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Vaginas… and other female sexual…


A man has a penis and testicles, but a woman has a vagina, clitoris, uterus, and breasts… and all are glorious. I know! I am a woman. I have the pleasure of them all.

They can produce intense pleasure and, at times, discomfort, even pain as in menstruation and child birth.

A woman’s  sexual and reproductive organs are more complex than a man’s. Perhaps, that is because a woman is more complex than a man.

Except for her clitoris and breasts, her sexual organs are internal. They are made up of flesh, muscle and nerves. Her breasts and vagina are soft and inviting. Her vagina is soft and moist and if she allows the wrong penis into it, she can contract diseases that can render her infertile, lead to cancer, and life long issues.

A woman allows a man into her body… into her inner sanctum and this privilege should not be entered into lightly by her, or her partner.  A woman gives a man a wonderful gift when she allows him to enter her. And she might want to be very selective concerning to whom she gives this privilege…

Since a man’s sexual organs are outside his body, perhaps, that is one reason that he can separate his emotions and feelings from the sexual act. An emotionally healthy woman will feel a connection to a man that she allows to enter her. It’s innate to her nature.

Some women and it seems more these days try to behave like men and have many sexual partners and behave promiscuously. They ‘ think’ that doing this gives them ‘equal rights’ and sexual freedom. I think it makes them stupid and distances them from their mind, body, heart connection.

Some women experience great sexual pleasure and can experience orgasms in their clitoris, vagina, uterus and also  their nipples. Some, when she feels totally relaxed, and safe with her lover, can achieve pleasure repeatedly in one session.

Life enters the world through a woman’s vagina… it is the sacred canal of birth.

So, sex, while pleasurable, loving, romantic and fun… also can create life. In this knowing, it should be taken with  caution, respect, and reverence as to why it was created and what it creates.

Sex is wonderful!  It is as close as a man and woman can get in the physical and it is an expression of love. It can even be a spiritual experience and a deep connection when shared between two people in love.

Shame on men that con with words and use manipulation to get a woman to open herself up to him for his pleasure with no regard for her feelings and emotions… Some men are so needy and desperate to enter a woman and to experience her inner power that they will lie, rape, manipulate and even pay for it.

And stupid is the woman that allows a man to enter her for reasons other than the affection of two people caring for one another..

Shameful also is a woman that uses the power of her womanhood for false and ill intent to beguile, mislead, and seduce for reasons other than sincere love and affection. And a woman that ‘sells’ her body, I have no kind words for…

It is fun to have pet names for private areas with your partner. But in my opinion, some words used today such a VayJJ and booty call are tacky and common and even disrespectful.

A woman’s body is curvy and mysterious, soft, round and angular! It is to be honored and respected for the work of art that it is…It is one of God’s  most mysterious and beautiful creations…

And having sex with the right man can be heaven on earth! I love being a woman!

What say you?…