Behind the mask …

ATT00001People who cover their faces, aren’t they  usually rapists, murders, thieves, and liars? Don’t they maim, threaten, rob, cause drama and trauma in the world of polite and peaceful people?

Don’t they  oppress, suppress, repress, and restrict?
Don’t they take away freedom, implement control and harm?


Yes, that’s it!

A person wearing a mask, their message is loud and clear! Or why hide their face? There is no reason other than to hide their identity to better, fool, confuse, deceive and harm…

They are up to nothing good.

Why are we allowing this mask of evil into America? Why is it being allowed to spread its evil across the world and to infiltrate communities spreading their Halloween horror show of a perverted practice that does nothing but frighten, destroy, maim, torture, rape, and kill all that is good?

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