Satan uses PC to manipulate and pervert…

creating the atmosphere for good to be deemed evil and evil to be deemed as good.

Satan is the master of illusion – delusion, projection, manipulation and confusion.  The nature of ‘political correctness’ is not to call out something that which it actually is – in order to not offend. What this has led to is calling  evil good – so as not to offend evil and that which is perverted, banal,  lies, corrupted and of sin. So that the perverted, sinning, corrupted evil will not feel badly about itself concerning the evil they are doing or the lifestyle they have chosen to live. Because, oh my gosh! We wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of sin and evil that would be such a horrible thing to do. Good can’t ‘judge’ evil that would be so politically incorrect.  So instead, we don’t call it out for what it is, and either ignore it or deem it acceptable as we suppress that which is of good. Having good hang its head in shame for deeming evil for exactly what it is.

When good does call it out for exactly what is is – sin, evil and wrong, evil will point the finger back at good and loudly over shout – calling good a hater –  along with statements such as “Don’t judge me!” You see, evil must shout louder, be more seductive, offer more goodies and treats to those who succumb to its enticements. Evil will blocks and censors good – anything to shut good up – so evil won’t be called out and have to look at self and be held accountable for its evil deeds of corruption and destruction. You see, it’s much more difficult to be good than it is to be evil. Or so it seems – but actually goodness, internal peace and happiness go hand in hand. And this is something that irritates the hell out of evil…

So evil projects itself onto good to try and shut it up. Clever nasty evil knows what it’s doing. While good is being the good, not wanting to hurt feelings, many times will keep quiet or shut up – in order to be ‘politically correct’. You see evil is manipulative and cunning, While good is straight forward and working always on being good – evil is plotting and planning how to corrupt good for the benefit of evil.

One perfect example of evil projection are the Clintons:

Just look at this quote from Hillary. She is a liar and she pretends to be something she is not – yet she is stating that this is what the American people are doing.

Trump on the other hand just blurts the truth of what he sees  and feels right out. He knows he’s not a perfect man and  doesn’t pretend that he is and is not afraid to show who he is or to throw it in the face of evil.  And the evil corrupted media and those on the side of creating the ‘image’ – behind which lies delusions and illusion for the gain of evil and perversion – go wild with projection.  Evil hates good. Good understands the weakness of evil – and that weakness is being called out for what it is. Evil loves a fake image and a facade to hide its evil deeds and doings behind.

Good is choice. Evil is of control. Good is truth no matter what the truth might be or how difficult it might be to hear and know. Evil is lies, cover ups and facades. Good is continually looking at self to reevaluate and refine self and isn’t afraid of truth. Evil runs and hides from truth. Truth scares the hell out of evil! Hence the creation of political correctness. 

Evil  creates the environment where truth cannot be revealed much less told, where evil and perversion cannot be called out for what it is. It creates a playground of confusion – a marring of the lines between good and evil and it’s in this atmosphere evil is able to sneak in and tighten its grip on the innocent, the youth and to corrupt the souls of the weak, lost and wandering.

Leviathan is the devil of deceit, corruption and confusion. It’s tries to create a fog of confusions around everything and this is the time in which we are living in.  The corrupted media along with political correctness are Leviathan’s sharpest tools.

Good must STOP evil in its tracks! Throw political correctness to the four winds. Call out that which is evil, corrupt, perverted and manipulative – deeming it exactly what it is! Why should ‘good’ care if it hurts evil’s feelings? Evil has no empathy or feelings of care for the good. Evil wants the good to be corrupted then destroyed. Evil is happy when it corrupts an innocent child into sexual exploitation or perversion, Evil is happy when it addicts human beings to substances that harm the body, mind and soul. Evil is happy when it sucks resources and money from those who work hard for it. Evil is happiest when it gathers more souls into its lair of pain, depression and despair. Evil loves company.

I I say PC needs to die and evil needs to be left alone to wallow in its pain and isolation.


29 thoughts on “Satan uses PC to manipulate and pervert…”

  1. This is brilliant! PC has always been the language of fools and cowards. I certainly hope I haven’t offended anyone.

  2. You understand well what the evil side is doing and so do “we the people”, they will not prevail, come November we will beat their asses down.

  3. You always look beautiful, classy and elegant in all of your pics, Ayn and you are wise and intelligent. A lethal combo! What a woman!

  4. I believe PC is foretold in the Bible about the last days in the following verse: Mat 24:10 “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another”. (KJV). Everyone is offended by everything and every little thing. Don’t say this and don’t say that. Don’t do this and don’t do that. Don’t say he, she, or it. Just keep quiet and be one big blank on paper and in speech. That won’t offend anyone. Just like Satan desires.

  5. I love how awake you are. I love much more your work to awaken others. This is a fantastic page!! Thank you, sincerely for what you do and do sooo well!

  6. All true, this woman is spectacular with words, abundance of gray matter, bountiful wit, rare ability to get to the heart of a matter (one liners like Trump), and razor sharp reasoning.

  7. Smart a a whip! Ayn, your articles and this complete site are amazing. We need to get you on Fox. You are more beautiful and more intelligent than all the women on there.

  8. It is sad when the truth has to hurt as much as this truth does. Truth is something that one should think would be refreshing and invigorating. Sadly, the truth of the times we have been chosen to live in is a death march playing out before our eyes. Those who deny the truth are voluntarily walking into hell-fire just to avoid the truth in favor of delusion and deception

  9. Excellent article Ayn Dillard – PC is code for Cultural Marxism – Everything is turned upside down, there is “race baiting” to turn us against one another – there is the constant preaching against white people as a for instance – any bizarre cause that totally goes against the laws of nature or biology is encouraged. The war has always been good vs evil.

    From my perspective, it’s time to get back to that which is good and make no mistake about it – we all know good when we see it as do we know evil when we see it.

    Until we get back to the golden rule individually and treat others as we want to be treated, our society will continue to go downhill. Until each individual decides to live their lives morally rather than living life with moral relativity we will lose our country eventually. We will go the way of all the empires before us who desolved into debauchery.

  10. The Democrats behave as though possessed by demons and led by Satan. They have become the mortal enemy of America, our people, and especially, Christians.

  11. It is not just in America, where evil is growing, its happening all over the earth in a concerted way.
    Excellent and spot on Ayn!

  12. Damn, U R so Right> Truth sounds like Hate to those who Hate Truth> U see it every day in MSM, ever since Deep State first exposed its EVIL when J.Edgar Hoover met w/Mafia to put a hit on JFK Coup> Didn’t Blame the “BOLT-ACTION” gun did they>

  13. Ayn Dillard is right!! It has been the power of PC that has silenced so many Christian voices which has allowed evil to flourish. Clutch your Bibles in one hand and raise your clenched fist in the other. Stop hiding behind God and expecting Him to do that which He gave us the power and authority to do ourselves. Either we take this country back or He will destroy us all.

  14. Very interesting post about PC . I completely agree with you . It’s where the good , just , and moral people cannot be heard without accusations of some sort of prejudice. None of this is by accident and I’ve been saying this for years that PC as well as identity politics is the downfall and end of the USA. The most shocking lately to me is , Omar . She clearly hates this country ,she clearly is anti Semitic ,she clearly is full of hate , YET , she is not punished because she is Muslim . And she is in our Congress ? No words in our language can I offer to show my disappointment and disgust

  15. Hello Ayn, You are spot on. Satan is alive and well in our world, you just have to watch the news and what is going on in the world. If you think he isn’t you are very blind. A lot of this started when the liberals started taking God out of the public schools, look at what shape they are in now. Lots of democrats and liberals are controlled by Satan.

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