I am exploding… race war just north of Dallas…

Pullinghair3When I got gas today then walked in to pay… a large black man held the door open for me a long time…. as me, a petite white woman, parked places away had a distance to walk… but this gentleman spotted me and held the door open anyway….

I said,  “Thank you kind sir.”

He said, “You bet, ma’am.”

In the Quik Trip while paying, I noticed a black couple talking to a white man about the horrors that occurred in downtown Dallas.

Everyone was polite, kind and respectful to one another.

There is no race war except what as been inflamed by Obama and his evil minions to those who are fragile, on the edge and stupid enough to buy into it. I see nothing but kindness to one another among the races where I live along with respect for the police, ‘our protectors’.

My hair stylist is a black woman…. I don’t even think of her race… we are friends… And she has commented several times, that ‘they’ are trying to create friction between the races…

People who can think … see what is going on….it’s orchestrated war between the races and our police…. and it’s orchestrated for agenda by evil…

All lives matter!

God bless and keep us all!

14 thoughts on “I am exploding… race war just north of Dallas…”

  1. Somehow we forgot, all of us, that first we are all a person, not people. To be a person means having peronality, being personable, being personal with others. None of us is an abstract, we are a person.

  2. Ayn, again as you always are right on the money. OBama caused all of this crap. He instigated this.

  3. I live just north of Charlotte, NC but my lady companion lives in Charlotte. I just commented to her this weekend how I rarely see any hatred among the races. When we take our grandkids out with us to breakfast or lunch we see blacks and hispanics all the time and they are so friendly and comment on how cute they are. We always exchange pleasantries with each other, hear about their grandkids and tell them how great it is to have these little ones in our lives.

  4. Obama finds it easier to put 2-3 factions at war or cause differences and then he shows his authority as Prez of US. Divide and rule.
    Very old techniques and hopeless advisors.
    Today there is no country or Respectable person who stands with Obama from heart.
    All his policies have alerted UN,NATO,EU etc
    Every where he created differences.As you mentioned WISDOM !! that there isn’t any fight or difference amongst groups or races but Obama and his group create problems.TUVM

  5. This is great Ayn. You got a way of making point. If we all understood this issues the way you present them things could only get better in Dallas and this great state.

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