To be in a healthy, moving relationship takes a…

???????????????????????????????secure person…

Because to be in a healthy, moving relationship takes a person who is not afraid to look at themselves and to evaluate, refine, shift, compromise, grow and commit. Also, to be in a healthy, moving relationship takes a person who can endure imperfection in self and others. A relationship isn’t perfect, contrary to what Hollywood presents. It’s an alive, moving, changing and breathing entity between two committed people. Two people committed to one another in the process of individual growth, within a relationship, and including the growth in and of the relationship. 

A relationship is love, happiness, intimacy, pain, growth and change and to maintain love through all this takes a secure person. An insecure person can’t weather the storms…they are too much all about themselves, their comfort, their insecurity, lack, and needs. They are threatened by change and growth in their significant other and in themselves, so have difficulty flowing with change. They, more than not, want to control and hamper because change makes them nervous and feel more insecure.

And nothing really begins until there is a solid commitment. It’s in commitment that a relationship begins, is, grows and flows… otherwise it’s just playing. And actually it’s all very exciting because it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

It takes honesty, commitment, endurance, humor, intimacy and … what else?
What more is needed for and in a healthy, moving relationship?
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Obama bases everything he does on…

 Firstblackindividual and class envy…

For wrath kills a foolish man,
And envy slays a simple one. Job5:2

Do not let your heart envy sinners. Prov. 23:17

Do not be envious of evil men,
Nor desire to be with them. Prov.24:1

Envy leads to confusion and every evil thing.

Jealousy easily leads to anger, hostility, bitterness, depression, and other toxic emotions.

Why would any individual envy another? Who you are, your looks, your life, your experiences, everything about you, is individual to who you are, what you are meant to be, and meant to become.


And Hillary is carrying on this con with her ‘cancer of inequality.’

We are not a collective. We are individual. We are who we are, where we are because God created us and placed us.