A few days ago, I walked out by front door to see a ‘neighbor’, (using that term lightly, since I have seen this man leave his dog’s mess in people’s yards…not so ‘neighborly, huh?’)  allowing his dog to do his mess on my front lawn. To which I stated. “Please, make sure to clean that up.” The response from this  ‘neighbor’ who appeared much older than me and had a belly that suggested he was carrying twins was, “I will, you old hag!”

I chuckled to myself as I replied. “Clean it up or I will contact the HOA!” Then, of course, I went into my house and out of a window watched to see that he did clean it up… which he did. I bet only because he could see that I was standing at the window.

Calling someone ‘old’ seems to be the ultimate insult these days. ‘old’, ‘racist’ and ‘hater’ just rolls off some people’s tongues ( mostly liberals). Being called a ‘racist’ is such political con … and you all know my opinion on that one, but that is another blog.

What is going on with the ease with which these kind of words are used? Instead of not using the N word… LOL! Here we go with the the ‘old’ word… Is it ‘politically correct’ to call someone old?

I wasn’t insulted, as I thought the man a rude fool. I am too polite to respond with what I was thinking, which was, “When is your baby due?” I have this thing about men with pregnant bellies. Can’t stand looking at them. But I would never shout it out as an insult. Why do that?  What would it accomplish? 

The woman that I started this site with, used to call me ‘old’, whenever she felt threatened, or insecure which was often. She had few manners, was always late, is immature, almost childlike, is full of sarcasm and talks behind people’s backs. (I will send this link to her. I don’t say anything that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face, maybe, that comes with old age and the development of character. Ha!) She used the words ‘racist’ and ‘hater’ often and gossips in a very negative way. She called many of her ‘friends’, a ‘hot mess’, while ummm… well, I wonder, should she have, perhaps, looked at herself? She is a liberal…. ummm.. I wonder? Is all of this fitting together in some way? Liberals… calling names…calling people ‘old’, as if so full of fear of their own aging. The ‘projection principle’ loud and clear…

UMMM… okay back to topic…

Why is ‘Agism or Ageism’ so prevalant today?

Ageism refers to stereotyping and generalising on the basis of age, typically old age, and is spreading to middle age as the boundaries of middle age move into what was once considered old age.

Aging is a natural part of living. We begin aging from the moment that we are born. I like my age and the wisdom and experiences that have carried me to where I am. I don’t feel old. I take care of myself and usually feel great. I workout for 80 minutes on my elliptical. And look better than many 20 and 30 year olds do in a bikini. And I hope to continue to age because otherwise I die!
Because of the life I have had, and experiences, I can talk with most everyone … except, maybe, with those name calling liberals. LOL!  Those that call everyone ‘haters’ as a come back to any conversation that holds thoughts different from their own. As in the ‘neighbor’ trying to deflect an insult to me as I caught him getting ready to leave his dog mess in my yard.

Sorry! I can’t seem to stay on topic… Maybe, it’s my age? Maybe, I have become tangential in my ‘twilight, old hag years.’

Older people offer a world of wisdom from which to glean and many have a refinement and an intelligence well-earned from their years on the planet and I find this captivating. Why isn’t this honored instead of diminished? I enjoy talking with the elderly. They are much more interesting than the youth.

Why are we so obessed and fearful of aging? Why is to call someone ‘old’ considered  and used to insult?

There is nothing more stupid and irrtitating than a teenager, or young person’s arrogance who ‘thinks’ that they know it all when they haven’t a clue. Perhaps, the real insult is to call someone…. ‘Hey, young, inexperienced one.’

These days, if you take care of yourself and partake of medical science, you can live long, feel good, and look youthful for many years while enjoying the wisdom and insights of a long life. And recall when you were a child, all you wanted to do, is to be ‘older’ so that you can do this or that. Then when you are older, society deems you too old for this and that.

There is nothing more stupid or insecure then a person lashing out to call someone ‘old’, ‘racist’, or ‘hater’…. especially when it doesn’t even apply and is more a reflection of the person doing the name calling.

Is all this name calling reflective of an immature, unintelligent, insecure, and scared to death, and of death society?

Why are some so fearful of aging, fearful of others’ beliefs and so immature these days?  Too many liberals in the world? Or too many trying to hold onto the ‘stupidity’ of their youth… the ‘flower child’ mentality of immaturity, drugs, liquor and rampant, meaningless sexuality… 

Off the topic a bit, but in my opinion, to call someone a ‘liberal’, or even worse that they ‘think’ like a ‘liberal’, is the height of an insult.

Perhaps, we should replace the words, ‘racist’, ‘old’ and ‘hater’, with LIBERAL!  Wrap it all together in one ugly full of ignorance word… liberal.

I bet that overweight,old looking, big-bellied, rude man that leaves dog mess in his neighbor’s yards is a flaming liberal! Umm.. perfect definition of a liberal…  out of shape, bloated, rude, name calling, deflector, leaving messes for others to clean up.

So bite me, if you call me an old hag!

I like being my age…old hag that I am… photo taken about 8 months ago…

And now this ‘old hag’ is going to workout!


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