Censorship – curtailing freedom of speech and the right of free expression…

   Christian, heterosexual, white Conservatives  are continually being censored while progressives – libs –  dems – terrorists – shooters – muslims – people of color – perverts – etc. are allowed to post and say whatever they want to  –  including threats – even to our President.  This is especially true in the entertainment arena, the main stream propaganda media and on FB.

I was put in FB jail for 30 days for the following blog article:


It’s only opinion commentary about what I think about those who march wearing pink hats and vaginas on their heads – nothing to be put in FB jail for- but I was.  No threats – nothing but my opinion and that of many others and I am put in FB jail for 30 days for it. At the same time, I am in FB jail, I am being sent emails from FB asking me if I would like to boost this same blog article it is getting so many hits.  The duplicity and unfairness of FB is deplorable.  They are pro-their agenda and against anyone who doesn’t go along with  it – which is completely un-American and against freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

FB is as bad as the fake lying media and something should be done about their unfairness – their censorship – their  focus on ‘their’ agenda – their allowing terrorists and those who hate America to promote their lowly agenda while they censor those who are Christian, conservative and love America.

18 thoughts on “Censorship – curtailing freedom of speech and the right of free expression…”

  1. Agree I have been put in Facebook jail for posting about Trump. Facist book should be on its way out!

  2. Lately facebook is throwing people off at fast rate. They work for the progressives and are against freedom. Zuckerberg is a NWO globalist. I know you know this Ayn. But if they are open for public use then they should treat everyone the same and not censor some and let others get away with murder. Otherwise they need to say they only want mooslems, gays, democrats , liberals and progressives on their site.

  3. Face book is a socialist communist NWO organization. They hate freedom as they make their revenue off those who use it. It’s sucky beyond the pale.

  4. Ayn, I know 10 people who have been recently put in FB jail and some that just got out. They are really cracking down on Trump supporters. It’s getting really bad. I am sharing your article. I love your posts. That is why FB throws you off because so many love you and what you write.

  5. Don’t feel too bad, I got put in another cell for someone else’s comment they put on one of my posts. Yes… for another making racist comments on one of my posts, I got put into jail. According to the FB police, I’m responsible for all comments, pictures, and posts made upon my account, and all I post.

  6. Your article concerning the women’s march was great! FB knows you write truth. They don’t want truth! They want propaganda for their socialist agenda. I can’t stand facebook or Suckerbug!

  7. Ayn you are one of the reasons I stay on FB. I love your writing. Love your thoughts. You have real intelligence and common sense.

  8. You are the coolest chick! I can say that because I know you will flash that incredible smile then laugh!

  9. The evil democratic liberal party empire of dishonesty and deceptions ! Wake up Americans!

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