Zuckerberg is a progressive freaky little DICK! Well stated brilliant beautiful conservative lady!

  2. I am sharing this. I think FB needs to be shut down. I agree with you Ayn. It’s gotten way out of control. My friends on FB are continually being censored while FB allows all sorts of crap from libs. It’s getting worse every day.

  3. Thank you for writing this. It’s truth. Facebook hates conservative Christians and Trump and they want them to shut up.

  4. Exactly, Ayn. They prey on the impressionable and naive in order to both advance their self serving delusional socialist new world agenda and for profit, all the while preaching righteousness. Despicable!

  5. A friend of mine got put in FB jail for posting too many pictures of her dog. And she didn’t even post too much.

  6. You’re right, I had to fight the algorithm to leave a comment on the post of Barack Obama’s new Netflix deal. The app literally closed on me 5 or 6 times before I figured out I had to click on the article to open it again before leaving a comment. I was just trying to say something about Noam Chomsky and that apparently pissed off the app!

  7. This is but a small taste of what is coming in the very near future. Now that the US government has essentially turned over control of the Internet to ICANN, the change will seem gradual, but the end result inevitable. Keep in mind: entities outside of the US are not bound by nor do they care much about our Constitutional protections.

  8. I find this to be accurate of Facebook. They are full of hate for conservatives and Christians. I got off of it two years ago. Can’t stand Suckerbug.

  9. More and more are being blocked now. It’s my belief that Facebook is trying to eliminate conservative postings for the upcoming Midterm Elections. They realize they’ve created a monster that has put Trump in the White House and has taken over the Congress.
    The latest survey indicates that people spend 25% less time on Facebook now since the leftist Facebook purge started by COO Sandberg (pro-Hillary globalist). It’s because more people are being blocked.

    WARNING – You’re being sucked into a form of thought molding by Facebook. They let you talk to your friends via posts, free video conferencing and free phone calls. If they block you for something they disagree with you lose all contact with the outside world. You can’t let yourselves rely on this one liberal globalist platform. They block you now for words you’ve used all your life and are not against any US law, but violates this so called globalist hate speech policing that has come from the feckless European globalists that have given up on Capitalism and national pride.

  10. When Obama was pres he met with Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg has been given marching orders to shut conservatives up. They were shocked at how the people rallied behind Trump using social media. This wasn’t in their plans. Now they are out to get conservatives. I got off facist book. I got sick of the double standard.


  12. Can’t stand fb. My teenagers hate it. I think it’s day is no more. They are soon going to be all Mooosies, and illegals

  13. Dang straight this is what is going on. FB is censoring conservatives and those on the Trump train.

  14. Agree Facebook hates America while they make money of America. Typical progressive double standard. I hate Suckerberg!

  15. You wrote truth. FB is pushing progressive agenda of gun control, flooding America with illegals and refugees hate of conservative Christians anyone white and censoring. I got off of it.

  16. It gets worse everyday. Face book bans conservatives for nothing and you have no recourse. It’s communistic. Needs to be investigated

  17. Some of the internet is controlled by a criminal element of Very wealthy evil people.

  18. It’s a propaganda tool and very much controlled into thinking it’s about “social media” while behind the scenes it’s much worse … big data gathering and using it against us.

    Security versus privacy on steroids to curtail First Amendment rights for their own manipulative agenda. ??

  19. It appears that MANY of my conservative friends are and have been censored!
    Not only wrong. UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!

  20. Call the Federal Trade Commission and file a Formal Complaint. Their Community Standards are Bogus. They use those Phony Standards as a Weapon against Christians and Conservatives, but when anyone Reports Scammers, Fake Profiles, Gang, or Jihadist Pages, or individuals who Threaten other Members, Facebook Always says, that they have done Nothing to Violate those Community Standards:

    Federal Trade Commission
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580
    Telephone: (202) 326-2222

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