Feeding the beast…

BO…the beast of big government. The government of controlling everything through over-spending, waste, bloatedness, incompetence, lies and sucking everything from the private sector. While those leading and working for the almighty government beast thrive as they feed their ego, have fake concern for the masses who pay their salaries and allow them to be where they are and get wealthy, while they supposedly ‘serve’ the America people. When they are really lying, conning and manipulating the government to achieve government control over everything.

Today, in my opinion, the government elections held for those who are placed there, have been corrupted to their core. Dead people vote. People vote multiple times. ID’s aren’t required by illegals and minorities when ID’s are needed to do most every transaction otherwise. It’s insanity! Why are illegals even voting? There are corrupted organizations backed by agenda-driven evil like Soros, Acorn, Move-on, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. that do everything possible to create their desired outcomes. Nothing is as it appears.
The man who is now president will not release his records… who is this man really and where did he come from?
What was once for the people and elected by the people has turned into manipulation and corruption from those behind the scenes who control the voting, the candidates, special interests, the media, while they try to brainwash the masses as they create lies, spin and propaganda so outrageous that many can’t even comprehend the underhandedness of it all, therefore it is taken as truth. And most all the media is their bought and paid for propaganda machine. It’s like some sick and twisted horror show.
Lies have become truth and truth deemed as lie… Spin is the norm.
Government employees should be servants of the people. Those in the government are ‘supposed’ to be of service to the people, not the other way round. But as time has passed, those elected and otherwise placed, have become puppets with strings attached thicker than rope being pulled by those who profit off of, and get an ego charge off of sadism, despotism, theft, control, extortion, even killing and murdering of the masses, while they smile through their lies and pronounce how good it will be for all.
The perfect example: Obamacare is about control, not health. It’s about sucking resources from the people in the private sector into the almighty beast of the government. It was created in secrecy, presented in cover-ups, corruption, lies, and incompetence and done only for control.
Until we stop feeding the beast of big government and make them accountable to ‘we’ the people, the private sector, ‘we’ who pay our income into the government in the form of taxes to pay their salaries, support their outrageous spending and lifestyles, America will continue to be weakened and even falling into destruction toppling us into loss of all our freedoms as we become more subservient to the beast… we will become a socialist, a communist…a nation with no freedoms. We will lose everything that makes America great.
The Obama regime wants control over every facet of our lives and over every dime. They want everything controlled and sucked into the government then the government will decide what a person has or receives.
“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword and the other is by debt.”~ John Adams, 1826
It’s an evil beast and it is time to stop feeding it!  Freedom must reign supreme again!
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