Do you own more than you owe?…

???????????????????????????????Would you rather have a $250K house that is paid for or a 1.2 million dollar house that you owe over a million on?

Would you rather have a 2005  Lexus that you own, or a 2013 BMW that you lease, or owe 40K on?

Do you pay cash for food, gas, and clothing, or charge them on credit cards?

If you can’t pay cash for something you want, do you wait until you can, or do you charge it and pay if off monthly as interest accrues? So that you end up paying as much as twice for what it’s worth, or its original price.

Do you buy at point of need, or point of desire? Do you purchase things to make you ‘appear’ like you have more money than you do? Do you flaunt what you don’t own? Putting something on credit doesn’t make it yours… it is owned by the bank, the credit card company, or which ever lender has the note…not you!

I knew a woman who had every designer purse and outfit there could be. Everyone envied her attire as it was amazing. Sure, her husband was wealthy, or gave the ‘appearance’ of being so … So we just ‘thought’ she could have everything she desired. Until, he lost his high paying job and come to find out she owed 300K on credit cards. Then it was all over… all those ‘fine duds’ were just that ‘duds’ and worth little to nothing compared to what she paid for them.

Do you have a savings account that you put money into each month? Or do you spend every penny to keep up ‘appearances’?

Do you owe more than you own?

The way you answer these questions reflects your financial health and also your ’emotional’ health and whether, or not, you are financially responsible, and if you have the possibility of eventually going bankrupt.

The way our country answers these questions reflects the financial and emotional health of our country.

Our government, under the Obama regime, is an example of very poor financial decisions and health… spending money it doesn’t have and buying things it doesn’t need. Our credit rating has been downgraded.

The Obama’s and their regime are the worst managers of America’s resources that we have ever seen. They, themselves, waste money on parties, travel, (tacky,  distasteful) clothing…  then tell us to cut back…

By Obama’s lead, the government is spending our country into debt and bankruptcy as they laugh and enjoy themselves all the while. When they leave, it will be the American people left with the debt. The Obama regime is a terrible custodian of America, its wealth, its people and its resources. They are wasters, depletetors, ‘spend thrifts’ of the worst level and variety. They are on the path to destroy our home, ‘America’, and its sound financial integrity…

Our country should be run like a financially sound home… instead, of like some teenager on Spring break with Daddy’s credit card enjoying a spending spree that they will not be and can’t pay for.

Spending and buying doesn’t fill you up… it empties and bankrupts you…

Spending and borrowing will and is weakening our great country.
Just like spending and borrowing will weaken a home…

The way to take over a country and lead to its destruction is either by war or financial ruin.

And that temporarily well-dressed friend, I used as an example, got a divorce and lost everything. But for a ‘short while’, she was dressed well and ‘appeared’ to have everything… when what she really had was nothing. It was all a facade… just like the Obama regime.

Do you owe more than you own?

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