Women are crazy, drama queens!…

I hear this so often from men. So, you’d think that there must be a lot of crazy women walking around. But even as often as men say this, I meet few crazy women. I meet more emotionally shut down, non-communicative men.

Sometimes, men that can’t understand a woman’s emotions call her crazy and drama queen, when perhaps, he just needs to understand what she is expressing. He might want to listen to her, to feel and get in touch with his emotions.

Also, sometimes, in a relationship, the women expresses all the emotions because the man is so shut down. He projects his emotions and feelings onto her as if it’s a weight for her to carry, until she can’t carry it any longer and explodes… hence DRAMA!

A man sure likes feminine emotions and drama when sex is involved. All of this is a part of a woman! It all goes together…  a man can’t just have one part and not all…

A woman is emotions and that, perhaps, is why a man is drawn to her. She helps him to process his emotions and through this they can connect strongly. Then if he protects her and creates a safe place for her, they may be able to create a solid and unbreakable emotional strength in their connection.

Sometimes, someone who is upset reacts to little things because they are not being understood on larger issues. Men that deem women ‘crazy’ and ‘drama queens’, I have found just don’t want, or don’t know how to communicate with her… so they step out of it and distance themself and call her names.

So, I may seem ‘crazy’ at times, because I am full of passion and drama, and if you can’t handle it then you can’t enjoy the wholeness of me… if you know what I mean?!

Do you know what I mean?! Are you listening to me!?

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