When did you realize that the people you thought…

had the answers, don’t? And not only that, but very possibly, you know as many answers as they do.

When did you realize that the people ‘in charge’ are not all that ‘in charge’, or all that bright, or all that wise, or all that intelligent, or all that good? And that those that ‘act’ like they have all, or most the answers, just may know least of all…

What if you realize that those you thought knew some, or all of the answers, don’t know anymore than you do?

What does it feel like when you realize this…when you see behind the curtain…?

Is this just a part of growing up? Do you think that we all come to this awareness eventually?

Have you come to this realization and if so when?

Or are you still looking to others for the answers?… 

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