5 thoughts on “The United Shariah States of America…”

  1. Not if I can do anything about it. First I’ll vote then further action to be taken if needed. Of course God help these UNITED STATES!!!!! You hear me ISIS or whomever else is listening.

  2. With Islam every child born is Muslim, they are raised not to question their faith & that the World has to convert. At present we are seeing Muslims migrating across Europe, they are using our HR laws against us for discrimination despite that they follow Sharia which ignores ours. Once the Western World is overtaken then the various sections of Islam will fight until only one is left & all of the racism of Sharia will apply & every woman will wear the Burka.

  3. Really it is very very unfortunate that Heart less,Mind less and Thick skinned Obama is POTUS and applying foolish burial ideas in America and Worldwide in name of Political
    Correctness. Where O and his chum Erdogan aren’t ready to accept any change to Islam “Say that Islam is Islam,nothing moderate about it” but classify Correctness as Political and ‘God knows.’ This is Islamic intelligence.
    They allow Sex slaves , Young boys as “Bachcha” for same gender Sex but kill Homo
    By throwing from roof top. Every law in Sharia is to hide their atrocities on Women and infidels. Thoroughly terrorised women wear Burqa to hide their condition but are
    Subjected to Sadism and Sexual onslaught by Rape at age of 6yrs ,even earlier then 4 or more Wife theory so that Men go to Heaven
    and get 72 Hoors. Such funny ideas but if opposed it is Blasphemy This is Sharia.
    Obama is trying to bring such crap and mix them within Most modern and most Advance
    Thinking Society of US and WEST.
    How possible that Muslims who seek justice
    In name of Human Rights and Aid in name of Humanity from American Society shall teach
    Ways of Old/Stone age living to “We the People” so that Champions Of Liberty and
    Saviours of Freedom may live like Slaves to justify POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.
    Can’t they see that TRUMP wave inAmerica,
    Defeat of MERKEL in Germany and Desertion
    Of European Union by Britain under #BREXIT
    Is all caused by this FORCED mixing of Modern West and Stone age Mid-East for which they are using ISIS Terror and Political Correctness as TOOL. Results will be Disastrous.
    OBAMA who justified Insult of US flag by not standing in Honour and Pride of same has been called name by contemporary SoB.
    I’m sorry WISDOM !! that one can’t stop but I think that total onslaught of Civilization is essential on Obama to stop him altogether.

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