How an Obama follower thinks…

???????????????????????????????That is, if they have the ability to think…This is a conversation that actually occurred word for word…Talking to a black woman, recently, I stated that I would rather die than be dependent on the Government (I enjoy talking and taunting to find out what’s in people’s heads).

HER: “There is enough wealth in America and ‘rich’ people that no one in America should go without. Some people have ‘too much’ money. So, they should give it to those without. I have been homeless before. (With attitude) Do you think if I knocked on one of those ‘rich’ people’s homes in Highland Park (she says with a face and tone of voice that shows complete disdain for the rich), or where ‘that’ President Bush lives, anyone would ‘hep’ me? I am a poor black woman and those are ‘rich’ people that live in those mansions and they don’t care about me.”

ME: “Why should they assist any person, or care about ‘you’ in particular? Would you help them, if you had money and they didn’t?”

Surprised by my question. Her eyes got big.

HER: “But some people have too much money and some have none. It’s not fair.”

ME: “Who’s to say what’s too much? And who says it’s not fair?

HER: Obama and me. I do! Obama’s gonna hep the poor blacks.

ME: If someone has earned it, it’s theirs. It’s about individual circumstances. You have your circumstances to live and they have theirs. But really, you don’t know anyone’s actual circumstances, what they have been through, what they did, or how hard they worked to get where they are, what they have, or who they help. People with resources usually help others. If a woman makes the choice to have many children with no resources to take care of them, it is not my responsibility to support her choices that I do not believe in.”

She stares at me.

ME: If you had made a lot of money, would you want to have it taken away and be ‘forced’ to give it to others, or would you rather have the choice to help your family and keep it in your family?

HER: I would ‘hep my own’ family.

ME: So, you answered my question. You wouldn’t want someone to take your money, if you had it would you? So, why do you think others should be forced to help you?

HER: But some people have too much.

ME: And when you die, would you want to leave your money to your family, or have the government tax it again, before you can leave it to your family? People lose their farms, their family businesses because the government taxes and takes to give it to the themselves.

HER: What? Why would they tax it again?

ME: Because that is what the government does, takes from the private sector.

ME: Do you pay taxes?

She stares at me then looks down.

HER: I am poor and rich people have too much money, ‘specially’ Republicans.

ME: “Really, like Nancy Pelosi?”

Her face is blank.

ME: “Do you know who that is?”

She shakes her head.

ME: “She was the Speaker of the House under Obama. She is a Democrat. She lives in a twelve million dollar house and has made millions from her connections to the government. Do you think, if you knocked on her door, she would help you? That is, if you could even get to her door? She is using the poor, the uneducated, the illegals and the ignorant to keep her and those like her in office, while they rape our country and live extravagantly off the taxpayer’s dime. All they want is for everyone to pay more taxes, so that they can use the money and if you think you will receive any of that money. You are wrong. Have you been helped under the Obama administration?”

She stares at me and shakes her head.

HER: Not yet. But if he gets in four ‘mo’ years, he will ‘hep’ me. If some have so much, I should too! I should have some a what they have!

ME: Why do you think like that? You are not them and they are not you. You aren’t from their family, or circumstances. You are who you are and you have your own challenges.

HER: We’s all the same to God.

ME: We are, but we aren’t. We are all born into different circumstances, with different genetics and with different abilities. We all have different talents, skills, intellect and reasons for being. How could we all be the ‘same’? It’s an impossibility. We have the right to pursue our dreams. And Obama is trying to take our rights away, our right to pursue our dreams and to keep what we earn. He wants the government to control everything. He wants the government to control the money and all resources.

HER: We should all have equal money and Obama is gonna see to it that we’s do. It’s Congress, those Republicans that are ‘stoppin’ him. Republicans want all the money for themselves. They don’t care about poor people. They only care about the rich.

ME: That is not true. But consider this, some are born with talents and some not. Can, or should we take away talents, special skills, beauty, or anything else from someone who has it and you don’t? If you are born with no legs, should we cut off everyone else’s to make everyone equal?

HER: Maybe. People should all be the same.

With that, I couldn’t continue talking to her. It was fruitless…

Obamanuts, those brainwashed by this Obama con, to vilify the rich, but only the ‘Conservatives’ who are rich, they are bitter, jealous, angry, unhappy, envious and want to take what others have. They have no idea about politics, or who people are in the government, or what is really going on. They don’t understand the government. They are full of greed, envy, jealousy, anger and hate for people and things that they know nothing much about…  And Obama is preying on their ignorance and their negative emotions and self-image.

They have no acceptance of self, of who they are, why God created and placed them where they are in this world… they blame others and are bitter that they don’t have what they ‘think’ everyone else has.

This woman was so opinionated about disliking the wealthy in Dallas, but she had ho idea who Pelosi is and how wealthy she is… she was only concerned about President Bush living in a mansion.

It’s pathetic the amount of no information and mis-information these people have and spew. It’s amazing the amount of brainwashing and ignorance… and how the ‘uninformed’ just pick up on ‘certain’ things that they ‘think’ sound ‘right’ based on their ‘limited’ perspective. They really think that Obama is going to give them money.

When Obama is going to confiscate and keep the money for a bigger government and will disperse it only to the endeavors of his ‘friends’.

This woman ‘claims’ to be a Christian…and has no idea about Islam and the anti-Christ movement in this country under Obama…She is basically ignorant and can’t think past her ignorance and these are the people Obama preys on…

They just want ‘some a dat’…

It’s disgusting what is going on in our country. This vilification of those with success. This class warfare that Obama is creating…

Obama has created more division than any President ever has…

Also, this woman is overweight and has health issues and she whined when she talked. You could see her jealousy of thin people, white people, or anyone who has anything. If an attractive, thin, white woman walked by, she would look her up and down. And this woman was a ‘know it all’….

She ‘knew’ that all she needed was some ‘rich’ people’s money and she ‘knew’ Obama was gonna ‘git’ her some.

When really she knows next to nothing…

Obama and his regime are the worst things that have ever happen to America… and playing the Race Card is despicable. Playing the Class Warfare game is how dictators operate…

And this is not about ‘blacks’, per say, but many blacks think exactly like this woman and personally, I am disgusted hearing about the race issues and class warfare.

This woman works in a place with mostly whites. I have noticed since Obama got to where he is, the intense attitude and hate coming from some blacks. I was observing her and the way that she looked at people. She wore entitlement, hate and disdain like a mantle. So, I wanted to hear her thoughts and it was even worse than I imagined.

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