Are you a Man Eater?

Signs You’re a Man-Eater  

Spotting a player is one thing, but knowing that you’re a player is an entirely different thing altogether. There are several levels of players, with the man-eater being the upper echelon for women. If you’re curious as to whether you’re a mini-player or full blown man-eater, read the seven descriptors below. If you’re guilty of one or two of these actions, you’ve probably played the field, but haven’t rocked the love boat too bad. If you identify with five or more of these descriptions, there’s a good chance that you’re a mom’s worst nightmare, and probably also your own!

1. You Use Sex as a Weapon Against Guys

Man-eaters use whatever they have to gain leverage against guys, and one of their most valuable assets… is free sex. Whether it’s holding the possibility of sex over a guy to get your way, or using your three greatest sexual assets (legs, midriff, and cleavage) to get attention, the man-eater knows what she’s got, and isn’t afraid to use it. You aren’t necessarily looking for sex, but using it as bait to lure your next victim (or ex) into your clutches.

2. You Have a String of Exes You Still Sleep With

Since the majority of your relationships are most likely non-committed (whether he knows it or not), when a relationship ends, you will be neither too upset or poised to do what’s right by him. This is why you’ll usually find yourself stuck among a long string of exes that continue to call long after the break-up. Considering you like the attention and convenience of having a built-in booty-call roster, you’ll usually let them hang around awhile as long as they know their place, and allow you to stay in control.

3. Your Life is One Big Secret

Nobody wants to be labeled a player, so in order to stay in the game it’s essential to keep as low profile as possible. To accomplish this, you may find yourself lying on a regular basis to cover up the fact that you’re dating several guys at once. You may avoid hook-ups in the broad daylight or public places to minimize the possibility of your guys running into each other. Man-eaters tell guys what they want to hear, rather than dealing with the truth, which would only cramp their style.

4. It’s Difficult to Nail You Down to Plans

The man-eater is difficult to pin down because you live life waiting for the next best thing. You prefer to make last minute plans. You do not offer commitment to anything, even if it’s only for one date. This roller coaster ride often works to your advantage, as while he may be disappointed when you stand him up (roller coaster low), he will be all the more happy when you do actually come through (roller coaster high).

5. You Avoid All Major Events

Family reunions, birthdays, and weddings are difficult for the man-eater, as it means being cast under the watchful eyes of relatives. Whether it’s showing up to your own functions or being slipped under the microscope of his, you avoid these major events, preferring to keep distance from anything that might label you a “couple.” If he’s always reaching out to you and you never reciprocate, you’re probably not into him, but are enjoying the attention too much to let him go.

6. You Avoid All Talks About the Relationship

The man-eater knows the best way to string multiple guys along, is to keep the relationship a mystery. While deep conversations are pertinent to building a solid relationship foundation, you are not concerned about a good relationship, but just having fun. After all, it is these very conversations that promote deep feelings and understanding, which is something you’ll want to avoid. Guys that get too attached, become more trouble than their worth once cast into ex-status.

7. Can’t Remember the Last Time You Did Something Nice for a Guy

Man-eaters are selfish. You’ve become so accustomed to accepting gifts of kindness, you’ve forgot how to return them. If you do go out of your way to make a guy happy, there is most likely a motive. More times than not, he will fail to show his appreciation in the way you imagined, and he’ll be cast off the love boat. The guy who does reciprocate appropriately will grow boring, as it’s hard to respect a guy who’s a door mat. In other words, these guys will all fail no matter what they do.

If this sounds like you, stop, drop, and roll, as you are headed in the direction of a very burned and rocky life!

This must be a very empty existence.
And of course, all these behaviors can apply to Males and they might be called what?… Woman Haters?
by Ann

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