Donald and Melania the perfect out-pictured example…

Trump and Melania 1of male-female. Exactly what America needs and a reflection of God’s perfect plan for male and female.

Donald Trump, a man, a doer, a builder, a protector, a father, a husband, an intellect, a wisdom, an appreciator of the beauty, Trump and Melaniasexuality and wisdom of the female.  A blustery, arrogant, ego-driven, will not be controlled male… The King of his world.. the leader of his family. Melania, his Queen, a refined soft spoken feminine beauty… his love, his strength, a part of his wisdom… the soft voice whispering in his ear.

At the Republican debate on March 3rd, what we saw and experienced was an explosion of the worst of the male psyche… and it was difficult to watch. Rubio is the brat on the playground, the younger brother. Cruz, the preacher, the know it all older brother. Trump, the father figure who  lost his cool because he let the kids get under his skin.  Kasich, the middle brother, trying to fill the gap and take advantage of the chaos. That’s how I saw it. Male egos battling it out. All trying to take Trump, the blustery leader, of the pack down. And he was asking for it..Oh he was! As he egged them on. So they responded jabbing him in like kind and jab him hard they did.

I hope Trump listens to what his wife tells him after and about this debate. As a woman I was disgusted…talking about size of hands, etc. Rubio brought this kind of juvenile crap up  and Trump let it get to him. What I saw is, that afterwards, O’Reilly tried to defuse it by focusing on Trump’s beautiful wife and her interview with Greta. Trump should have pulled her into the frame, complimented and focused on her to change the energy, but he was too riled up after the debate and who could blame him, really? He is running for president … Why? Does he need the money? He has it all. He has wealth, a lovely family and his health. So, why is he putting himself out there like he is… into the political arena of sharks, liars, cons, and do little to nothing self-serving talkers? Sure, part of it is his ego. He’s a MAN… but also, he is a heart. He is a man with a good heart. A man who wants to fix and make better… After all, that is what a man does… that is the essence of a man… a provider, a protector… a man beats his chest and proclaims…’ this is my family and I am their protector and ‘King’… that is what a man, a real man, the best do and does… and the kind of man every ‘real’ woman wants, deserves and needs… And that is the kind of man that America desperately needs at this time. A King kind of a man who knows that what this really means is to  serve, protect and provide for… and in this serving his underlying ego needs are met.

Trump and Melania 3I watched Melania when she was on camera after the debate… her eyes as she watched Donald.  I put myself in her place knowing she is watching, respecting, standing back and observing with her heart and her love for him.

Trump in his maleness exploded and who could blame him with those rabid dogs nipping at him continually, with their untruths, half-truths, self-serving Leviathan spinning, corrupted political-serving crap as they try to disparage everything he’s accomplished in his life! Trump has the press malinging him continually, the talking heads after him and the moderators setting him up and so he exploded and too bad in some ways that he did, but good for him in others.

But now, in my opinion, he needs to hear what his wife shares with him after that display and I know as a woman, she will share,  After he what? Paces the aisle of his jet, closes himself in his office, rants and raves a bit or closes off in his cave… I bet she watches him, catches his eyes when she can… as he is sure to be ashamed to face her truth of him…his vulnerablity exposed.  But Donald is a wise man… he knows and appreciates the wisdom of the female… so she will eventually speak and he hopefully he will hear. As Melania stated in her interview with Greta, she shares her thoughts with Donald and sometimes he lets it in and sometimes he doesn’t. He has his own mind as does she. I gained much respect for Melania, Donald, and their union watching her in that interview. She is one classy woman. So Donald, let Melania’s wisdom in this time… Become a better man than you are…

I see the kind of man Donald is… through the blustery verbiage, etc.. because I had a Dad much like him… and my Mom was his strength, his core… as is the case with most all great men who are wise enough to take in the wisdom of the female…. those fortunate enough to have a real woman by their side. I understand Trump’s love and connection to and for his daughter because I was my Dad’s first born daughter and we had a similar connection… Trump and Melania 2

Men will be boys and boys become men… we saw that clearly at the debate on March 3rd…

The male/female balance is what keeps this planet moving. It’s the base energy of the world. Woman, is man’s gift from God and one reason why Islam is so offeTrump and Melania 4nsive, evil and of destruction. Their males are taught to fear the power of the female, so they in their male energy  ( that kind of energy we saw on display at the March 3rd debate)  destroy her and by so doing they destroy their chance of love, growth, comfort, wisdom and peace.

I like Trump. I like Cruz. I can’t stand Rubio. Rubio needs to go away and become a man.

I am watching and what is being shown, at this time in our world, is very interesting. No man is perfect but some are better than others.

The wisdom and balance of the Male/female are what the world is trying to attain. It gets out of balance then dances trying for its correction… out of balance again then tries back for balance… the repetitive dance of this blessed energy. Like all male/female relationships… as is in the world…at this time, our world is way out of balance.

Mr. Donald Trump, we need the essence of your maleness, at this time, as also we need your wisdom, energy, caring and enthusiasm to continue to develop as a real man and in your deepest wisdom, you know this… Listen to your wife.

I think we are in for a wild ride in this election year, with much awareness on display for our growth and knowledge. And as much as it’s political, it is also spiritual.

God bless and guide America….Trump2And may God bless and guide in wisdom the next man who is to become our President….

And Hillary return to the rock in Hell that you crawled out from under….

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46 thoughts on “Donald and Melania the perfect out-pictured example…”

  1. The glove are off…. Ted Cruz qualifies for Canadian citizenship…that’s an indisputable fact….Cruz is disqualified ….Rubio is going to crash and burn in Florida big time…that little LIAR is done in Florida….Mitt Romney that big Idiot Loser couldn’t even beat Obama. Donald Trump is the next President and those treasonous GOP establishment punks like Ryan and McConnell better run and hide. TRUMP 2016 !

  2. This is a cool piece. Ayn you are a thinker and deep . I hadn ‘t looked at it this way. Thanks for you insights.

  3. Ann, Chris brought up the insults that little Marco hurled at Trump the very first question asked to Trump. “What do you think about Marcos insults to you?” Just like when Megan brought up the Rosie stuff. It was rude and never should have been brought up. Rubio should have been admonished and Trump stuck up for himself with humor. Everyone was laughing in the audience. We don’t need a bunch of lying stiffs all the time. There was no problem. Kids get taught sex education in kindergarten and I am sure they are not watching the debates. Let’s all grow up. I can handle that language way more then those smooth talking politicians that stab us in the back like Romney and his gang.

  4. Those that hate Trump … love the stinking status quo … sometimes the bathroom needs a good scrubbing.

  5. Chris Wallace asked for it the very first question he asked Trump about Little Marcos insults then they all call trump vulgar. I thought it was funny and so did the rest of the audience. A little humor never hurt anybody. Better then those phony stiffs screwing us over with there rehearsed speeches and lies.

  6. I agree. The media encourage it then laugh at it after the debate. They love it and try to embarrass Trump. Cruz was really rude telling Trump to breath. The moderators never stopped the little creep Marco from interrupting. Cruz had that horrible booger floating around his face until he ate it. Pathetic. The senators need to get back to the senate. I do not want to see more elections after we fought for a majority.

  7. I can’t believe we have sunk so low in these debates, that we’re now talking about penis size…good Lord!

  8. I’m really glad I didn’t watch, but on substance (I listened to some clips, and Rush has been playing them), Cruz “hit it out of the park” on several questions. Rush said that Cruz won this debate “hands down.”

  9. I haven’t seen that much childish in-fighting since the 7th grade, and that would have been 60 years ago, when Trump was 9 years old, and Cruz and Rubio were their father’s nightmares!!!!

  10. They’re in a race to win… to eliminate the opponent. The drama will remain until victor! I’m entertained other than with Megger. By inserting herself into the “let’s all attack Donald” objective she’s insisting she’s somehow relevant to winning the candidacy for President.

  11. NOTE – My primary is over and I am not taking sides. I am just calling out the truth.

    Actually Trump donated to both sides.

    I hate to say it, but companies have to donate to both because it has become so corrupt that they in essence have to buy “protection”.

    Microsoft for years had no lobbyist and made no donations. The Democrats in Congress threatened Gates with anti-trust legislation. After spending a couple of hundred million dollars it all went away.

    Gibson Guitar gave just to republicans and Obama sent in the FBI to raid them twice. No charges. Just harassment.

  12. My eyes glaze over when Cruz started to answer questions-I am not even sure if he answered any. He needs to stop with the boring sermons

    1. I know many men who don’t wear their rings and are and were utterly devoted to their wives….my father in law was one such man, but he had gout really bad. I have heard Trump speak about the Constitution in rallies and when he was here. I would also suggest this, the man is very stalwart and stoic to a large degree; he is also a New York man….there is much about him that reminds me of my FIL….not prone to gushing very much and certainly not speaking about his religiosity and spirituality. Such things are private matters. Regardless of this, both of these men are/were very warm, very funny, very receptive and love people. I guess I just see Trump in a different way….I happen to like him very much.

  13. Agree with you, Ayn. I’m really tired of all the nasty squabbling. They should be going after the policies of the Democratic candidates, not trying to rip each other’s throats out!

  14. Rue is the kid who tried to fight all the big dudes but always got his @ss kicked, Cruzz is the kid nobody liked, the no it all who new nothing!!!!

  15. very well stated post! Not only do I agree, but after the debacle of last night’s GOP debate watching the organized bashing of Trump by the GOP Establishment, hearing Mitt Romney’s hypocritical bashing of Trump in a clearly planned GOP establishment assault, and feeling disgust at the GOP demand that Trump was hammered by the GOP establishment to sign the pledge and then their orchestration to destroy him, I am now supporting him! Shame on the hypocrisy of the GOP Establishment!

  16. “Little Marco”….. A label that WILL stick (and Trump knew it)…. Rubio is remembered for his sniping, not his positions. After Thursday’s debate I know nothing more about any of the four candidates yet I’m reminded that Trump is (by his admission) “flexible” and Kasich “is the grownup in the room with experience” (and lowest ratings).

  17. Ayn, You are absolutely correct. He is winning and now has to keep from getting baited into the gutter and started looking Presidential (as much as I hate that phrase)

  18. cruz and rubio ARE the problem…he just bought them like the whores they are… that’s the way business used to be done in this country, in case you didn’t ever own a business and KNOW that. A vote for trump ends business as usual…and the bush/cruz/clinton/rubio oligarchy comes crashing down. Vote for cruz…he owes his senate seat to the bush family… you don’t get elected in texas without kneeling before the bushes. Get real… cruz is a shill…an insider. If not…why did the bush financial team from the failed jeb campaign just join his staff. Open your eyes.. and THINK for the 1st time in yoru political life.

  19. I pretty much agree, Ayn, but what can we do but hope they stop using their egos and use some sense.

  20. Ted Cruz is NOT establishment. Ted Cruz has not attacked Trump on his looks or personality. He has attacked his positions which are very worthy and need to be attacked. Let me remind you that last night during a presidential debate, we had a candidate assure the American people that his penis was of an adequate size and then went on to assure us further that he would order our military to commit war crimes.

  21. There are two types of ways of doing business in The US, the game playing our gov’t does to keep us down. Or Business the way its supposed to be done in a free society. No legalese, no bs, actual hand shake is good enoungh. The US used to do business till The Gov’t the act of selling birth certificates to British Banks. There used to be a saying when I was growing up. The Money Is The Ppl- i haven’t heard up Nixon’s was election than it was said rarely. This to know is mostly taught out of Universities that create Presidents so to spreak. There is enough money to give every American Citizen no less than 1.5 million from these banks. Will they- highly doubtful can they be made to – ??? But … Removing socialism we can have excellent medical plans not on The Gov’t expense but the monies our birth certificates are worth yet never told about. When Trump tells about Gov’t Fraud – the mans not lying.

  22. Christ, Melania speaks six languages, started at least three successful businesses, donates much of her spare time to charities and I’ve read she is a great mother to her son. On top if all that she is beautiful. What the hell is not to like… lol

  23. Trump may turn out to be a worse nightmare than Obama. Who knows what he believes? He says what itching ears want to hear, and they follow him like sheep. He loves the attention. He woos them with words, but it’s all for show; “Look how great I am! Everyone loves me!”

  24. Great words Ayn coming from a great lady. I love how you write and your wisdom. Beauty and brains in one package.

  25. W You are wonderful–We need many many more like you–both women and men and school children and specially college people and of course the teachers. God be with you and please keep telling it like it is

  26. This was outstanding, Ayn. I’m sorry I missed it in March. I understand that most on the right would like a red-blooded conservative wrapped in the Constitution as a nominee. But there are larger forces at work, domestically and globally. And sometimes we need a Protector. Electing one is not a bad thing. Trump may well be the right man at the right time, and possibly the only one able to survive the Orc Army onslaught the Left is going to loose upon us.

  27. Really? I never knew God’s perfect plan for me was to be the third wife of a cheating husband.

  28. Melania will add a lot of class to the White House which has been sorely lacking the last 8 years.

  29. Ayn, you are dead on the mark. Women need to be women and men need to be men. You are one dynamic woman. I admire you more than you can imagine.

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