At the end of days, what was once found abhorrent …

???????????????????????????????will be accepted as the norm…

What does this statement mean to you and how does it reflect what is happening in our world today?

Abhorrent synonyms – repellent, obnoxious, despicable, repulsive, heinous, odious, repugnant, loathsome, abominable, execrable, detestable.

3 thoughts on “At the end of days, what was once found abhorrent …”

  1. I recently heard about Dr. Scott McQuate whose research sheds a lot of light on this subject. His books and DVD’s are the most interesting I’ve ever seen. Literally mind-blowing information and truly prophetic.

  2. Definitely things like Jenner, the transexual world, the Kardasians like sex tapes all of it.

  3. Our country is promoting the idea of questioning our true identity and sex in the schools and brainwashing all over. It is terrible. Jenner is really messed up and confused and hopefully will get over it and stay a man. I do not think he will be happy with a sex change.

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