by Ann
Why is it that if a woman doesn’t like what a man says or does, and calls him out on it and holds him accountable, that some men will call her a MAN HATER?
Or he may say that she is like a man, or that she needs a weak man, that she can boss around, or that she is too strong-willed. 

Like these are considered some sort of insults that as soon as a woman is called MAN HATER or designated these things, that she should curl up in a ball and shrivel up. Like WHY?

As the person usually a man, stating that she is too strong-willed, is just upset that they can’t manipulate her, in the way and manner, that he wants to. So, I say that’s a good thing.

Some men like a malleable, subservient women that they can manipulate and control. And some women make it a game to play these type of men. There is never any real or honest communication in this type of interaction. It’s mostly all placating, control and manipulation.

Some men deserve to be stood up to and called out for their abusive, manipulative, controlling, hateful actions, words, deeds, and behaviors. And the woman doing this is not a MAN HATER, but a lover of herself and that is a healthy thing. And controlling, manipluating, predators don’t like healthy confident people…they much prefer weak, insecure PREY.

And if or when they can’t beat someone down, they resort to what they ‘think’ are insults or name calling.

The use of name calling to control behaviors and to try and shame others has reached an all time high these days. It is almost laughable, except that those weak in spirit and will, often succumb to this type of obvious behavior modification and allow their behavior to be controlled. It’s as if they are being manipulated and name-called right out of their own beliefs, will, confidence, instincts and even existance.

At times, it’s just fine to be a MAN HATER! Because some men deserve to be hated, at certain times, because of their words, actions and deeds.

I say call me what you want. I know who I am! And if you call me a MAN HATER,  how about look at yourself to see why you think that you are being hated.

That is, if you are a strong enough man to do so…

OR might it be that persons and men that shout MAN HATER are really projecting their hate onto women because, actually, the truth is that they are WOMAN HATERS?  UMMMMM… something to ponder….

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