Being in North Korea is not like visiting your grandmother’s…

At our house, my mother would pretty much allow us to have snacks when we wanted them. When visiting my grandmother’s, after the dinner dishes were done, she would proclaim, “The kitchen is closed for the night!”

After she was settled in her bedroom, we would quietly sneak down the stairs and into the kitchen  to make popcorn or to raid the frig. hoping and thinking that she didn’t hear us. When we came back up stairs, she would shout from her room, “You kids, better have left my kitchen spotless!” Which of course, we did. We disobeyed her ‘kitchen rule’ and had we not left the kitchen clean. What would she have done?  Probably told us that the next time we sneak into her kitchen to clean up after ourselves.  She would not have banned us from the kitchen and given us no food for the rest of our visit.  She wouldn’t have starved us for our childish disobedience or sentenced us to hard labor in her backyard.

In America, if a college student protests, tears down posters, banners or whatever, nothing  much if anything happens to them. But in Korea and other countries there are harsh punishments for things that are considered the norm  – are allowed or even are our rights in America.  In America, we are free! Inquisitive, rebellious college age young adults that commit acts of protest aren’t given corporal punishment. And if a crime is committed, we have the right to a fair trial.

Everyone who  visits a country, so very different from America needs to learn and be aware of their customs, rules and laws. Because extremely harsh penalties and  punishments are given for what we consider our rights in America. Some other countries treat human beings with no value and they have few if any rights …actually pretty much treat humans like dirt.

It’s horrendous what happened to the young college man, Otto Warmbier, in North Korea. It’s no telling the horrors that he endured being imprisoned there.  Bottom line, he was killed for taking a banner. This is a vile absurdity beyond our belief. And so is to be sentenced to 15 years hard labor for taking a banner.  Also, do we even really know for certain that he did take the banner?

College kids especially liberals /Dems/ progressives ‘snowflakes’ – need to wake-up and realize that other countries aren’t like America. They are free living in America and have rights here that they may not have elsewhere. They need to learn to appreciate where they live and to not take their rights for granted. We are not a dictatorship. Many countries in the rest of the world are under harsh regimes. It might be best for college kids and others to stay out of places such as this. For example, gays are thrown off buildings in Muslim countries, etc.

When anyone goes to another country, they need to learn and be very aware of their laws. Many places are not as accepting and tolerant as America. North Korea hates America. So this young man was a sitting duck to be targeted. Thank goodness that this young man was brought back to America but certainly not soon enough.

Kim Jung Un is a ruthless, evil, little dictator… And what would happen to me in North Korea if I said that there? I would be executed.

While in America, look at how our President is talked about and treated by the media and others with little recourse.

Freedom in America is something that should never be taken for granted . These protestors – libs/dems/progressive ‘snowflakes’ need to wake up to reality!

God bless America the home of the free and the brave!

16 thoughts on “Being in North Korea is not like visiting your grandmother’s…”

  1. Oh, I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t believe that such tours even existed for college students. Hell, I can’t even believe that Dennis Rodman risks his life and freedom going there.

  2. This is the sad truth, let’s send those liberal visiting North Korea and than just ignore them like Obama did

  3. I agree…and what about the “friend” who tempted the young man to steal the propaganda? (I wonder how this person feels.). I rarely get religious…but eating an apple would’ve been less painful. Wake up to the reality of how lucky you are to be an American…be grateful. We are not as global as you might think!

  4. Great comparisons. Kids need to realize what horrors there are in this world. And this kid had the worst that could happen. It’s sad and it’s evil. I love your writing.

  5. Yep just have to really wonder what it is that young man was doing there. Maybe his parents would know? I mean to somebody go on Expedia and book a flight to peon Yang for vacation? Do you liberal colleges do student exchanges?

  6. You got that right, and we got all these demoncrats, liberals, celebrities standing against Trump in favor of countries like Korea, have they gone bat poop crazy or what?

  7. No doubt, this is a terrible end for a young life, but where does Common Sense, propriety and responsibility come into play? Just because one is able to take a walk alone at 2AM in the heart of NYC’s Central Park doesn’t mean one SHOULD do it. Just because one is able to travel to the ‘Garden Spot’ of Asia in North Korea doesn’t mean it’s a good idea and if one DOES go, one should NOT attempt to remove anything (even a poster off of a wall) as a souvenir! If he was too ‘young’ to make wise decisions he should not have been able to be on his own. I would have hoped for a long life of anonymity rather than the ’15 minutes of fame’ and the great loss he and his loved ones have suffered!

  8. Some young people are so stubborn & refuse to listen to wise adults- too bad this guy paid for it with his life- just over a bad , choice based on sheer lack of knowledge & information! Very sad indeed

  9. Excellent commentary. Kids need to get real. The rest of the world is not like America or grandma’s . Great analogy. Lady you rock!

  10. Good article so good. You nailed it. Being in North Korea is not like visiting your grandma too good!

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