Seven Deadly Sins…

???????????????????????????????“Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness.” (Isaiah 5:20)


#1 – PRIDE – which makes one feel superior to others, is totally wrong. This sin was Lucifer’s downfall! The Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall”. (Prov. 15:8)

#2 – GREED –  has caused more wars and created more gangsters and promoted more theft than any other sin.

#3 – LUST – is the desire for something not lawfully yours. A sensual desire for the forbidden fruit! It includes an inordinate desire for power, control, sex, substance abuse or wealth. Lust always brings spiritual death.

#4 – ANGER or HATRED – causes high blood pressure, ulcers, violent confrontation and even murder!

#5 – GLUTTONY –  is an over indulgence in eating. A phobia or inordinate desire to eat food, even when one is not hungry. A good rule is: Eat to live, not live to eat! A day of fasting & prayer each week does wonders for us – spiritually & physically!

#6 –ENVY – will also cause the blood pressure to rise and the demons of jealousy and pride to fabricate lies and even fantasies in a person, given over to this wicked sin!

#7 – SLOTH – goes hand in hand with laziness and poverty.

What happens when vice is virtue and virtue is vice?

When people lack morality, honesty and virtue, society crumbles. Great nations are not conquered, they rot from within.

Look at what is being done to and done in America and the world these days.

The 7 deadly sins are being promoted on every front, Hollywood, Entertainment, politically…’They’ are using the 7 deadly sins to corrupt and destroy. The 7 deadly sins are running rampant today… out of control.

Look to yourself, how you live and how you think…it’s your  way to healing…

3 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins…”

  1. Ayn, I have been wondering the same thing. The moral decay that is happening will be detrimental to civilization.

  2. Instant gratification is in my opinion is at the center of these 7 “deadly” sins. Often the pathway of such [instant results] is a fickled process often confusing to those who require leadership (mentorship – aka parenting). Whether quests for such gratification is a good or bad thing is held within the heart of the seeker. Lewis & Clark with the Corp of Discovery sought the “quickest” route west. Today we want the fastest internet, instant is better. We go to the doctor for a quick healing, not realizing that in many cases what ails us is the result in many cases , in most cases, of poor choices in what we put into our bodies for continued “quick fixes”. Quick foods, quick solutions, ready drugs and drink to quickly remove us from stresses…. then come the subtle influences, (only subtle at first) of negative…. such as; you can quickly look more desirable and therefore be happier by being more attractive, which will of course, as the subtle whisper goes, bring you more sex, power, wealth. Quick! The sooner the less pain duration to suffer! All things in their season takes time. Things that take time tend to last, as we’re invested in such. This is the ugliness of socialism, “there is no need to work and earn your bread, you can have it – in fact you deserve it – for free and now! Carefully subtlety are we consumed by lies that lead us into bondage if even only in our sickened minds, bodies, and souls. I’ve told my children that the righteous expression of shared physical intimacy is powerful and important. That, to cheapen this experience by making sex the goal or as common as a hand shake will steal from you the powerful intense beauty that can, should, and will be owned by those who respect such. Self control coupled with prayerful daily awareness and gratitude to God will go far towards defeating the subtle whispers of the 7 so mentioned sins that always turn into raging roars of feed me now, as they drag you down to a life of hell…. oh and how misery doth love company. Let’s be careful out there…. careful not to be silent and still when inspired to make a positive contribution to lifting others!

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