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It’s HOT in Texas! At Neiman’s, I’m exploding about various things…

???????????????????????????????Running errands in the summer, you can get HOT… and while I dash here, there and everywhere, my thoughts go to many things that make me want to explode, such as:

People who have never even met me, or barely know me, who call me, “Sweetie”, “Honey”, “Sugar” and “Darlin”, or variations of my name as in, “Annie”, makes me want to explode. It’s so condescending, rude, presumptuous and, well just …

My Mother was from the South where people tend to greet others in this manner… but never someone that you don’t know at all. And men who use these endearments to ‘try’ and be ‘familiar’, in order, to create a false sense of intimacy to ‘get there’, before ‘getting there’ is even on the radar are just plain dummies! And it’s the biggest turn off. So get a clue, it’s an insult to call people endearments, unless, you are in a real relationship, or you are 20, or more years older than the person … darlin’!
Next… I EXPLODE hearing about the gaffs that Michelle Bachman makes that are insignificant when Obama makes gaffs all the freaking time that are significant… as in his stating that there are ’57’ states and this is the least of Obama’s gaffs.

I am exploding at how the propaganda MSM totally vilifies conservatives and protects liberals and progressives. We have little real news, it’s mostly agenda-filled propaganda.

They go through Palin’s emails and we can’t see Obama’s school records…EXPLODE!
Hollyweird makes a hateful movie about Palin saying all sorts of despicable things… then calls others ‘haters’… EXPLODE!

I am disgusted that attractive, intelligent, accomplished conservative women are verbally raped, by bought and paid for media people and their side kicks in ‘Hollyweird’. And that these same bought and paid for puppets of propaganda in their government machine churned ‘news’  have their ‘talking heads’ claim Michelle Obama is stylish and beautiful… HA! HA! HA!  Yeah! Right! EXPLODE!

While we all know that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, wearing tee shirts and jeans with their hair in ponytails, and no make-up would out class in style and beauty Michelle Obama wearing the most expensive designer dress and wig.
EXPLODING! That Michelle Obama talks nutrition when she and her husband are seen eating grease and fat, and in my opinion, she is close to over-weight herself… (actually, I think she’s fat) Okay, she is a big woman, but still… how about slim down Michelle before giving eating advice to others? You have really ‘pounded’ it on since living on America’s dime, not to mention seeing the world with your family and friends flying around in America’s jet, while your husband tells Americans to cut back.

EXPLOSION! That these men married to intelligent, lovely women CHEAT on them and with women less than half the class, or caliber of their wives!

Explosion… that the Casey Anthony trial is on TV constantly, ‘Jerry Springer real life TV’ on each minute of everyday …. making this sick woman and her terribly dysfunctional family some sort of sick twist of celebrity.

And those I speak with at Neiman’s agree… One asks, “Will our country survive Obama? Can we undo what this horrible man has done?”

You see most Texans get it! They see what Obama is doing. Unlike, that tacky Joy Behar, who when she was in Texas, all she worried, or talked about, was nonsense like her hair frizzing up, or falling, or some such stupidity… and she loves the Obama-Nut… she turns her nose up at just the mention of Texas. Well, come on down Behar, beautiful, healthy, fit Texas women will challenge you to a hair day… without their hair dressers. I have been running around in the heat all day. I have no wardrobe, or make-up people and no air-brushing in the photos on this blog. So, will you take the challenge Behar?…

Most of us Texas women know how to deal with such minor issues and know what’s what… Anytime, I pause my TV on the ‘view of ignorance’, I do EXPLODE… it’s shameful for women in this day to be so empty headed, idiotic and easily brain-washed.

I am exploding concerning Obama’s lies, the national debt and Obama’s lies, unemployment, and Obama’s lies!… I explode every time Obama speaks more of his lies, propaganda and destruction of America and most of the press go along with this dictator-bully!

I am exploding over the outrageous government growth of waste, corruption and spending! I am explosive over Obama’s continual blaming any and everyone for his ineptness, and failures… but does he really consider himself ‘failing’? As his intentions ‘appear’ to be on the way to destroying our great country and its standards and values.

But real Americans created what America is and we can do it again. EXPLODE!

I am exploding about Obama’s class-warfare and his continual playing of the race and minority cards as he exploits for his agenda. I am exploding about Obama’s continual campaigning. He’s no president or leader, he’s a continual campaigner… a puppet of propaganda ‘community organizer’ (con, snake oil salesman) machine for agenda!

Exploding concerning…GLOBAL WARMING! The biggest con being perpetrated today, well, except for, everything else that Obama and his ‘friends’, are for, and promote. They think that they are gods of and on earth and they are NOT!

GOD IS IN CONTROL, NOT PEOPLE and certainly NOT Obama, Oprah, Soros, Gore, The View, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Gates, Buffet, the stinking, lying, opportunistic Clintons, or anyone else on this earth who thinks that they are!

I am exploding about the Muslim influx into America and other countries and the promotion of Sharia Law…

I am exploding about the anti-Christ movement.  I am exploding about Obama’s anti-Israel stance…

???????????????????????????????I fill my car up with gas and EXPLODE! I pay for groceries and EXPLODE… the center cut bacon, I usually buy, that a few weeks ago was four dollars and something, is now over eight dollars… EXPLODE!

Not much, is more Texas, or capitalistic than Neiman Marcus… Stanley Marcus under the free enterprize system created this endeavor, employed and created benefits and pleasure for many. He brought fun, elegance, extravagance and style to many… in the ‘Obama world’ this would be impossible to do, as it would be run by Walmart, or the government. And we all know what most Walmart and government people are like, look like, and dress like… Michelle Obama as the ‘first, fine example’ with the ‘true and real Walmart look and style’… no matter what she wears that’s what she ‘looks’ like!

I am exploding HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!… with and to all REAL AMERICANS, who know who we are and what we stand for, and are tired of this ‘BS of change’, that is being FORCED upon us by those out to destroy our lives, take our freedoms and take us down to everything that we stand against!

I will explode in pride when solid American values, standards and common sense, once again, reside in America’s White House!

after exploding,  I feel better now! I hope you do also.

Feel free to post anything that you are exploding about….

The home of the free and the brave…

Women are crazy, drama queens!…

I hear this so often from men. So, you’d think that there must be a lot of crazy women walking around. But even as often as men say this, I meet few crazy women. I meet more emotionally shut down, non-communicative men.

Sometimes, men that can’t understand a woman’s emotions call her crazy and drama queen, when perhaps, he just needs to understand what she is expressing. He might want to listen to her, to feel and get in touch with his emotions.

Also, sometimes, in a relationship, the women expresses all the emotions because the man is so shut down. He projects his emotions and feelings onto her as if it’s a weight for her to carry, until she can’t carry it any longer and explodes… hence DRAMA!

A man sure likes feminine emotions and drama when sex is involved. All of this is a part of a woman! It all goes together…  a man can’t just have one part and not all…

A woman is emotions and that, perhaps, is why a man is drawn to her. She helps him to process his emotions and through this they can connect strongly. Then if he protects her and creates a safe place for her, they may be able to create a solid and unbreakable emotional strength in their connection.

Sometimes, someone who is upset reacts to little things because they are not being understood on larger issues. Men that deem women ‘crazy’ and ‘drama queens’, I have found just don’t want, or don’t know how to communicate with her… so they step out of it and distance themself and call her names.

So, I may seem ‘crazy’ at times, because I am full of passion and drama, and if you can’t handle it then you can’t enjoy the wholeness of me… if you know what I mean?!

Do you know what I mean?! Are you listening to me!?

Media Circus…

Circus : Portrait of the mime with Royal FlushNothing! But a three ring circus..

Can anyone recall the days when a President would come on and make an announcement, then get off the TV? He was professional, to the point, and served the American people, not a media whore, not  a ‘personality,’ but a respected man, a leader… even if you didn’t agree with all he said, or did, he was respected. Not the ‘I’… ‘me’ …’my’ of Obama… the, ‘me’,’ that in his own, dictator-like, spoken words rewards his friends and punishes his enemies. The ‘I’ am the president as he keeps reminding us to make sure that we know that ‘he’ is the real ring leader… ‘wanna be’ leader of the world…

Agenda-filled politicians label groups and are the ‘racists’ etc.  They want to label and force people to be and do as they deem for their usage. PC is BS! — like Obama has done with many blacks. His administration caused, literally caused, the ignorant blacks to destroy their own town as they try to vilify people like West, Carson and Sheriff Clark who tell the truth.

Hillary+Clinton+caricature+webNow Hillary, a real-life circus freak, trying to use women as the side-players in her circus show. Women I know don’t like or respect her on any level. Everyone I know thinks she and her husband are skanks. So why is anyone paying attention to them? It’s the bought and paid for media pushing the propaganda agenda trying to force the people to think like they want them to think. They vilify Trump for declaring business bankruptcy while the Clintons are raping every American as they spew lies and con taking in money from countries that hate US to line their pockets and create their lifestyle then telling everyone else they should give while all they have ever done is to take. What have the Clintons ever done but live off the people, lie, con, take and pervert? Slick Willy decreed that ‘oral sex’ isn’t sex. 

Recall, the ‘media event’ of the Obama circus the killing of Bin Laden? It is announced forty-five minutes early that ‘the president’ will make an important announcement late in the evening on a Sunday night. I watched as Geraldo… Geraldo! The talk show, Jerry Springer- Geraldo.. builds it up and builds it up. What could it be? What will Obama announce? Could it be this? Could it be that?  Ladies and gentleman, what scary thing will Obama, the ring leader of the circus, announce?

Then finally, Geraldo in ‘barker-like’ style states. “What if they got Bin Laden?” Then in the most unprofessional, unjournalistic way, he says, “This is just my opinion.” The ‘ trying to create anticipation’ look in his eye, takes me back to the dumb show where he opened some vault. Then after making this ‘off the cuff’ statement, Geraldo gets a notification that, indeed, Bin Laden has been killed.

This was a three ring circus set up and staged for effect, the jesters build up for the main performer… the pre-show warm-up orchestrated for Obama to come on and make ‘his’ announcement… and the circus ‘hoped’ this will keep him as the ring leader… the performance that makes sure the circus goes on… with the ability to get bigger tents and more rings kept full and continually spinning.

We are witnessing a set-up, an agenda-filled three ring media circus. This president with the clown-like name, Barack Obama, or Barry Soetero, whichever he chooses to go by, is a media creation, a clown, a puppet, a front man and right now, he is the ring leader of this three ring circus….

This media circus is running and ruining our country, its attitudes and its morality. It is total corruption. This media circus is government propaganda…continually blowing smoke up America’s ass.

While the stories spin and spin and change circus ring to circus ring. Look over here at this one! Now this one! No, now look here! Ladies and gentlemen look, there’s a show over here!

And pay no attention to the people behind the curtain… because they are doing some real underhanded magic, while you are busy viewing the spinning circus show out front…

The American people are being taken on a real roller coaster ride, a ride of, and for their life, by a three ring circus, orchestrated by dictators, puppets of the Illluminati, Bliderbergs, New World Order, anti-Christ, evil, agenda-filled, Soros, elite, bankers, world monetary managers, UN, global masters,…whatever you want to call it or them. And, unless, we leave the mindset of a dumb, mesmorized child, walk out of the circus and come back to adult sanity, we will never be America again!

We will have life long tummy aches from the cotton candy, continue to be mesmerized by the performers and living in a surreal circus-carnival like atmosphere forever.

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, we are being manipulated by bought and paid for media clowns…ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, etc. are involved in this circus performance and it plays daily and is on every minute to brainwash, and brainwash some more. Obama’s mantra, if you repeat it often enough, they will be convinced! Some shows and stations are just more lying, manipulative, intense and deceptive than others! Others are more fair and balanced or ‘pretend’ to be.

And it is quite a caravan of expense when the ring leader takes his show on the road squandering resources for his self-promotion and leisure.

A circus of illusion, not logic! Waste and bloat, with the fat lady in the circus becoming the government side show to the media circus… smoke and mirrors…a three ring circus expanding daily in Leviathan spin and juggling.

As the circus ‘polls’ spin the numbers to con the audience, the masses, and the fools…

I say listen to the candidates NOT the media interpretation. The media is bought and paid for scum.

We can not let this media circus of crap choose our next President like they did the lying  Muslim Obama…

Why is there so much ignorance in the world today?…

Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word “ignorant” is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult. “Ignoramus” is commonly used in the UK and Ireland as a name of someone who is overwhelmingly ignorant.

Ignorance should be distinguished from stupidity although both can lead to “unwise” acts. Also, if important information is available, one may fail to acquire it due to lack of intelligence (not realizing its importance, or not understanding it). 

Does it seem like there is more ignorance today than there used to be? It does to me…

And is ignorance the reason for the growing lack of common sense?

Explosion of Jealousy, Greed, Lust…Immorality!!!

Why is there so much jealousy, greed and lust in this world with some wanting what others have and actually even wanting to be another?

Some want to take from others that which is not rightfully their’s. WHY?

I did a recent blog asking if you would exchange your life for another’s and most responded, NO!  Would you exchange places?

Of course, WomenExplode readers are way above the norm…

So, who are these people that want to take from others and why would they?

We are all born into circumstances and situations that are uniquely our own. Our genetics, our family lineage, our talents, our lack, our looks, our intelligence are ours at birth. It’s what makes us who we are.. we are individuals placed in varying circumstances. What we do with what we are given is up to us!

Because what may APPEAR wonderful is actually not and what may appear LACKING is actually not… People observing others don’t and can’t know what is behind the obvious nor should they… they need to focus on their own life not someone else’s….

We are not all the same and never will be and no one can make us so. Not even Obama. I write this Obama statement with sheer disgust. This man and his agenda disgusts me as no other.

Some of our leaders are playing on the collective jealousy, greed, lust…immorality… to try and make the ignorant and empty of spiritthink’ they we can all be the same and that immorality doesn’t matter. That if you take from the rich and give to the poor that this will make equality. No! What that is, is stealing.  

Immorality weakens people and makes them easily controllable and led onward to their own destruction.

There is a big con going on in this world and the ignorant masses are falling for it. “I want me some a dat.” Has become the mantra of ignorance.

We are different and we are different for reasons. We all have different struggles in this life and they are unique to us.

Races are not the same.
 They have different strengths and weaknesses. They are different. They are made different. They look different. And in each race are individuals! If the races were meant to be the same, they would be! We are different colors and look differently because God made us that way.

Who we are is unique to us. We are individuals born into who we are and placed where we are in our own uniqueness to live the lives that God gave us. And it is up to us, individually, to learn, strive, develop, overcome and to be the best that we can be within the perimeters of who we are and our circumstances… family helps family, friends help should they choose, but the government should BUTT OUT!

Government needs to butt out of the natural division that God has created for our growth and development.

The Government needs to stop trying to play God… and I will emphasize that with Obama, Oprah and others that actually have no real caring for mankind, but are spreading their agenda-filled propaganda to line their pockets and to glean personal power and control over the masses and this is of their ego and it is of evil not ‘good’ as ‘they pretend’.

If you choose to follow one of  these fake, media created and sustained, mortal Gods or idols watch and be very careful where and what you are being led into….

The media, the gossip mongers, the Hollywood BS has made many think that what is displayed and talked about is the way to live. That you need the ‘bling’ and should have it because others do and you can live immorally because others do. It is a disastrous example.

Things that should be left as ‘adult’ entertainment have been exploited by greed and are being shown to our youth and it is corrupting our whole society.

Many of our youth without the proper guidance, ‘think’ that they can live for example, like Angelina Jolie, having children out of wedlock and this ignorance is ruining lives.

Look at the example of Charlie Sheen…an immoral, drug and alcohol, promisuous, probably severely mentally ill, made wealthy by the viewing audience,  idiot blabbing and exploiting and being exploited by the media about his sick twisted slant on things. And some pathetic young people will see this as the behavior and life to model. Look at this Lady Gaga freak show… she admits to doing drugs… and she is blasted all over the airwaves as such great entertainment.

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality… where does it stop? Does it stop when it gets so out of control that the evil of what it is turns to implode on self then explodes into the whole of society as hungry, jealous, greedy, lustful animals looking for their next fix as many are led to the slaughter of their souls and that of others.

It’s individual disapline, refinement, gratitude, morals, values, honor, respect and truth that will guide us to a better world and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GOVERNMENT and certainly not with this current administration which is Anti-Christ and pro-immorality.

It is not collective salvation.. it is individual and it is an individual CHOICE not a MANDATE.  What do you, will you choose?

As it’s freedom to choose.. we choose what we watch on TV. We choose how we live, what we put into our mouths, on our bodies, what we read and what we buy.

Use your individuality to be whom God meant you to be, not what Oprah, Obama, Sheen, Lady GaGa, The View, or anyone else models, or tells you that you should be or want…

Jealousy, Greed, Lust, Immorality leads to destruction of self…

Blame! Where is responsibility?

I am so sick and disgusted with people placing blame on anyone and everyone, but where the blame actually belongs….

This actually happened to me.  I was in a place of business and there were sturdy appearing glass shelves in the room. I placed a baggie holding a sandwich on one of the shelves and the shelf fell. It startled me, but I picked the shelf up and placed it off to the side of the room. Thank God, it didn’t break. Thank God, it didn’t fall on me.

The owner came in and asked what happened? I responded that the shelf fell. He slammed back, “Did you put anything on it and I stated. “Yes, this.” as I held up a baggie holding half a ham sandwich and some napkins.

To which this man responded. “Then it’s your fault because this shelf has been up for a long time.”

To which I replied. ” Why are these shelves here if they can’t hold something that weighs next to nothing? It is dangerous and deceptive. You should remove it?

His reply.”It was fine until you put something on it.”

He never asked if I was hurt, or apologized for this occurring to me. He had no concern for anything, but placing blame on anyone but himself for having a flauty, deceptive piece of furniture in a public place.  And there was no sign that said, “DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON THESE SHELVES.”

This kind of ‘placing blame logic’ is what is ruining our country. It’s sick. It’s twisted! It’s the Obama logic, as in his continual blaming of Bush, Republicans, conservatives, tea partiers, or anyone else that he ‘thinks’ can help to take the eyes off his bad, inept, corrupt self. Of course, this lowly behavior doesn’t work for long and benefits only the one doing the blaming, but only temporarily.

Blaming is a seemingly quick fix
and those who do it are trying to hide their own incompetency, ineptness, ignorance, lack of character, and inablity to learn. Being around ‘blaming’ people make me feel sick down into my soul.
Pass the buck, blame anyone that you can, instead of taking responsiblity yourself is the behavior of a person with no character.

We have created one messed up sense of how to live among some today. What a bunch of whimps we have among some in our society. What a bunch of losers! Where are honor, personal awareness that creates responsiblity, the ‘let’s fix it’, ‘are you hurt?’,  or ‘can I help’ people with real spirit that made this country great?

And I am going to say it loud and clear most of the time the blame game is being played by minorities and illegal aliens. 

In my neighborhood, an East Indian couple dug up all the shrubs in the beds of their townhouse and left them out on their yard in 100 degree heat and all the plants died. Their yard looked like hell and they did nothing about it. This is against the rules of the HOA. Because homeowners must get permission to change landscaping and have it approved by the board. Therefore, this couple was fined and incurred the expense of replacing what they destroyed. Their response, “The only reason that you are doing this to us is because we are foreigners.”  No! the reason is because they broke HOA rules and destroyed the property of the HOA.

It is like because they are minorities, or from another country that they don’t think that they need to play by the rules of common sense, decency and the well-being of others. They ‘think’ that they deserve ‘special’ treatment. And I am sick of hearing it and sick of their lame excuses and blaming.

America is being destroyed by its catering to minorities and letting them get away with dishonoring America and its people by their poor pity me. I blame you.

We have an ‘affirmative action’ President ( and this is the only reason this inept man is President, and he is a media creation with a ‘strange’ past and few accomplishments) and what does he do? Plays the blame game while bad mouthing America.

Where is the sense of responsiblity? Where is accountablity? Where is honor? What changed our country into this ‘blaming’ society?

I say catering to minorities that care about no one, but themselves, and care nothing about America even as they want all that America has to offer is going to destroy our great county.

Also the blame game has been contributed to by many of our leaders and those in the public eye with their lack of character on display. They are ruining our country with their lies and blaming of others.

We need to teach and model for our youth that taking responsiblity is better than momentarily getting away with something.

This blame game must stop!!!  Because it is a game with no winners.There are only LOSERS in the blame game because it’s only losers that play this game.

How about take responsiblity when you mess up and correct it easily and gently. Apologize and fix it! How about being a person of character instead of a spineless, whimpy blamer.

Politically Correct BS! I am exploding!!!

by Ann
Be forewarned I’m ranting.. some may get offended. So read with this awareness….

When someone starts preaching and trying to dictate what you eat then they better do the same, look the part, be the part, and not be overweight themselves. That is why I made my rant on Michelle Obama, a bit mean, but it is true.

Can the truth sometimes seem mean? Yes, it can! But if truth is never told then it can’t be heard! So, what the most cruel thing is, is to not tell, or reveal the truth!

This politically correct BS that is being imposed on us and monitored by some. The ‘some’ that call out the word ‘haters’ to those that tell and reveal the truth, give their opinion, or share their feelings is going to lead us all down a path to hell. 

Political correctness is paving the pathway to Hell!

We are not all the same! We are individuals! We should not, will not be mushed into some homogenous bland nothingness where all is passive with no differing opinions…

When individuality is diminished and taken away, weakness takes over, and then you can be easily led because you don’t know who you are, what you think, or what you like, and you become ‘mush-like’ and ready to be formed into what anyone wants you to be.

And that’s what a dictator-like leadership wants. ‘They’ want you insecure and dependant and to turn to them for answers… I say turn inward to yourself for your answers.

We must wake up and share our real and true feelings, so that others see and find the truth in themselves about what is being perpetrated on us by people that are not pure of heart and do not have our well-being in their thoughts and deeds. Their agenda is to control and to suppress everything about us and our way of life and our individuality.

To monitor, shame words and expression is the cruelest of all because it limits the expression of individuality… that which makes up you.. what makes you… YOU! An unique indvidual!

And when that is taken from you, you will see just how cruel it really is and how beaten down and bad that you will feel. You won’t be feeling…love, love, love for long…

It is perfectly normal to have opinions, to not like some and to like others, to like to eat certain things and not others, to dislike some people and not others, to worship the way that you desire, and to not have others’ way forced upon you… by the subtle evil of Political Correctness! To like and enjoy to be around people of your own race, religion and ethnicity, and to not enjoy, or like being around those that are different is natural and human and has been there since the beginning of the human race.

It may be interesting to learn about others and to visit, but to stay is not enjoyed, or liked by many, actually most, if truth be told. And that is okay!

A woman who dresses like this and was reared to think like she does would not have much if anything in common with me nor I her. I don’t want to know her, have lunch with her, or shop with her. Now, it might be interesting for one day.. but soon it would get tense. I am not like her and she is not like me.

When I see a woman in a burka, I find it offensive. I am offended that she hides her light and beauty under all that mess. It’s her decision, but I don’t care to ever see it or to be around it. 

I prefer to be with white, Christian or similarly like-minded, educated and similarly reared persons. Saying this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy those of other races and creeds, or that I wish them harm or would do any harm to them, as I never would. Because I truly believe in freedom and GOD… BUT!  I am happier and feel more safe and secure to be with like kind. Does that make me politically incorrect? If is does… who cares!? I don’t!

It is a proven fact that people are more content and happy around like kind and minded people.

So, if is healthy, normal and human to be more comfortable around like kind, what in the world is going on? Why are we mixing it all up in the forcing of people to accept and like that which they really don’t.  

We can’t force people to not do, say, think and be what they don’t like by political correctness along with shaming and blaming. It might be done for a bit, but eventually it’s unltimately detrimental to us all. And actually will create a bubbling under the surface build up of frustation and suppression that could create a huge explosion.
Because of this misdirected, agenda-filled administration, the government is trying to infringe on rights, and freedoms to a level that is combustible. Is that, perhaps, the real reason why they are trying to enforce this BS? Because these are educated, agenda-backed, and lead people.

We have the word police (politically correct BS verbiage), the food police, the healthcare police, and this gives way to the thought police.. we are creating an America of weak, insecure, whimpy, easily bullied, and controlled drones and it sickens me.

I could care less if someone calls me a name or doesn’t like me. It’s their choice. In my lifetime, I have been called fat, ugly, too skinny, a white bitch, a snob, so on and so forth.. and it rolled off my back. The only time that it didn’t was when I wondered if it was true, or when I was a teenager and unsure of myself. But as an adult, I know who I am … so nothing anyone calls me matters because.. I know who I am! When you know who you are, all this politically correct BS is just that and you aren’t sensitive to everything that is said.

When you are insecure, lost, weak, whimpy, overly sensitive and looking to take offense, one little ‘wrong’ word no matter how 

unintentional can set you into a spiral.
So, all you ‘love, love, love yakkers’ that are the first to proclaim and deem others as ‘haters’ when all they  are doing is speaking the truth. Get over your fool selves!! Those that are speaking out are saving your whimpy, delusional butts and trying to protect your freedoms! The freedom that allows you to walk around in your delusional daze.

How about some ‘critical thinking’ and some real expansion of your ‘new age brainwashed brain cells’ into something real and realistic, before you allow the ones wanting to control your very thoughts to destroy our great country, and create a place with no rights, only supression and control. 

We are letting the infusion of those from other countries that do not know or care about our American ways change us into to something that is not good for us individually, or as a country. And the truth must be told before we all wake up in a HELL of their making!

Truth is not hate! It is BRAVE! It is real love not phoney BS, ‘New Age’ LA LA love.. because it takes courage to tell the truth about and concerning how something really is, instead of going along with the sheeple and not making any waves, as you are led to the edge and right of the cliff.

So, you might appreciate and listen when someone speaks, shouts or whispers a reveal of truth about all this politically correct BS because they are giving you a precious gift .

The gift of truth is love! And sometimes it must just be said outright and not in some politically correct agenda-filled way.

Love, freedom and truth all go together in honorable intent and actions.

Love is Freedom! Hate is Suppression! Think about it!

Kiss my size 4 butt…

Michelle Obama weight gain
Michelle Obama!

Okay.. read this at your own peril because this might sound kind of like a ‘mean girl rant’ to some… but I am EXPLODING concerning the government trying to tell us what we can and can’t eat.
Do I think we should workout, be physically fit and eat healthfully most of the time? Of course, I do! But it is our individual choice.
It is not and should not be mandated by the government. 

But now that the government is trying to take over our healthcare, it’s like they must think that they own our bodies and think that they can tell us what we can eat and are actually trying to take over what we put into our mouths.

The government is trying to take over our minds with their agenda-filled propaganda media, and in the school system concerning what our children are being taught. They are even promoting the use of some words and vilifying the use of others. Political Correctness is trying to shut us all up!!! Okay, those are different explosions… so back to….

We each have different chemical make-ups, different body types, and different genetics. I can eat salt. I love it and I do not have high blood pressure…my blood pressure is perfect.  

Another person can’t eat salt.. we are all different. So why should I be forced to cut down my salt intake when I don’t need to? I workout every other day and I have done this my whole life. I workout regularly. It’s a constant habit like brushing my teeth. I was a ballet dancer and physical fitness has been key in my life. I eat pretty much what I want, but never fast food. I know my metabolism. I know when I have over-indulged and I cut back. I am body aware and I like to feel good. So I eat and workout accordingly. I have never really been on any diet. I don’t believe in them.60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show And I have never worn Spanx or anything like it.

Unlike the diet junkie, ‘know-it-all expert Oprah’, friend of the Obama’s, the ‘self-proclaimed health experts of our country’. He smoked and did drugs. Michelle is as big as a horse and so is Oprah even after all her promoted diets, her special cook, cookbooks and trainers…and her Spanx wrapped body stuffed into designer clothing  ( just how much money did she make off of promoting all these things?) and her ‘expert’ advice to everyone that watches her agenda-filled show as she makes millions. And this women is advising the Obama’s on their agenda whether she admits to it or not. She is one of the main reasons that he is in the White House… the media creation of Obama and the myth began on her show. Okay! A different explosion…so back to…

Body awareness, diet, nutrition, and exercise decisions need to made in the private sector, through health clubs, nutritionists, coaches, and most importantly in the homes. My mother gave a great example of varied and normal sized meals with few desserts. Sure occasionally, we would sneak and eat a whole bag of chips, but we played outside and did lots of physical activities and none of us had, or have weight issues. It’s pretty much  the same as always, input balanced with out go. It’s common sense! You can figure it out on your own.
But after that, no one can control what another puts into their mouth. What kind of a police state would we have, if the government tried to and actually accomplished this?

The government needs to butt out and Michelle Obama can kiss my size 4 butt! She talks nutrition and by my standards she is overweight and hardly looks physically fit. She just looks BIG! I am older than she is and I betcha much wiser and I will stand next to her in a bikini anyday of the week.

Now, I undertand that we all have different body types and all have their attractiveness. And a thin person can be ‘unhealthy’ and a full-bodied person can be ‘healthy’. It is all individual and the government can’t control this and should not even try.

For the Obamas to even talk about nutrition is outrageous… I have seen both of them eat more junk then other first families. Just their reported
‘Super Bowl Menu’ made me want to gag… and this is from a woman who can eat a whole pepperoni pizza when the right mood strikes. 
To have the government intrude into private lives the way that this administration is trying to do, reminds me of the movie GATTACA, which I saw the other night…where people are orderly maintained by rigid government controls… It is frightening!

The key is that we are all individual, God created us that way. We have our individual genetics from our individual family of origins. We have our individual situations, circumstances and challenges. That is the way that God created it and there are reasons for the differences and our individuality. And we all have free choice and freewill, until, or unless the government takes freewill and choice away.

We can choose what we want to eat or what we do not want to eat!

When the government tries to make us all the same and dictate our lifestyles, mandates eating habits, and what we must buy such as healthcare…then the government controls us and negates freewill, choice, individualism and FREEDOM.. and that my friends is HELL!

Marketing! I am exploding!…

by Ann

Can you tell when you are being marketed to? Can you see behind all the marketing agenda?

Marketing can make people believe that they need something that they don’t need it at all. Marketing can make you want it. Marketing can make you think that everyone has it, but you. Marketing can make you think that others believe something when they really don’t.

Marketing polls and political polls… are they real (honest), or are they contrived to make ‘you think’ that everyone believes, thinks, or wants something when they really don’t? And the purpose of all this is to make you think that you are out of the loop and not like the ‘others’. That you will be somehow left out..

BUT…Why do you want to be like ‘others’ … the ‘masses’? How about being an individual with your own thoughts, identity and purpose.

‘They’ those behind the marketing agenda do not want you to be an individual…they want you confused so that you are more easily manipulated.. Leviathan do you -know-truth-when-you-hear-it.aspx

Individuality threatenstheir’ agenda…’they’ want everyone to be the same, to want the samethings and to follow along exactly what, how and as they deem.

It is all being orchestrated for outcome. Either for a company to get you to buy their product, or service. Or a government, or political faction is twisting their propaganda (marketing strategy)  to get you to believe, think and to do what they want you to and  it’s done for their profits and control NOT for your well-being.  It is you that needs to, NO MUST, take care of your well-being and be in charge and control of what you think.

Ever think if the choices in your life are really yours or if you are being brain-washed to watch, buy and vote as some group wants you to .. that it’s all being marketed to you? Well, it is and they are!

The weak of spirit, of character and those without personal conviction are the easiest to manipulate. The sheeple that can be led right over the cliff.. and they won’t realize what was done to them until they are falling on their way down…

Believe what you know, what you think… instead, of what you are told to believe and to think. Stop being led down a path where someone wants you to go, but is not good for you or our country.

Most of what you hear is purposefully orchestrated propaganda. So, question, study, research and turn to your inner guidance….

They can try to teach, lie, market, sell, con, propagandise to you almost anything, but it doesn’t become true until you believe it.

Power to the People! The government serves us…

not the other way around! When did the government forget this???


How did the government manage the flip from being our representatives to being our repressors? Is it because they are voted in and more represent the class that feels entitled to be carried by the productive class?
And these people need the government control and the government needs them to need the control, in order, to keep their rule, dominate and control power trip as they get wealthier and gain more power off the backs of the people.

Time to end this government charade. Any group qualified to produce enough to carry such a worthless burden should be qualified to regulate their own lives.

I say government BUTT out of our lives.. And serve the will of the people.. instead of trying to infiltrate and control every aspect of our lives…

The government is taking away money from Americans and giving it to illegal aliens. How do ‘they’ have a right to do this? How did this ever even come up as a topic for consideration?

How did the government get so much control over the American people’s income, property, estates, education, and now, healthcare, businesses, food…on and on…etc.???

And why does someone who has paid taxes all their life, need to pay more taxes when they die? It’s government bloat and greed. It’s taking away from families to pass businesses, farms, property and wealth to their lineage.. it is government confiscation of wealth and property and it is of evil and repression of freedom and choice!

Why does the government want power over a family’s money? It is the evil of control. The government wants all the wealth, all the power to feed its bloated belly.

And this vilifying of those that have attained something is down right unAmerican! Someone gains the American dream of success and now, it’s to be given to the government to give to others. And there is ‘something’ called ‘the dream something’ that they are giving to illegals…

There are houses built in my town by illegals and they are horribly built. There is no craftmanship any longer.. Houses used to take awhile to be built and they were built well by Americans! And we speak English in America! And we dress as Americans do.. women with lovely hair showing and faces where smiles can be seen.

What in America is really going on? It’s like the government is trying to control every aspect of everything, even our thoughts and our right to like, or to not like someone or some practice.

It is like the government thinks that it is doing us a favor for allowing us to keep any of our money. 

All our freedom of choice and privacy are being diminished even taken away.

America was founded in order to get away from this kind of repression and rule.

Anything the government touches it messes up. And the bigger the government gets the more messed up it gets.

My Dad is a disabled veteran and is paid full benefits. At a time, when he became financially successful, he wanted to give these benefits back and for the government agency to stop paying him. He called to tell the government to please give his benefits to someone who does have the need. He didn’t want to take what he didn’t need when someone else could benefit.  He was told that they could not do this. That it would cause too much red tape for them to process and that he must take it. To which my father stated, “Government agencies are idiots! I am trying to give money back and they are too stupid to figure out how to take it.”

Of course, my Dad during his lifetime has done much for others and he found a way to give back many times over.

We don’t need the government to tell us to give. We don’t need the government to take our money and to give it to others. It is not the government’s right to do this.

Left on our own, in the private sector, and as a people, we do give back over and over to others… out of the goodness of our hearts. This is not a government mandate. And when we as a private sector give, we can make sure that less goes to waste, or administrative bloat, and that it goes to the actual cause and need.

Let families take care of their members. Let churches, friends and neighbors help others. And let us have tax benefits for doing this. Let the government butt out!

Be it in time, service or money, Americans give more than anyone.

Government stay out of our lives.. Shrink the Government. Give America back to the people.
We are industrious, creative and kind.

The government is to serve us, not the other way around!
The Government is not god…