Mostly About the Obamas and a Few Others…Exploding!…

Would you invite Obama to your house? I wouldn’t. I have nothing in common with a community organizer who associates with radicals and goes to a church that hates America. I would never cross paths with a person such as this, were he in my community, and if I did, I wouldn’t like him, how he lives, what he believes, or stands for.

Concerning Michelle Obama, she would not fit in my world. Most of my friends, be they MOwives, mothers, career women, volunteers, or socialites… have a certain refinement, and know how to dress appropriately.  And whether rich, poor, or in the middle, they know how to put themselves together for their body type and look better than Michelle Obama, even if they are just running about doing errands.

This is a ‘first lady’?…Not really?!

The media spin is continually trying to ‘sell’ us on how stylish and beautiful Michelle Obama is, But she just isn’t. Only who cares what a first lady looks like as long as she is refined and has character, but Michelle doesn’t have these things either…

Michelle and Barack Obama are no one to look up to, aspire to, or listen to and they should not be where they are in our country.

Barack is the product of a wayward woman who had sex with an African man back when ‘respectable’ women didn’t travel the world behaving in this manner. (not that this is an acceptable lifestyle now, or anytime.) There are even ‘sexual photos’ of Obama’s mother floating around. She was a slut, in my opinion. Barack’s father was a radical, whore-monger, alcoholic, and married to several women at the same time. And he barely saw his son, Barack, during his lifetime. Barack Jr. was probably born in Africa and indoctrinated to be Muslim. His higher education was on the government dime. (if he even is educated) He did drugs, hung out with radicals and those on the edge of society. He has many social security numbers, and men have come forth claiming to have had affairs with him. Where he got his money to travel about when he was younger is a mystery. Everything about his past is sordid and a mystery. This man is nothing, I would ever associate with, or have around me EVER!

Then he writes a book (was he really the author), is on ‘Oprah’, and is now, telling Americans what to do and ‘his view’ of what we need to be. ‘Change’ is the BS he espouses with no specifics, facts, or plan of his own…he signs bills that were put into place before he was ever elected, or even a candidate. He wants things passed quickly and uses threats and fear continually… he doesn’t let the people read the bills, until they are passed. He over rides the constitution and ignores the American people.

We can look to Oprah for this con to be where he is in America and this woman is the Queen of Con and ‘giveaways’. She conned Americans along as she became wealthy and now she is a part of those trying to ‘change’ the free enterprize rules, so she, Obama and their ilk rule over the rest. She and Obama both attended Wright’s church of hate America… never forget that…

How about this character Pelosi… would you want her at your house? She always talks like she just came back from a three martini lunch, like some wealthy, dimwitted, socialite dowager and this woman is in the Gov…? She has made a fortune for her family and her husband’s businesses by pandering to progressive/liberals as she grows the gov. to control the people and more of the revenue…

Then Harry Reid… looks like a nice guy, huh? Would you ever want him in your home? So, why is he in the government pushing to make laws that rule over our lives? The man is a freak show….he is pushing the liberal/socialist/progressive agenda, spend spend and grow the government. Just look at his face! Does he look like a Nazi or what? I would never associate with this dweeb and traitor to the freedom of the American people.

Michelle and Barack are nothing, but Walmart puppets of the ‘elite’ with a destroy America agenda, living off the taxpayers dole, putting on a show, wasting money, living the high life doing the agenda of radicals and America haters that want to take away our freedoms, rights and control us while they attain more power and wealth. Grow the government and spend spend spend….to indebt and enslave the American people…

Government only cares about sustaining itself and this is the reason that…

Our founding fathers stated clearly that only real Americans, natural born Americans should and can be President… they knew those with ‘different’ backgrounds and ideology would not understand what America is and they were correct. Our founders were wise. They knew foreigners and America haters, those jealous and envious of freedom, integrity,
prosperity, morals, standards, God-loving, believers in Christ, would not be able to lead our country in any positive, healthy way, or direction … And they were correct. We were warned and forewarned and all this was predicted…
Everything about Obama’s administration is anti-Christ and pro-Muslim. Everything about Obama’s administration is about the Government instead of, WE, the people. Obama is about ‘I’ will tell you what to do, how to live and how much the government will take from WE, the people. Our founders wrote in our constitution, and in the division of our governing branches, catches to protect the people of America and Obama is ignoring them all…

Obama clearly by his actions, words, and who he associates with, hates America. His campaign slogan ‘change’ and his statement that he will ‘fundamentally change’ America shows this without a doubt. 
I am appalled at what Obama says, the way that he talks down to Americans, his stupid ideas, his ignorant, circle-talking, full of lies, dictator-like speeches, his scripted Leviathan crap that spews continually out of his mouth as he reads a teleprompter.

A President and the first lady should be American people to look up to and that they lift and bring our country up not threaten and lie to us. What the Obama’s are doing is bringing down everything good and sacred about America, while they smile, preach, spend (waste) America’s money and make ‘changes’ that are detrimental to everything about and to America, what we stand for, and who we are. We do not need change … we need to get back to what our founders set forth.

Go to Walmart, walk around that dump and look at most of the people. This is what we have in our White House. We are lowering our American standards to that of a third world country, a ghetto of sloppy living off the gov. dole slobs… and that man in our White House and his wife, with no beauty, style, grace, or fashion sense, (regardless of what the corrupt media spews) and hate of America will take us to their level, if we allow them to….

We need to come back to the constitution and the vision that our founders had for us.

We need to kick American haters back to where they came from and that includes the Obamas. Obama is not America’s President, or an American President. He belongs and works for the NWO.

We need an American President.  A President that puts American first and the world second, not the other way around.
This race card, politically correct BS and the corrupted media is what got this unqualified, community organizer where he is. We, the people, must stop the brainwashing and destruction of our country backed by the greed and evil of those going against our constitution.

The Obama’s are not welcome in my home, or my country. (neither is big mouthed Oprah and certainly not loony Pelosi, or dweeby little Reid) Agree or not?

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