Enjoyed rockin’ your cane, Dad, but it’s on its way out…

???????????????????????????????After two weeks in rehab, I am about done with using my Dad’s cane. Now, I only use it when I am out, like walking outside, across a parking lot, or in the grocery store, etc., in the house, not at all.

Without it, I limp a bit and am still working on strengthening my left leg and focusing on walking from heel to toe in a natural flow into a smooth gait and to accomplish this, it’s time to lose the cane. 

My arm is getting more range of mobility each day and I am beginning to use it more naturally without thinking, or worrying about it.

Actually, using a cane has its glamour and distinguishing style.

In ways, it’s just plain kinda cool.

There is even something kind of ‘sexy’ about it and it certainly makes for a cool prop…

???????????????????????????????Or is my take, based on my theatrical background? Ha!

Although, it ???????????????????????????????can be irritating at the sametime… because after awhile it gets in the way and becomes a nuisance. I guess, that’s when it’s time to let go of it…right?
But, I am certainly glad, I had my Dad’s cane to steady me as I healed and learned to maneuver on my feet and legs again.

Although, I’d rather have been using the cane as a ‘real prop’, as in dancing around it, instead of actually needing it.

I feel much better and more like myself each day. But, I need to make sure to take my time and not???????????????????????????????push too hard.. but then at the sametime to push, so that I make gains in strength and movement everyday.???????????????????????????????This rehabing is ‘something’ else and not for sissies…

But, ‘Mr. Cane’, your days are numbered. You will soon be back poised in the corner of my powder room.

But, I will forever look upon you with gratitude and fondness…along with the amazing feeling of being looked after and cared for from above by my Dad during this ordeal.
Thank you all again for your prayers,
words of kindness, support and inspiration.  I appreciate you all so very much, each and everyone!!!

Feeling cared for and supported certainly is and will help my healing process along. So again… THANK YOU!!!

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