We are who we are because of who brought us into this world…

the example that they displayed, the environment that they created and their ancestral lineage. And this makes us all individuals…

Were you a planned for child with basinet and layette awaiting your arrival? Or were you unplanned for, an accident of two teenagers? Did you come from a night of random, meaningless, mindless sex? If so, you have much to deal with as you grow as a human being…

Or were your parents two adults that knew what bringing a child into this world entails and the responsibility of it?  Even if your parents were thinking about you, and what future you might have before you were conceived, you will still have trials and challenges in your life. Were your parents clueless, reckless and only concerned with themselves? Did your Dad stay with your Mother and help rear you? Do you even know who your father is?

These familial beginnings create who you are and how you perceive your world. And none of us are the same. Even siblings reared in the same environment have different imprints and perceptions. If your parents did drugs, steal, or live off the government, that is probably what you will also do. It’s a rare one that pulls out of their familial examples and environment, especially if it is a destructive and abusive one. But occasionally, these bad examples can show a person exactly what they don’t want to be… so an opposition can occur.

Families create who children are and who they become. Families are the backbone of our country.  A person’s parents are their lineage, their example, the rock that they break themselves upon, the abuse that they endure, or the solidness of love that sustains them, or maybe, a bit of it all. It’s where self-esteem lives, or dies. It’s where morals, honor and standards are instilled. It’s where we learn how to interact and treat others. It’s the basis for most everything that we are….

It’s not the schools. It’s more the family. When I grew up, I felt like school was an interruption to my education. I was mostly bored while there. Sure, I had friends and learned some…umm, or did I really? Well, I learned what not to do, or be and that’s a certainty… many kids smoked and were promiscuous and this was not me. I rejected peer pressure because of who I am and what I was taught at home. I read voraciously and studied on my own and went to ballet everyday after school. My life began once school was over. School was something I endured…

I stayed home from school when our decorator came, as I loved to ask her questions and learn from her. I learned more from her than I ever did at school and I later became a decorator.

It’s the family, the home environment, what you see as an example and what you are exposed to through your family that makes the most profound imprint on you.

That is why so many in our world today lack in manners, morals, values, motivation, refinement and common sense. Little is being seen as an example in families even if they do have a family environment. Many families today are fragmented, broken, and corrupted internally as well as externally.

Looking to the government and the schools has and is creating a disaster. It’s the example of two parents, a traditional family that creates an internally solid person and therefore, a solid world.

I am not ignoring that alternative families can be successful, but it is more difficult and why risk the life of a child to chance and experimentation?

A child is a terrible thing to waste. Bringing children into this world is the most important and profound decision that most will ever make.  And now, we have more unwed mothers, absent fathers and self-indulgent, irresponsible people bringing children into this world and it is lowering the standards of our world to almost nothing These people, many times, rely on the government to take care of them and their children and it is disgusting.

I say back to the traditional family, and Judeo/Christian values to lift our world back to higher standards. Families take care of their own. The government is no ones’ family and those that rely on it, or are dependant on it, are fools that have been fooled.

Just as with a doctor… they can’t ‘make’ you healthy… only you can take care of your health… a doctor assists when there is a need. Relying on a doctor to ‘give’ you health is as ignorant as relying on the government to give you a lifestyle.

The family is key … everything else is secondary and the government is nothing, but an entity that should be small and play a minuscule part in anyone’s life.

We are individuals. Not equal, but with equal opportunity in our individual circumstances that are God given. No one knows the reasons for your circumstances, but you and God…
Agree or not?

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