Typical psychopathic behaviors and traits easily seen in Obama…

Psychopaths believe in their own greatness (Obama, ‘the annointed one’)

Psychopaths display arrogance not confidence but arrogance ( Just listen to Obama talk and watch him walk then that cheesy grin)

Psychopaths promise but don’t deliver (Obama has done this his whole reign)

Psychopaths crave excitement and want to live in the fast lane (Obama’s continual vacations, association with Hollywood  and rock/rap types, drugs, smoking, traveling to Saudi Arabia as a college kid with apparently no money)

Psychopaths get a thrill out of having their sex partners in close proximity,  or even to meet,  and even enjoy it if their sex partners fight.( There have been continual rumors of Obama’s sexual liasions, past and present with both sexes. Think of his public flirtations with the blond Danish woman while sitting next to his wife)

Psychopaths are interested in three things: Power, control and sex(Definitely describes Obama)

Psychopaths enjoy the thrill of dangerous sex(Bathhouse Barry)

Psychopaths try to make people feel sorry for them (Obama whining or targeting, when soneone makes fun, insults or disagrees with him)

Psychopaths can’t take criticism (Clearly Obama can’t. He whines and attacks anyone who stands against)

Psychopaths figure out what people want to hear and tell it to them (If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it)

Psychopaths shower their targets with attention(All his fundraisers and dinners)

Psychopaths talk about “destiny.” (‘Hope and change’ transformation of America)

Psychopaths buy affection (Obama phones, food stamps, etc than ever before, benefits to illegals)

Psychopaths co-opt the target’s support system (Obama’s take over of most the media)

Psychopaths isolate their targets(Obama bad mouthing conservatives instead of working with them)

Psychopaths divide to conquer  (Playing the ‘race card’)

Psychopaths are bullies. They manipulate and threaten (Obama stated  he rewards his friends and punishes his enemies, IRS scandal)

Psychopaths sponge off of other people (Tax paid for vacations, continual fundraising)

Psychopaths ingratiate themselves with others( kissing up to unions, businesses and anyone else Obama can utilize for votes, support for his agenda, and, or for donations)

Psychopaths are great listeners,  in the beginning. They ‘pretend’ to care in the beginning, but can and often become cruel as it plays out

Psychopaths lie to deceive for agenda  and lie even when there is no clear reason(All Obama does is lie)

Psychopaths prey on people’s trust. They manipulate people by their individual human need to trust, to love or have empathy for others(Think the poor illegal children flooding across the border)

Psychopaths feel entitled to do what they want and to have what they want when they want it (Expensive vacations and playing while the world is in chaos)

Psychopaths convince or may even extort and threaten other people to illicit their defense of them (Think Obama and the media and his lame SNL-like spokes persons. He threatened to take Greta’s job if she continued to talk about Bengasi)

Psychopaths are overly nice in the beginning. It’s not until they ‘think’ they have their prey that their true colors are revealed (Obama’s second term, it’s clear he doesn’t care. He is busy playing and fundraising while chaos reigns. Obama is enforcing his agenda as fast and ruthlessly as he can)

Psychopaths will never admit to being wrong or owning up to mistakes and errors in judgment (Obama continually blames, deflects, and spins)
Psychopaths do all this with no remorse because they have no conscience. They only feign empathy and compassion as it suits them.
They mimic real human emotions. They don’t really feel anything. They are actors. (Think Obama and how he slides into talking with a Southern drawl when he thinks it will benefit him)
So when something appears too good to be true and when much is hidden ( as in better healthcare for all with less cost and pass the bill to find out what is in it) you are hearing the words/promises of a psychopath. They prey on the weak, needy and ill-informed.
So when you observe or hear things such as this… reflect, what is it that you are wanting, or needing from them, and is it even a possibility that they can deliver?  Many times, if  you use your intellect and intuition and not get  caught up in emotion, you will be able to see through a psychopath’s con.
Certainly, others on the public stage and  politicians fit this criteria. Hillary and Bill Clinton sure  do.

,Q˜ËŒUse this list on others on the public stage along with  those in your life to evaluate …

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41 thoughts on “Typical psychopathic behaviors and traits easily seen in Obama…”

  1. Glad to be part of the not so silent minority — the media is immoral and corrupted from the top down, and those within our society who don’t give a damn will also be to blame.

  2. Ignore this list at your own peril. I have known a few. They prey off of other’s empathy. The more predisposed you are to trust, and empathy, the more alluring you become to these depraved minds.

      1. Ann, did not even think of this in the macro. Yes, in the larger scope he has preyed off of the most benevolent Country in the history. Great point!
        By the way your blog always catches my attention. You are beyond excellence in what you do.

  3. Obama the weasel can’t take any criticsm. He is a sociopath or psychopath whichever, they are the same. Obama fit it in every aspect. He is also a narcissist.

  4. He’s a murderer, an evil snake & the forerunner of the anti-christ … inspired by the devil.. comes off as ‘the angel of light’- HE HAS FOOLED AMERICA & HALF OF THEM ARE STILL UNDER HIS SPELL-

  5. I’ve explained for the last 6 years, while I have been vetting Obama, that I have ran across articles of psychiatrist observing this man from around world. The great thing about psychology is that the subject does not have to submit to an examination nor an office call and can be evaluated from afar. Prognosis? The man is a psychopath, note not all psychopaths are violent. He has also studied group hypnosis (remember the chanting?) and this, in part, is what gives me such disdain for the man as he prays on the weak minded, the poor and the ill-informed, and once you catch on to his verbiage (or have studied child psychology) you can read him like a book. Note, that he will ‘not’ say “As Commander and Chief” however, he will say “As YOUR Commander and Chief” (remember “MY Army”) and in my book, he is definitely the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect

  6. I am just completely perplexed to how anyone is going to stop this man from completely going over the edge and destroying this country. Surely there has to be people in high places that understand what we do? …I call this situation to be much like that of a Nigerian Phone/eMail Scam. ….For it’s like even the Reps that could find out tomorrow that Obama is an illegal president, they are now so embarrassed to have been taken and fooled that they will not admit it!

  7. Obama is a little two-bit punk, wannabe dictator, who also happens to be a psycho-sociopath. He should be immediately arrested for dereliction of duty, high crimes and misdemeanors fraud, identity theft, treason, etc., etc., etc.

  8. Wow, where did you get your Ph.D. in psychology and your clinical training?

    And aren’t you the same blogger who denounces the entire field of psychology as PC double-talk when it doesn’t fit your opinion?

    1. I did take psychology in college. But in the practice of observing and knowing many psychologists, I have found them to be in many cases more disturbed and distorted than the average person.
      It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to see what Obama is. It’s blatant. I guess Susan that you have been brainwashed and fallen prey to Obama’s con. I am sorry for you.

      1. Ann, I agree with you totally. Any person can see what Obama is doing. It doesn’t take any kind of degree. Susan is a Obama follower and it trying to make herself right when everything about Obama is wrong and many have stated this about his psychological makeup. He is a liar like we have never seen before and anyone who believes this man after the lies that he has been caught in is delusional.

      2. Agree Ayn all you need to do is be able to read. Susan you are off course. Why are you attackng Ayn? She is offering obervations that anyone could make. Don’t need a degree for that. You seem defensive of your Obama dictator.

      3. It’s very convenient to insist that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is brainwashed. I don’t particularly like or dislike everything about our current president. I like some of his ideas and dislike others. I also know better to believe that I know how to diagnose a mental illness in someone with whom I have never met or had a conversation.

        Many of the points you made are true of every president we’ve ever had (makes promises on which he doesn’t follow through, says things because he knows others want to hear them). Others are just convenient observations that fit a particular characterization (a few pictures of him smiling/laughing with a woman while his wife sits next to him is not proof that he was flirting; and a characterization of him as arrogant is rather opinion-based over fact-based).

        I think it’s important that no one simply believes/follows/worships any leader. Debate and conversation are important. But the automatic vilification of everything about him is equally as dangerous as someone automatically praising everything he does and says. It shuts down all opportunity for discussion.

        In the end, I think President Obama is just a man. He has faults like everyone else. He says and does things with which I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree. But if you have a preconceived notion of him before he ever speaks, you’re missing out on an opportunity to critically think about what’s happening in politics.

        1. Susan, really? I think from what you wrote that you can’t see clearly. Obama is not like any other president. He blatantly lies. Can’t you see that? Blatantly. “If you like your health insurance you can keep it” For one. “The future does not belong to those who insult Islam.” Open your dead and blind eyes.
          Barry longs to a bathhouse in Chicago.. While he’s married and has children. He is perverted. Serveral men have come forward and said that they had affairs with him. Susan, from what you write you are in defense of a psychopath with a goal to take everything from you and all Americans. So you fall prey to this predator.

        2. Many have observed and evaluated Obama’s life and behaviors and have catagorized him as a narcissist, a pscychopath/sociopath, borderline and more. He fits the descripton to a tee. He is worse than the list in this blog article describes. I think he is a Muslim and his goal is to wipe out American. Obama is not just an ordinary man with faults.

        3. No, not many of these psychopathic traits are true of every president except for Clinton.

          No man is perfect but Obama is a desease. He blames everything on someone else. No president ever has done this. Obama isn’t a man. He is a traitor.

          Killery is just as evil as Obama.

  9. The vile and nasty liberal left said the nastiest things about GW, and now they DARE to say, they never showed him the disrespect that we show Ojackass! LIARS! And Ojackass deserves FAR less respect than GW did! They can kiss my ass!

    Obama is illegal, ineligible, Muslim, Crooked, a Traitor, an Embezzler, an outright THIEF, and a kenyan Usurper! The first Foreign, illegal President and the WORST President in History! And he is THEIRS! NOT OURS!

  10. Only the low-information people can’t see how twisted Obama is. He is a liar. He is screwing everyone in America.

  11. Obama fits all traits as a nacissist and a sociopath. He is a perverted lying piece of s–t and that is a clinical diagnosis. Love you Ayn! Keep up the good work.

  12. Note to all you fools…Obama doesn’t give a rats ass about you. Obama is all about Obama. He’s being paid to take away your freedoms, you fools.

  13. Any thinking person can see Obama is a psychopath. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. SEX POWER AND MONEY

  14. Obama is a psychopath and worse. All dictators are psychopaths.
    More people are seeing this. Many are waking up. All Obama does is lie.

  15. Barry Soetoro is one sick ticket and he is making America sick. I detest even to look at him.
    He is a foul mouthed liar and needs to be removed from office.

  16. Obama panders to the ignorant. He preys on them like the fools they are and am sure he laughs his a$$ off at their gullibility like all psychopaths do and yeah that sh-t eaten grin of his says it all, Ayn.

    1. Another Liberal nut defending their King Obama. Obama fits the characteristics of a narcissist and a sociopath. He is a liar and anyone who defends him is delusional.

  17. And his father was a despicable creep who was a visiting professor and somehow knocked up a rebellious Kansas corn girl in…1960?

  18. I have been watching and vetting Obama for 5 years now. I have also followed the psychiatrist that have been observing him and his mental problems go way beyond just a ‘God Complex’. I personally consider him THE poster child of the Dunning-Kuger effect.

    WIKIPEDIA: The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias that manifest in some unskilled individuals suffering from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than is accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their ineptitude.[1]

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