The Government Versus The Private Sector…

Where would you rather eat? A sole proprietor, ‘Mom and Pop’ restaurant, where food is made fresh daily, prepared in an on site kitchen, where the owner, even the cook (may be one and the same) comes to your table to see how you enjoy your meal… or at a large fast food chain where food is preserved with chemicals and mass produced?  Where there are so many people in and out daily that no one knows who you are, or even cares, if you come back because there are so many that you are just one of the crowd and the cooks and servers change as often as the customers.

Everyone knows the small owner-managed restaurant is the place to eat. The food is usually good and service usually great because, in order, for their business to survive, it must have quality and service… once it mass produces itself and grows bigger and bigger, it never fails that the quality and service goes down. 

The last time, I ate at a fast food restaurant, 20 or more years, ago, it tasted good while I ate it… but a few hours later, I got sick… and I vowed never again…

This is the difference in the quality of a free enterprize system with a strong private sector and a large government controlled country. America’s strength is its people, their individual efforts, work ethic, and creative ability. The larger our government becomes, the worse the taste in our mouths will be and eventually it will make us all ill.  And with government run healthcare, the odds are that we very well may not become well ever again.

Recall your last visit to the DMV? How pleasant was it? Terrible decor, long lines and employees that moved slowly… no need to be proficient, they will get their government paychecks no matter what, at least, as long as there is money in the coffers extracted from the people in the private sector.

And at the post office, I have waited and waited, while workers talked amongst themselves. They don’t care if you wait in line. They worry not about the profit margin.

Anything run by the government is of high cost and low quality. 

 It’s past time to shrink the Government and to grow the private sector…

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