The DNC… liars, BS artists, cons, womanizers, Hollywood crass…

False intentions, all words, little action, except those with ‘different motives and actions’ than their ‘words’ convey… false promises and lies. All propaganda….

The DNC is just like a playboy or womanizer… “I love you baby. I will leave my wife for you… just ‘do it’ with me.”
then they stay with their wife and keep with their old agenda.

Democrats/Progressives/Liberals at the DNC… “We love America. We are for the middle class. We have Christian values. We will make your life better just ‘vote for me’.” But nothing gets better. There’s just more debt, regulations, and destruction for America and its people. They will stay with Obama’s failed agenda of spend, spend, lie and spend while saying they must do it and it is good for America.

Same lines… same liars… same cons… same BS artists. Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you…

Women’s issues… “I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman.” Clinton cheated on his wife their whole marriage and had ‘sexual relations’ with an intern while he was President of the United States. How can disrespect for women be more in our face? It can’t!

Birth control paid for by the government … is this for real? This is absolutely surreal. Birth control is between a woman and her doctor and she should pay for it herself. How about not having sex, until you are married or in a commented relationship? Ever think of that, instead of focusing on promiscuity?

Abortion! This is between a woman, her doctor and the people involved. The government should butt out. It is not a government issue.

Gay rights! Sex is between a man and a woman. Marriage is between a man and a woman. If same sex people choose to have a ‘romantic’ relationship, why should the government be involved?  Why is this even a government issue? How about doing a legal agreement between the same sex parties involved and leave the rest of us out of it?

Class warfare based on race and income
… this is divisive and all the Progressives/Liberals/Democrats have to use.  Divide and conquer is their platform. They vilify success while Moo and Bo live the high life.
Moo whined in her speech about how Obama could barely afford shoes, while the truth is he was backed by Saudis, got a scholarship as a foreign student, traveled internationally, and could afford drugs and cigarettes. If he couldn’t afford shoes then he wasn’t spending his money wisely… just like he runs our country.  Michelle Obama is a blatant liar as she travels the world on America’s dime. She lives the life of a dictator’s wife squandering money, while pandering to the poor.

Michelle Obama ‘tried’ to copy the genuine, truthful speech of Ann Romney to try and make her husband ‘appear’ something that he is not. Everything about Obama is media created and false. It’s all image created for agenda.

The DNC is full of false orators… all words of promises and lies…
nothing genuine about it. It is all ‘orchestrated’ for their agenda.

Orators are just that… it’s the doing of it that matters…

Lies, con, propaganda, hyping up the people to vote for him and if he should win… he will put forth his backers agenda to destroy the American economy…take America down in order to insert us into the NWO.

Obama spoke about jobs, while he has done nothing about them…. but since he knows that’s what America needs and wants to hear he pandered. Obama has done nothing, but spend money, lower the rating of America and LIE!

Obama again talks about his ‘vision’… from ‘hope’ to ‘hopeful’… empty words, empty speech, empty man. His words are hollow. Nothing new, no policy… vague ideas, random, same ole, same ole…Obama gives the same speech over and over again…
Might that be because he is a puppet? Obama talks and that is all he does. What a con artist! What propaganda! What Leviathan spin!

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