Exploding! Shrink the government …

BLue explosion 5For any business to survive and be profitable, the fat must be cut with loyalty, efficiency  and competence from employees. Can’t keep a bunch of no good, lazy, stealing, lying people around and have a company thrive. It must have a profitable bottom line. Any competent businessman knows that. No one running a business that is in trouble goes on extended expensive vacations. They take no vacations until there is prosperity and all is well.

Anything the government touches turns into a fat, bloated, wasteful blob of incompetency ,which has now under the Obama regime, turned into massive debt, a weakened military, a wasteful, lying deceitful administration, a disrespectful, hate America organization of corruption, traitors, cover-ups, making bad deals, squandering money while lying to the American people about their deeds and agenda while they become wealthy.

They all need to be fired! Is Trump the one to do it? Could Barackbe, not sure yet. But we must have people of integrity, common sense, business sense, can’t be bought off, wisdom about economics, world affairs, love of county with faith in God, honor, truth  and the American way, which is to strive for excellence.  We must have a military so strong that we will not need to use it. The three branches of government are how America is run, not by executive order by some dictator with a ‘pen and a phone’.

ATT00001The Muslim political agenda, Sharia Law, is not compatible with our Constitution. We have freedom of religion in America. Islam is not freedom and it is not a religion. It is a political ideology like communism which rules every aspect of lives. It is oppression, torture, murder and death. A woman covered in the way of Islam, Sharia Law, and all Muslims are under Sharia, is not freedom, is not American, it is oppression. This is not the American way and it is not compatible with our Constitution.

Immigrants must go through the legal process to become a citizen, learn about our country, adhere to and respect our ways, speak our language, which is English or not come here. They should not get any benefits just for being in our country. Only our citizens receive benefits.

Progressive is communism just with a different name which brings me to the political correct propaganda and agenda of changing words to hide the truth of what something is or to try and brainwash and control thought and expression for the agenda of progressivism. Political Correctness is an euphemism for censorship.  

Progressive equals communism.

Progressives  are in both political parties and they are a blight on freedom. They are leading us into Agenda 21, Agenda 2030,  NWO under the rule of the UN. They have made the US an income stream to fund the UN. They want America weakened to be inserted in the New World Order which is the concept of elites and slaves. A hierarchy and a slave class. Where the ‘government’ = NWO controls all earth’s resources, when they can be used and by whom, while the elites live in extreme over-abundance and waste with the masses living by and under their rules, their dictatorship. It is Satanic. It is making them gods who rule the earth with regulations, rules, taxes, laws, and control that benefits only ‘ruling class’. It is what the founders of America fled  from in Europe.  NWO is earth worship. It is a lie, EPA, global warming, climate change, whatever it is they are calling it now, is a con to implement regulations, taxes and rules to suck off of and to control the masses and to control industry and progress.

The media has turned into a circus, propaganda for agenda, bought and paid for puppets of con and lies. Journalism is supposed to be our first line of defense against a corrupt government.  We need to get back to real journalism. It’s not entertainment . Entertainment is something  else. We must stop confusing the two.

America has been infiltrated by those that wish to corrupt us, take us down to size, deplete and destroy us.  They want a dumbed down, controlled populous that follows their rules and regulations with no freedom, prosperity or choice. Communism.

The US government was created for the people, by the people. The people run and rule America not the government. The government serves the people, not the other way around. 

Didyoukn8We must have a new administration that will trim the fat, shrink the government, get back to the rule of the people, prosperity, let the creative genius and spirit of the American people flow and have freedom of choice, so we can live again the American way one people under God.

We need a government to create a strong military,  infrastructure, a wall to define our boundaries, rules for outsiders to become citizens, a minimal tax structure. The free enterprise system is for everything else. We, the people are America, We are who make America what is it. We are leader of the free world and why foreigners want to live here.  

The government SERVES US, not tells us, what to do, how to live, what to say, what to believe, who our doctor is, our medical treatment or anything else.

America is the home of the free and brave.  As our forefathers warned, we are allowing foreign influences to diminish and destroy us making us something we are not, threatening our happiness,  safety and sovereignty as a nation. 

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29 thoughts on “Exploding! Shrink the government …”

  1. Government ? Worthless ? It would be nice if they were just worthless. They’re working as hard as they can to destroy us

  2. I find it appalling that I live in a country that now goes out of its way to “not offend” basically any group that isn’t Christian, white and pays taxes. This BS in Illinois now of letting Muslims get their ID/Drivers license pictures with their burkas on…..and we Re concerned about terrorism?! News flash….if America offends you….GO BACK HOME

  3. You are so right Ayn Dillard, but how the hell have we allowed our government to think the American People are the servants of the government. I think we fought a revolutionary war against those who thought this before.

  4. LOVE your sentiments…As a practicing, Christ following Republican, I want to personally, “THANK YOU” for your developing “Women Explode”…❤️?

  5. I’ve been saying this for years. This is the deal folks….Obama has opened the doors for thousands and thousands of ISIS sympathizers and ISIS wannabes to enter into the USA….Hillary Clinton plans to open the floodgates for these monsters. If America wants to get serious with radical Islamic terrorism then vote for Donald Trump or if not then just sit back and watch more and more massacres of young innocent Americans by the hand of radical Islamic terrorism under a President Clinton on a regular basis. I cannot state this any simpler for anyone to understand this.

  6. Your article is reassuring to Democracies the World over . Many a countries Don’t even bother WISDOM!! as America will do the needful. My little knowledge is of the view that inspite of 3 years of Tyranny, and what not, Obama has fallen in eyes of many but “We the People” of America have come very near and become Dear to rest of the World.Even otherwise, World leaders have lost ground and Public has united and popularity of America has grown, coz Humanitarianism and commitment to Freedom and Liberty. I may be little wrong but not fully.Status of Women had grown after the “War against war on women” launched by the Patriotic Women of America,
    Keenly followed by the Women across the World. I don’t know but I think that by mentioning even this much, I discharged fraction of my duty to Humanity. “Women explode” is a truth as all have seen and felt.TUVM….

  7. Sharia law is a barbaric backward practice that started in 650 AD with a cult called Islam that was invented by a disturbed pedophile named Mohammed who lived in a cave…..And you expect people who follow this crap to be okay ???? ….take a cold shower people and wake up

  8. Certainly we are at war. No only with ISIS but also with those in our own government. This is why it so important not only to vote this way of thinking out of the WH but to prepare ourselves for what is yet to come. Count me as one that is not that stupid to not do SOMETHING!! Our country is to dear to let it go to hell in a hand basket. My father and every other veteran gave to much. Ayn… One day I’m going to come listen to you at what ever event I can.

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