I don’t believe in New Year Resolutions…

by Ann
I just don’t! It’s probably due to the fact that I feel compelled to accomplish everything that I set in my mind. Over the years, I’ve learned the secret to achieving goalslower expectations and achieve more. Or really what I learned is to not set any… just live and set my goals everyday.. or almost everyday… One bite at a time is better, more manageable and it works!

BUT.. here are some ideas just in case that you do like to make resolutions… or want to make some definite changes in your life, or have some specific goals that you want to attain in the up and coming year.

Example, if you want to fit into your skinny jeans, you might come up with a new exercise and diet plan. Part of that plan might include a goal to exercise five times a week. But if you don’t achieve that ‘magic’ number, then you might feel that you have failed, regardless of how many times you did exercise. Instead, lower the goal from exercising five times a week to a more realistic goal, like say, twice a week. And expect to meet that simpler goal. Not only ‘expect’ to … DO IT! You’ll feel great when you do! If you exceed it, that’s great, too! If you don’t! So what! Try again the next day!

It feels wonderful to meet your goals, and that feeling of success will keep you motivated to continue to achieve your goals. So, set yourself up for success with some simple steps: Set a smaller goal. After you achieve that, set a more adventurous one.

What do you want?

Do you want to drop those pesky extra pounds? WHY? Is it to increase your self-confidence? Is it for health reasons? Identify the the positive gains of achieving your goal (i.e. increasing your chances of being noticed by some hot guy) Once that’s figured out, look at what you want  and need to do to achieve it. It might be a series of smaller goals to achieve the overarching goal. One bite at a time…

How will you achieve your goal?

Get specific, be realistic, and keep the plans simple.  Write the goals down and the steps to achieve them. This will help you to look at things logically. You can see where you’ve over-reached, or may be setting the bar too low.

Is your plan realistic?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you aren’t going to fit into those skinny jeans tomorrow, but then again you might. But, just in case you don’t, take some time, and look seriously at your plan. If it’s not realistic, adjust it. You have the right to be successful. So don’t create a goal where you’re setting yourself up to fail. Or just don’t write any resolutions and you won’t fail!

Define success

Many times we create a goal without defining what the outcome will look like. How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? What will you look like? How will you feel? What will you be able to do? Write it down, and revisit it often. Overtime, your definition of success might change. That’s OK! Give yourself permission to do what you need to do.

Be flexible

You will face challenges that might hinder or distract you from your goals. That’s life! Plan on it happening on a regular basis. Have ideas and plans about what to do when you have setbacks or don’t…

Get Guidance

Talk to someone about your plans, friends, family, or ‘experts’ or how about me? Whatever goals you set, make sure you’ll enjoy the work involved to achieve them and always keep your end goal in mind. If you enjoy what you’re doing, chances are you’ll continue doing it. Or don’t do it at all!

We all know New Year’s resolutions are usually doomed. Holiday enthusiasm dissipates. Changing our behavior is a big mountain to climb. You’ll feel more harmony in your life if you show yourself some gentle love and acceptance. On New Year’s Eve, take an inventory of everything valuable about you. Enhance and treasure those fine qualities in the new year. You’re doing just fine!

Again I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. I live like I want to, in order, to achieve what I desire almost each and everyday. But if you do believe in them, and set some…how about refer to these guidelines.
This New Year’s Eve how about count your blessings and all the wonderful things about you and your life then create the future that you desire day by day in the new year.
Most of all HAVE FUN!!! And love yourself!

Actually! The only ‘really important resolution’ to make is to follow this blog and read it everyday and tell all your friends about it! Really! Truly! It is!!!

Drink champagne! Eat some good food! Have some chocolate!

And workout tomorrow!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Have a great 2011!!!!!!

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