When did people become like commodities to…

the government…actually, not ‘like’, but are. 
Commodity – things of value of uniform quality produced in large quantities to be used or consumed.

Did it start when the population grew at such a rapid pace with so many giving no thought about how to care for themselves, so those with ingenuity decided to make these people dependant and become their ‘rulers’.
In order, that ‘they’, ‘the self-proclaimed elite’, will have power and control over others’ lives and have the ability to extract income, energy, talent, and even individual indentities from those who produce, along with the ability and power to give it to those who don’t.

Therefore, giving them the ability to control everyone, giving themselves life long jobs, and professions with benefits, power and control over all earthly resources doled out as they see fit and at what ‘price’ they deem and create. Even now, controlling the market place and businesses and where profits go by legislation to force certain types of purchases. 

Or was it always this way? Did it begin with the beginning of humanity with the desire of some to control others? Is it just the difference in good and evil being played out continually in the world?

The intense evil that cares not for people, or humanity, but only cares for itself and its own insatiable needs. Even if it falls in on itself and destroys its own, this evil will continue and perpetuate.

The current example is the government’s rapid and bloated growth that can’t be sustained without taking more and more from the people.  Ultimately toppling it all, confiscating all resources, with the government playing ‘God’ concerning who gets what and when… 
What first began as good, a pure thought, can easily become corrupted, by those of evil intent.  Hiding behind love, love, love… is evil, evil, evil…

Many people can so easily be led because they haven’t a solid foundation of common sense, morals, real love, intellect, family, and values because they are weak and only looking for pleasure and a way to escape their feelings, emotions and accountability for any behaviors or actions. Therefore, they succumb to addictions of all sorts and varieties… and this is the goal of evil. Evil wants the family fragmented, values lost and morals nowhere to be found.

This kind of life and existence is created and brought forth for the ego, for the consumption of others. The need to rule, dominate and control for self-gain, ill-intent to feed the ego of those riding on the backs of others.

Because while some say that they are trying to be ‘fair’. It appears to me as if it’s a con to control and destroy those who don’t and won’t agree with them.

While some say they don’t want war, they are creating the very atmosphere for war and chaos on a global measure.

Nothing is as it appears and people as ‘individuals’ are becoming nothing, but commodities to the government. Individual rights, likes, desires, and freedoms are being taken away daily. The human individual is being digitally controlled, slotted, and watched for the benefit and control of the ‘government’…after all, commodities, chattel, property have no right to choose, object, or to feel… they are not individuals, but are objectified and used for consumption or benefit.

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