What’s your fav special treat indulgence? Mine is…

M&M'sHaagen Daz strawberry ice cream filled with m&m’s put in a waffle cone. Strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone isolated on white background Photo (MEE00696) Sometimes, I add blueberries for the health factor and antioxidant benefit. HA! Yeah, I do! BlueberriesYou know, decadence can have healthy aspects! 

Another one is, four Golden Oreos on a plate, put ice cream on top. For me, it’s strawberry or vanilla, then squirt chocolate syrup over it all, add blueberries and raspberries then top with Chambord Liqueur Royale (raspberry flavored liqueur) and, or cognac.

I also make this with strawberries or put all the berries together and bananas work, also.  YUM! 
      Strawberry : strawberry and fruits on white background Stock Photo                                           Strawberry : picture of strawberry, lips and tongue over white Stock Photo  Sexy touch!

And the GREAT THING is, that since it’s so hot outside, you won’t gain an ounce. Walk out of doors and the fat just melts away. HONESTLY!         Really! It’s true! It does!

   Share your summer treat indulgences with us.
   So, we can indulge with you.