Stomp out intolerance!!!…

When does anger against those deemed not tolerant become intolerance?
Do you say yes and agree to things and ideas that you really don’t believe, or want to, just to keep the peace, or to appear not combative and easy to get along with, and to appear ‘politically correct’? Are you being ‘bullied’ into being ‘politically correct’? Are you being bullied into not talking, not expressing your opinions, not speaking out, not being who you are, and not being an individual out of fear?

Are you being bullied into being tolerant of that which you do not want to tolerate by those who ‘claim’ to be tolerant pointing the finger at you claiming that you are intolerant? When it is ‘they’ who are really the most intolerant of all and who scream and bully the most and the loudest….

Are you being bullied into submission to believe, act, think, say and be something that you do not want to be? 
Do you, are you, losing your individuality, who you are, what you think, and your right to express, in order, to keep the peace and to ‘fit in’? 

Appears to me that America is turning into a country of ‘teenagers’ who are forcing others to be like the them, or they will be shunned from the group.

It’s like the ‘cool kids’, ‘the popular ones’, ‘the wild ones’ are against the ‘smart kids’. The ‘so called cool kids’ drink, do pot, run in gangs and sleep around. They are undisciplined, looking for thrills and not thinking or planning for their future. They prefer the ‘escape’ more than ‘reality’.

The ‘smart’ kids, for the most part, study, don’t drink, or do drugs and are not promiscuous. They are disciplined in their approach to life. They think about and plan for their future. 

For a ‘smart kid’ to hang with the ‘cool kids’ they must live as they do, take up their habits, or ‘pretend’ that they do…

I was not a ‘cool or popular kid’ in highschool and I didn’t want to fit in their group then or now. I would rather be an individual. I have seen what most of the ‘cool kids’ became, unless they changed their ways…

The popular ‘cool’ girl that drank, did drugs and slept around…. turned out to be a fat, drugged out old woman who burned out fast, left reminiscing and living in her memories of highschool…

And that is what will happen to America…if the ‘cool, popular kids’ are left to lead it by their lack of standards. If the teenagers ran the home and family, they would charge up the credit cards and not worry who would pay for it and the house would be a mess because they don’t worry about who cleans it up. They blame, deflect and lie…so that they can keep on having their fun….

If the adults tolerate this behavior to keep the ‘peace’ and to avoid the tantrums of the teenagers… the house and home will soon be in ruins.
I observe lots and this is what I am sensing …many people these days are not readily coming out and saying what they really feel and think…
They smile, don’t talk, go along with things, tolerate, in order, that they not be bullied, shunned, attacked, be called names, be accused, have loss of business, loss of property, even loss of life, etc.

Has the emphasis on ‘political correctness’ done this to people? I think it has. It is shutting people up and keeping them from voicing their real opinions. It is creating an environment where the so-called ‘cool kids’ bully the ‘smart kids’ into submission. Or the ‘agenda’ of one group harasses the other into submission. 

And this is how Islam works… huh? They maim, stone, throw acid in faces, or kill someone who goes against their agenda. They have no tolerance for others, but expect others to be tolerant of them.
‘Political correctness’ has not made anything better…. it has made it worse…
it’s created a new age of bullies…

If you can’t be who you are, think, say what you feel, express and be for fear of retaliation, or that you might ‘hurt’ some over-sensitive person looking to either attack you, sue you, shun you or worse… we are not living in a free country, but one run by the ‘so-called cool kids and bullies’…those with their agenda who will not allow for differences of those who do not agree with them.

All this is being made worse by the ‘cool/popular teenager’ in our White House and ‘his gang that hangs with him’. The entertainment, do drugs, have children out of wedlock, cool rappers, gang bangers(I don’t even know what that is) girls who dress like hookers, promiscuous, pot head, flower children, Muslims, radicals, union, mafia, etc.. who entice with
promises’ and fulfill none.
Our country is being bullied by the leader of the ‘so-called cool kids’ and bullied into submission. We must tolerate them, but they have no tolerance for us.

I am sick of it… sick of PC, sick of being bullied by a bully, sick of their attacking, lying, deflecting, blaming and spinning, I am sick of their racist, hating projecting ways to bully others into destroying everything good, pure and worthwhile… just to have some ‘think’ that they are ‘cool’ and ‘popular’, PC and to be in their gang…this group of useful idiots to their leader.

Quote Obama…”I will reward my friends (those who are like and support me) and punish my enemies (those who are different than I am)
Obama has zero tolerance…

Sometimes, you must be unpopular and uncool to do the right thing and to do what is worthwhile for the future. And you must stand against the ‘so-called cool way’ …if you follow the ‘cool’ herd, you may be led off a cliff and may not even realize it until you fall

I think America is being led off the cliff by the ‘so-called popular and cool kids’… the ones who will say, do, threaten, lie, blame, spin anything to be ‘popular’ and stay in control of their teenage group.They are the most intolerant as they spew their ‘political correct agenda’ to bully America into submission to make it over in ‘their image’ of intolerance…

Anyone else feel this way?

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6 thoughts on “Stomp out intolerance!!!…”

  1. Don’t you already know the ABC’s of the politically correct crowd? ABC = Anything But Christian

  2. Its Called Major League Infidel Ayn of which I am a Proud member of the Team I have belonged to the Hunting Club for some Time Now it is the only way to deal with their Insanity there is no Talking there is no just leave me alone and I will leave You alone No it is Domination of Planet Earth and all of its Inhabitants If You are not Totally Subservient To ALLAH then You need to be DEAD…. Thats it Bottom Line And I have MAJOR ISSUES WITH THAT …… There should be Open season and NO BAG LIMIT ……. Fight Fire with Fire Anybody that wants Dialogue and to Play NICEY NICE with them will be on their knees getting their head cut off………..

  3. Excellent even brilliant article. Ayn you have one head on your beautiful shoulders.

  4. The only difference between freedom and slavery is the ability to say NO. We have now lost that ability.

  5. Political correctness is evil censorship. Just ask God

    Isaiah 5:20 “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

    Proverbs 17:15 “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, Even they both are abomination to the Lord.”

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