A penis is only as good as the man connected to it…

???????????????????????????????And what a man does with his penis reveals the kind of man that he is and his innate character…

If a man allows his penis to control him, his actions, and his life, he will end up a loser with a life in destruction.  A man under the control of his penis is a man with no control over his life, who he is, where he is going, or what he becomes. And, of course, morality  is nowhere to be found.

He is being controlled by his sexual urge and he is out of control. How laughable does this make him? HAHAHAHAHA! Very! He is a joke on himself and on his very manhood! He brings shame to his family, children, and anyone that associates with him.

He is a sexual urge driven animal… He contracts diseases and spreads them around. Who would want him?

Just like a person that can’t control their eating urges becomes a fat, bloated, slob… so does the man who allows his penis to control his life.

His life becomes an out of control, urge-driven mess.

A penis is an organ of muscle, ligaments, and flesh… and it should be controlled by the man, if the man is a ‘real’ man. The other way around and he is an out of control ‘penis’. How attractive is a penis without a man to control it? It’s not! It’s pathetic!

A man of class, morals, with his urges under control, with the ability to love, in touch with his emotions, and who connects with a woman in respect and honor for the sexual experience… honors himself and whomever he interacts with and he is a blessing to others and also to himself.

A man running around controlled by his penis is a blight on his family, the world and ultimately himself. A real man is not controlled by his penis!

Any man that thinks his penis is his manhood is a fool. And any woman that engages with a needy penis is a fool, especially if she betrays another woman to do so…

It’s the brain and the heart where two people connect. A man that connects through his heart isn’t owned by his penis.

Sex is an expression of love in the physical and to diminish it to mere ‘sport’ where cheating, betrayal, dishonesty, disrespect, and the heart of others are players and pawns is the sport of fools.

What is happening with so many men these days? These out of control penis controlled slobs! Who would want one?!

Agree or not? Thoughts…

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20 thoughts on “A penis is only as good as the man connected to it…”

  1. Love is not a word, its an action word. It endures all things, its kind, humble, and unfailing. It endures until the end of time, so that is why to truly love one must be committed to God. With that commitment and vow of placing God first you can not fail.

  2. I always hear that women make it soooo easy for them and that they accept one night stands without any commitment.
    In my coutry which is Germany I do believe that this is true.

    1. Women who do this are fools. They are harming themselves and have been sold a bill of goods that this is what they need to do. It’s the downfall of us all. Women are the keepers of a society.

  3. Someone falsely said “The penis mightier than the sword.” Oh, wait a minute. I think I got that wrong.

  4. You are killing me with your topics & direct (very direct) comments! Kudos ! Most men would not respond to them for fear of being evicerated but not I as I’m led around by my need for critical engagement (and obvious subconscious desire for understanding). I profess (and plead guilty) to being controlled by those overwelming urges at certain times of life but you are correct. They have their place and as many do not learn, because they never mature, no real happiness in life can be found with control given to the wrong head.

  5. Ahhhh…”ligaments” connect bone to bone. There are no ligaments in a penis. That doesn’t mitigate or neutralise your point (nor) is it intended to do that.

  6. It’s even more than this. The men of our society have been destroyed. “Men” are compulsively wanking in their cliche’ical basements or equivalents to get a dopamine hit due to their collective misery in the “Brave New World”. When they aren’t wanking they are fantasizing about some hookup or other thrilling encounter and like any drug there is a major letdown and then you start it all over again but maybe an 8 ball will make it even better next time.

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