Empathy and Compassion…

Ennis6We are all individual and each of us have our individual burdens and trials in life. And no one really knows what another is going through. One suffers cancer, one depression, another loss of love, one betrayal, one money issues, another self-esteem issues, then another something else and these things are usually not seen. Much is hidden behind the image that a person creates or that other’s perceive. Some hide behind a smile, others wear a frown with their anger and hurt on their sleeve. And differing human coping mechanisms can be in the same person, but at varying times.  Human beings are complex.
And really and actually, no one knows why humans have their specific to them individual burdens and trials, but God.
Think back to what Robin Williams’ death shows … a suicide of a tortured soul. He had the talent to entertain and to make others laugh and to feel enjoyment, but he was so tortured  internally that he left behind three children, a wife and what appeared like a happy and fulfilling life. We don’t know why and never really will why he took his own life, we can only surmise.  Only he and God know.
But then there are things called empathy and compassion for your fellowman that are in held in the hearts of those who believe and love God. Those without compassion and empathy in their heart can sink into evil able to do horrible things to self and others…such as addictions, lying, manipulating, cheating, maiming, killing, etc..
We are witnessing this with the cult of Islam. They show no compassion or empathy for others, not even to self.  We are witnessing this on all levels everywhere. It’s in the energy of our world today.
We each have our life to live.. and hopefully we are able to have compassion and empathy for others who are living theirs along with having it for ourselves. That is what we do as children of God.
The energy on the planet is intense right now and many can’t take it. Can’t you feel it, see  it, even hear it?  It surrounds us and hangs thick in the air, on the airwaves, etc.  permeating the world.  Therefore,  we have a choice, we can  turn and succumb to evil as evil wants us to do, or rise and lift ourselves out of it turning to God and fill ourselves up with empathy and compassion for self and others. I don’t mean have tolerance for seductive evil, such as libs/ Dems progressives/ communists have and do and  that evil promotes doing…a  bit of good upfront to promote their convoluted agenda with much evil going on, under, around and hidden.
One definition of evil is, to have no compassion towards your fellowman with the ability to act on it. And this may be accomplished in and behind the facade of doing good as that is Satan’s perfect way of expressing and promoting evil… seduction. 
Compassion begins with self… sound values and thoughts, morality, virtues, health mentally and physically,  goodness –  but not fake goodness that evil  and insecurity hide in, but genuine goodness  with empathy towards yourself and your humanity. You can’t give to others what you don’t have for yourself.
We are living in the time of anti-Christ. .. anti-goodness, anti-real compassion, anti real empathy… being replaced with fake compassion, empathy and goodness wrapped up in evil for Satan’s agenda, for the  purpose to rule, dominate and control every aspect of lives.  Satan and hell are controlled restriction and oppression. God and heaven are freedom.
It’s going to get rough… then rougher…  
Protect your soul because Satan wants it.
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8 thoughts on “Empathy and Compassion…”

  1. Beautiful sentiment and well expressed. I love reading your articles. They are full of deep thought and much wisdom. Thanks for being you, Ayn.

  2. I like you so very much, Ayn. I like what you express, how you look, how you think and who you are. You are an angel on earth.

  3. Like those of the willfully blind who refuse to see evil because they want to proceed as they like

  4. Your Deep Research on Empaths and Narcissists enriched many on this Topic and WISDOM !! today as one reads your Article
    “Empathy and Compassion” The truth starts unwinding itself.
    Compassion and Empathy for Fellowman and Humanity is essential and Empaths are perpetual source who shower it on others always and this knowledge even Narcissist have, who benefit from Divine Mercy from Empaths and then The Evil within them comes out in strengthened form and Tyranny is born.Islam dwells like that. Not a single Muslim or Muslim country exists which didn’t or doesn’t wish to Benefit from Liberal humanitarian Empathy of America but the Evil within them shows in their acts and designs against US.Evil doesn’t want to destroy US but wants to Own,Master over it and Digest it. If the Empaths Compassion fulfills the requirement even as sympathy, Iike Doctor to Patient or Mother to Child as responsibility it is Divine but Narcissist benefit from Empaths is Extortion ,Blackmail and Evil.
    One can go on and on Reading you, it’s a pleasure . TUVM

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