What makes you want to pull out your hair?…

???????????????????????????????What about someone turns you off and away?

What are the major flaws that make you alarmed or even crazed?

What about a friend will make you decide that they are a friend no more?

What is it about a family member that will make you decide that it is better to not ever be around them again? That they are too toxic for words…

What is it about someone that has you pulling out your hair and to finally realize that it is not worth your effort and, maybe, it’s to your harm, even detriment to associate with them any longer?

I am seeing and experiencing that many people these days are cutting their losses with people and cutting people out of their lives that aren’t good for them, are hurting??????????????????????????????? them and who have the potential to even be disastrous to their well-being. Many these days seem to be saying I am not putting up with it any longer… I know I am.

I only want people of like mind, morals, values, ethics and standards in my inner circle. Anyone else is not for me…

Liars, adulterers, cons, bullies, the falsely ‘religious’, the greedy, sociopaths, etc… BA BYE!!!

So what is it that will lead you to make the decision to cut someone out of your life? What are the flaws major or otherwise that you will just plain not tolerate any longer?

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