Be happy!

by Ann

I just woke up happy! No reason in particular, I looked around and felt appreciation for everyone and everything in my life.  Simple things are what matter, a cool breeze on my face, or the sunshine. The taste of something refreshing, clean sheets, a hot shower, talking to a friend, lunch with a friend, or laughing in rememberance.

There have been countless quotes, studies, books and discussions on achieving personal happiness. Many refer to it either as something elusive which finds you when you’re not looking for it, or as something inside of you that you consciously decide to activate – an appreciation of your life that becomes part of your daily living. However, we should not discount our environment as an important component in our happiness levels. Dr. Nicholas Christakis, a medical sociologist and doctor at Harvard, and James Fowler, a political scientist and professor at UC San Diego, have attempted to prove this through a twenty-year longitudinal study of over 4,000 individuals. The results of the study demonstrated that happiness appears to be contagious. Dr. Christakis refers to the spread of happiness as a “ripple effect” that extends outward to as far as three degrees of separation.

Collective Network Phenomenon

Dr. Nicholas Christakis refers to happiness as a “collective network phenomenon,” asserting that being part of a social network gives you a greater chance of happiness. This collective network gives people a sense of connection and belonging and acts as a platform from which all emotions can be transferred to others within the network; and although this also includes the potential for spreading misery among others, studies have found that happiness seems to spread more consistently than unhappiness. The fact is, the more people in a network you have access to, the more potential for acquiring a positive “recharge” whenever you need it. In similar fashion, James Fowler states, “Every friend increases the probability that you’re at the center of a network, which means you are more eligible to get a wave of happiness.”

Dr. Christakis also states that the potential for other people in your social network to affect your mood in positive ways diminishes over time and geographic distance. The closer you are physically to your network, the better the signal, with phone and computer communication diluting the strength of the “energy wave” of emotion. Those who are closer to the center of their social network tend to be happier than those further outside the circle. This social network is diverse, made up of friends, family, spouses, roommates, and neighbors. Through up to three degrees of separation, Dr. Christakis found evidence of happiness spreading as far as to your friends’ friends’ friends, essentially passing happiness to strangers. That’s impressive!

In a separate study, researchers found that one person’s mood could have an immediate impact on another’s, especially through imitating the other person’s facial expressions and body mannerisms. In such circumstances, someone could catch a mood in as little as a few seconds.
In a world essentially made up of energy, it comes as no surprise that emotions can spread like a virus. There is supporting evidence that increased happiness has a positive impact on overall health – on a basic level, the happier the individual, the less stress hormones they will produce, which directly affects the immune system. The chemicals your body releases when you are happy aid you in living longer and offer you a better chance of fighting disease and other health problems. Being a part of a social network gives you access to emotional support and a reservoir of positive energy, and the more conscious you are of this process and its impact on you, the more control you can wield over your environment, your feelings and your health. There’s no time like the present to immerse yourself in your own “crowd” and inhale the HAPPINESS!!

Along with happiness comes appreciation. Appreciation for all the good, interesting, comforting people and things in your life. And in this time of thanksgiving give thanks for them. Giving thanks promotes happiness. I am happy! And I share this energy with you all…
What makes you happy? Share your happy energy….Let’s spread the happiness!

A public service message for women…

Because I’m a man, when I lock my keys in the car, I will fiddle with a coat hanger long after hypothermia has set in. Calling my roadside service provider is not an option…  I WILL win!

Stock photos: Two men looking under car hood Royalty FreeBecause I’m a man, when the car isn’t running very well,I will pop the hood and stare at the engine as if I know what I’m looking at.  If another man shows up, one of us will say to the other, ‘I used to be able to fix these things, but now with all these computers and everything, I wouldn’t know where to start.’  We will then drink a couple of beers and break wind, as a form of holy communion.

Because I’m a man, when I catch a cold, I need someone
to bring me soup and take care of me tenderly while I lie in bed 
and moan.  You’re a woman.  You never get as sick as I do.
So, for you, this is no problem. 

Grocery_store : shopping in grocery store Stock PhotoBecause I’m a man, I can be relied upon to purchase basic
groceries at the store, like beer, milk or bread.  I cannot be 
expected to find things like exotic cheeses or tofu.  For all
I know, they are the same thing.

 Because I’m a man, when one of our appliances stops working, I will insist on taking it apart, despite evidence that this will just cost me twice as much once the repair person gets here and has to put it back together.

Because I’m a man, I must hold the television remote control in my hand while I watch TV.  If the thing has been  misplaced, I may miss a whole show looking for it…. Though
one time, I was able to survive by holding a calculator…..

Because I’m a man, there is no need to ask me what I’m  thinking about.  The true answer is always either sex, cars,  sex, sports, or sex. I have to make up something else when you ask, so don’t ask.

Because Im a man, I do not want to visit your mother, or have your mother come visit us, or talk to her when she calls, or think about her any more than I have to.  Whatever  you got her for Mother’s Day is okay; I don’t need to see it. And don’t forget to pick up something for my mother, too.

Because  I’m a man, you don’t have to ask me if I liked the movie.  Chances are, if you’re crying at the end of it, I didn’t. And, if you’re feeling amorous afterwards, then I will certainly remember the name and recommend it to others.  

Because  I’m a man, I think what you’re wearing is fine.
I thought what you were wearing five minutes ago was fine,
too… either pair of shoes is fine.  With the belt or without it.  Everything looks fine. Your hair is fine.  You look fine.  Can we just go now?


Because I’m a man, and this is, after all, the year 2010, I will share equally in the housework.  You just do the laundry,  the cooking, the cleaning, the vacuuming, and the dishes,  and I’ll do the rest…. like wandering around in the garden  with a beer in my hand, wondering what to do…or sit in front of the TV with my remote and a beer.  


Grow the Government?!

Grow the Government!
So, that the people are working to support the government more than themselves! Is this what you want?

Do you want the government telling you what to do? Do you want to send your money to the government first, then whatever is left over, if anything, is yours? Then the government tells you how to live your life while they spend your money on what they want to and give it to whom that want, regardless of what you want. All your rights are gone. Your choices are not your own. You and what you have are owned by the government.


Pelosi flies around in an expensive jet, stimulus money went to her family’s business, and now, she is throwing a party for herself. Well, why wouldn’t she? She has accomplished what she wants. Bigger government and to take all she can from the people and Pelosi lives the life of Queen.


Obama is taking a trip on our dime. Just after the American people strongly told him that we don’t like what he is doing to our country. He leaves the country. Obama is not about America. He is about the world. From everything,t he and Pelosi have done, they are out to destroy America and indebt her people to a bloated inefficient government while giving themselves power and wealth. Then they want to share the American people’s abundance with the world, in order, to lower the standard of living for our country. I don’t know who these Obama people are, but they are not Americans. Obamas in Indonesia

George SorosGeorge Soro’s backs all this. He pulls the strings to try and take America down. He is an atheist who thinks that he is god. It’s as if he is playing monopoly. He is having fun! He brings down currencies and now he has set his sights on America. He brought the bank of England down and three other currencies. And doing this makes him weathier and wealthier. The Clintons stayed with Soro’s daughter during the wedding of their daughter. They are all in it together. They are trying to destroy our Consitution and take away American rights to mesh us into their New World Order. And they twist and turn their words, ‘Leviathan-like’ to try and ‘appear’ that they are good.  Leviathan

But it is of pure evil. It is to rule, dominate and control the people for their purposes. And it is done under the guise of ‘good’ behind which is the evil of their control, in, and of, everything that they touch. And they are fooling the blind, deaf and ignorant into doing the dirty ground work for them. These people think, hav been brain-washed to think that they will be rewarded. When evil has no allegiance to anyone. It loves to destroy its own, evil falling in on evil is the height of their goal.

They control the media. Just look at the main stream media, they have become propaganda machines. There is no real reporting, or journalism. It’s all propaganda.

Look at Oprah. Oprah Winfrey Admits to Tipping the Scales at 200 Lbs.She tries to get every new story to claim the audience for ratings and to widen her sphere of influence. Oprah is Obama’s backer. Obama is Oprah’s pet. They both attended the America hating church of Rev. Wright. She started out a fat black woman and after all her diets and diet promotion and money gleaned off the masses, she is still a fat black woman.
 Her wisdom and choice of diets are as bad as her choice for president. Is this a woman to listen to or follow? NO!  She is an opportunist. A narcissist that wants to influence and to glean a following to satisfy her power and her greed.

These are not good people. Even though, at times, they appear to do good things. Some good must be done, in order for the facade to take hold.
Then we have The View, one of the most pathetic shows on the air, besides the ‘housewives of whatever town’. These women push their agenda and try to shut up and villify anyone that disagrees with them. Now, if everyone is due their view, why is that? Might these greedy, loud and obnoxious women be catering to the backers of their station? It’s all about agenda…theirs not yours. Barbara Walter’s father had mafia connections and she is tight with Kissinger and those out to take over our world.. listen through their agenda…  these people are out for themselves not their viewers. They only want you for ratings and to further their agenda and that of their backers.

My suggestion is to stop watching these vile, predator-like, pandering shows.

Talk shows need to stick to Hollywood stupidity, or whatever the dumbed-down enjoy and stop trying to pretend that they are anything more…

The government needs to be shrink, starting with Pelosi and her wild congressional spending spree. Those in the government need to earn less than the people in the private sector and not reap large rewards from working in the government. Working for the people is reward enough. They need to limit their time of service. No one should be a ‘career’ goverment lifer.

The people in the private sector need to keep more of their money and be in charge of how it is spent and to whom it is given and who they leave it to when they die. The Government needs to BUTT out of our lives!

Obama needs to be thoroughly investigated. Pelosi needs to be removed from government. Obama needs to be impeached for treason to America. Soros needs to be shut up and kept away from and out of America! And tried for crimes against humanity.


Boehner has already stated that he will take commercial jets to get back and forth. A responsible government CUTS spending and SERVES the people, instead of spending wildly and living like dictators or kings.

The Obama’s remind me of the Dictatorship of Peron! Under the guise of ‘doing good’, they  stole, robbed and raped  the Argentine people while living high on the hog.

If our government doesn’t stop spending, the American people will be subservent to the government and  will be living  and serving the benefit of the bloated, wasteful government  and that is what those like Soros want. These people see the masses as commodity just like the talk shows do. They have power to influence and the people have none.

Take back your power!

Obama states repeatedly from his agenda-filled lying mouth that he only needs to convince the people that he is right. Yeah right! We tell him we don’t want something and he just thinks that he needs to state is differently. Brainwash us!  

Don’t listen to the liberal, greedy lying, talk shows that are getting rich off of your viewing them. Oprah is getting her own network to further influence her ‘followers’. What fools need to follow this woman and her hidden agenda.

Think for yourself… listen then discern… Look at motives.. see beyond the hype.. see behind the curtain..



by Ann
Make peace by confronting your anger…
Anger is a strong emotion; created by feelings that are oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. Expressing anger as it occurs, by confronting it, helps to release the feelings that create the emotion of anger.

 A disconnect to your feelings and, therefore from yourself can occur when there is an inability to express any of our natural emotions. If suppressed, feelings that create the emotion of anger can turn inward to create addictions of all kinds and, or passive aggressive behaviors.  

Addictions are obvious; over-eating, anorexia, drinking, drugs, smoking, and sex, etc.

Passive, Aggressive behaviors are not as obvious. And these behaviors can be to self, to others, or to both. Passive, aggressive behaviors may include; not speaking out about what is really bothering you, sabatoging life experiences, placating, and being overly-polite, or sarcastic communication, approach, avoidance, among others.

Examples: not returning phone calls in a timely manner, being cronically late to meetings and appointments, failing to complete tasks, not being responsible and doing what you know should be done.
Passive, aggressive behaviors may also be; being overly responsible and weighing yourself down with tasks and busyness, so you won’t have to stop to think, much less feel what is really bothering you. And some do all this while scurring about with a smile, underwhich lies seething anger that is being turned inward onto self.

This clearly can be destructive to your health. Suppression of angry feelings can literally eat you up inside. A disconnect from emotions creates a restless, internal zombie, that is  a person ‘trying’ desperately to feel, or desperately to escape, in order, to not feel, or to create distraction and excitement; as in excessive gaity and seeking exciting events or anything that will capture attention away from what is really bothering them.

conflict confrontation pictures - Conflict pictureConfrontation is defined as a bold challenge deriving from discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions. Confrontation is conflict and out of it can come understanding. It may create cooperation and it can clear the air.

Running, avoiding, being pleasing and sweet, no matter what comes at you, can create a bubbling resentment that leads to passive, aggressive behavior to yourself and to others and, or  result in explosive anger at inappropriate times.

Some people are afraid of, or avoid confrontation at all costs. They pull their head in like a turtle and smile sweetly, say only pleasantries, talk in sweet tones and avoid. Or they may project their feelings onto others. Since, they can’t see or recognise feelings in their self.

Some think that confrontation is scary or not a good thing. And some that avoid confrontation may also be avoiding self-accountability. To state, I just don’t want to talk about that, or I don’t like confrontations, may be a person that doesn’t want accountability for their own words, actions, or behaviors. If you don’t confront others, then does it let you you off the hook, too? Thus, you avoid the need to confront yourself on your behaviors.

can be, not only a good thing, but a brave challenge to undertake. If it clears the air, it can lead to cooperation and a release to healing that promotes a real internal peace.

Everyone has their own style, but at times, confrontation can change the outcome, even the world, while running away and avoidance…??? Well,it might keep the peace for the moment, but can wreck havoc on the body, mind and spirit.

People who can get things off their chests in an honest manner, most of the time, don’t take stress into their bodies. Therefore, they live a healthier psycological and physical existence.

On the flip side, too much confrontation can cause stress in yourself and others. There is a balance to everything. There’s a time to confront and a time to walk away. True wisdom is knowing the difference.

The key is to know when to do what, and to not be afraid to confront something, that may, if not addressed, you might carry unknowingly inside yourself that might be doing harm to your body, mind and spirit.

All emotions derive from feelings and are worthwhile. The ability to feel is a wonderful thing!  We are sentient beings whose purpose is to feel. All of our emotions have a reason for being. Emotions are just your heart and mind reflecting to you what is going on inside yourself.

To disconnect from one emotion, such as anger, and you will disconnect from the other emotions, too. The natural flow of all feelings and emotions is what is healthy, but being stuck in one too long and it becomes a distortion.

Separate yourself from your anger and you separate from yourself. It’s okay to be and to feel angry at times, and it is okay to have confrontation. It is apart of processing life and experinces.

What is your predominate anger style? Do you acknowledge anger? Do you confront it? Do you run away from it?  How do you handle your anger?

About love, sex, dating and marriage…

by Ann

More Things Men Might Want To Be Aware of…

1. Persistence is Flattering… Then it becomes annoying, and finally, downright creepy. Men don’t like to be considered quitters, but sometimes there’s no other option.

2. Women’s Lib Does Not Include Going Dutch. Most women still appreciate a guy to pick up the check. If she insists on paying half, let her, otherwise you’ll risk appearing inflexible, chauvinistic, and disagreeable.

3. Women Love a Man Who Talks About His Family. It means he is close to them and cares about them, and even more importantly, it means he might one day be into having one of his own. But don’t take this as an invitation to be a mama’s boy! ( too much talk about children or family or some weird connection to a child or mother is not a good thing)

4. Women Love a Man With a Plan… One who is not afraid to hold a baby, and one who can pull off wearing a clean white t-shirt.

5. Don’t Push Her Off of the Porn Train. Some women don’t like pornography, some do, and some feel left out (cheated on) because he hides it from her like some sort of dirty secret. Sometimes sharing is the best policy.

6. If She Cuts the Night Short… She might really need to cut something else. Men and women are both human after all, so if she calls the night short, don’t just assume she doesn’t want you to call again. Sometimes emergencies do come up.

7. Women Don’t Want Us to Solve All Their Problems… Sometimes they just want us to listen, repeat and understand!

8. If She Cheats, You Deserved It (In Her Mind). Cheating is shaky ground for any relationship, but research shows that women who cheat do so as a direct result of feeling unloved, unappreciated and entitled to happiness. Now, you know, and now you know how to do something about it.

9. Squeezing Her Breasts is Not Foreplay. Most women prefer a touch and gentle caress.

10. Women Have Hair in Strange Places. If your girl doesn’t have any of the signs of being a disciple of Bigfoot, appreciate the time she has spent to get rid of it.

11. She Knows You’re Lying. Women have the uncanny ability to read people, according to some research, which comes from the motherly necessity to read her baby’s needs by looking at facial expressions and vocal patterns. Women know when men lie, so why bother?

12. When She is Feeling Down and Irritable… Give her a big hug, rather than busting her hump for being grumpy. This is an instant invitation to her good side (assuming you didn’t cause the bad feelings in the first place).

13. Thank You Goes a Long Way. Studies suggest that in lopsided relationships, the overworked partner will remain satisfied as long as the other partner remembers to say “Thank you.” This isn’t about telling you how to take advantage of her, but rather about appreciating her for everything she does.

14. Women Still Like… Being asked on a proper date. Don’t get lazy in today’s age of information technology. Sometimes the best way to do things is the old fashioned way! (Pick up the phone! Texting and emailing are only to be used as additional ways to connect.)

15. A Woman’s Breasts Swell Up to 25% During Good Sex. This is her body’s way of seducing/attracting/urging the man to finish with a finale… so don’t disappoint her. Interestingly, some research also suggests the smaller the breasts, the more dramatic the size increase will be.

16. Don’t Mention PMS… Unless asking to buy her pads at the store. Don’t use her biology to explain her bad mood. This is just simple common courtesy. (men that refer to PMS, hot flashes or hormones need to go away)

17. Women Prefer Macho to Date and Sensitive to Marry. Men can actually dictate the types of women they attract by how much they express their masculine side vs. their sensitive. Who knew that dodging commitment could be so easy! ( women like a mix of macho and sensitive, too much of either one is a bore)

18. Women Like Spontaneity. Whisking her away on a weekend trip on short notice is spontaneous. Showing up fifteen minutes late and asking “So, what do you want to do now?” is not! (being late is a total turn off)

19. She is Less Excited About Receiving Lingerie Than You Are About Giving It. They say that women love shiny things, but when it comes to glimmering showgirl costumes, not all are as excited to climb aboard your fantasy train. ( women like to select their own lingerie, but the man can come along and pay for it0

20. Cleaning and Doing the Dishes… Is sexy. (helping with chores and being helpful is caring and leads to good, warm feelings.)

Agree? Disagree? Or anyone have anything to add?

Junk Food Attack!

by Ann
What do you crave, want, eat and in what combination, when you get a junk food attack???

And I don’t mean pomegranates covered with dark chocolate because we all know that ‘s actually a health food with their natural antioxidants and all.

I am talking down and dirty JUNK FOOD!   So, what’s your poison of choice?

Recently, and it’s been years, as I passed Pringles on the chip aisle in the grocery store, I was a gonner. Oh, I did keep on going, but then circled back to nab a cylinder of those artifical-like, salty, thin stackable potato chip-like treats. 

Like who cares if potato chips have the ability to stack? But I do recall when they first came out..the red cannister was unusual and made ya want to try them.

That evening, I had about a half a can of Pringles with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Wine_glass : Glass of White WineWhy the wine?  I don’t know?! It was one of those, I don’t know what I want to eat moods, or in what combination. After that, I was craving something sweet. So, I did have some dark chocolate-covered pomegrantes and felt satiated.  My junk food attack fulfillled with the mix of the salty and the sweet along with the wine buzz.. Now, a chocolate-covered potato chip might’ve been the perfect choice. Umm…would they go better with a red or bordeaux?

Lately, I also, got a craving for Cheetos… not having had them in decades. So, I bought an individual package and chomped them down licking my orange finger tips as I munched and crunched. I felt like a school-child eating these crunchy orange treats. Yum!
Smack! Smack! Crunch! Crunch!

So, what’s your junk food attack consist of, and in what combination? Do you indulge and give in to it often, or do so only on occasion?

Okay, be truthful and forthcoming. I was! And I was both pleased and grossed out by my crazy combination mix! But sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


 by Ann

So, what if you are bullied! Get over it! Ignore it! Let it slide off your back! Walk away from it!

Stand up to it! Call it out! Address it! But don’t let these energy suckers define, control or harm who you are, or harm us as a society!

Have we become so thin-skinned and weak as a people that we can’t handle those that don’t think like us, like us, or are actually mean and cruel to us?!

When I was growing up, if I was being bullied. I was taught to turn away, and to not look back, or to stand up to it. My parents used this as an opportunity to guide me in how to build my self-esteem and to strengthen my character and resolve. 
If I complained to my parents that someone called me a name or was cruel to me. My parents would listen, then say something like. “What someone says about you doesn’t matter. It is who and what you are that matters and what you think of yourself.” Or “Who cares what someone says. Let it roll of your back!”

Learning this made me strong and able to stand up to those that tried to bully me. Because when a bully bullies, it’s about them and their trying to take my power, suck my energy… it is not about me!

I learned the bullying lesson before I was ten years old. That bullies can’t hurt me, unless I allow them to. Sure, I have been ‘temporarily’ hurt by bullies, but I look at them and the situation, examine the dynamics, then let it go and become the wiser and stronger for it.

Now, it appears that we are turning into a bully-controlled people…weak, whiny, thin-skinned and easily offended. It’s the weak of spirit that are easily offended. 

Instead of running home to Mommy and Daddy, many now, are running to the government… are we becoming a freaking NANNY STATE!?!

Are we becoming a nation of people of weak spirit? So easily controlled and whiny that anyone including this current administration can bully us into ‘their agenda-filled political correctness’ stating that it is for our own good, when it is actually bullying us into submission and weakness.

I am not advocating bullying, but a bit of it and how it is delt with can build character. And it’s a parent’s job to be aware and to talk to their children about what is real and what isn’t, and to guide children towards a healthy self-esteem. So, that bullies can’t harm them. So, that they won’t be and can’t be controlled by bullying tactics and so they can see through the bully’s agenda.

There have always been bullies and there will always be bullies… so learn to deal with it, because they are in all areas of life and will be in your life for all your life in some form. Bullies can’t be legislated away by government bullies.

Our government has become the biggest bully of all. Office worker being bushed by large thumb Photo (12200033)

Emotional energy manipulators know that the egotist is their bestfriend. They love people who are willing to sell their soul for the price of an ego-stroking. There are few rules and laws that govern emotional energy control and there shouldn’t be. It is up to the individual to learn to set their individual boundaries. It is apart of growing up and becoming self-actualized.Those without ethics or a moral compass can have their way often by bullying. There are physical bullies, economic bullies, social and emotional bullies. Some bullying is clear in intention (like our current government administration) others more underhanded.

So, when you or your children are bullied, it is an opportunity to teach and to build character. Steel yourself against the affects of bullying as it will serve you well your whole life. Learn and know when to turn away, when, and how to stand up to it, and how to recognize what is ‘trying’ to be accomplished or done to you by the bullies. Confrontation between two basketball players Photo (a01245)

Years ago, I was in a workout facility. I got off the equipment I was using to get some water. When I returned there was a large, black woman where I had been, She was in the middle of my things and using the equipment I was using just a moment earlier. I said, “Excuse me, I was working out here and these are my things.” To which she replied. “Well, I am here now, you skinny white bitch!” I immediately gathered my belongings and walked out.
When the health club called me to ask why I wasn’t working out there any longer. I told them. And they informed me that they had incidents of what occurred to me and that these people had taken thiings from the locker room. Clearly, this woman was trying to provoke and upset me… Why? In order to cause a disturbance to steal or just for her pleasure of doing so? I don’t know why and it didn’t matter. It was not worth my response.

Bullies many times are looking for your response. I exited and never returned. Had I responded to this woman, I would’ve been under the spell of the bully. And nothing ‘good’ would’ve have come of it..

Bullies try to suck energy, to control others in order to make themselves feel better, or to gain money, and, or power. There are all kinds and levels of bullying and all kinds and levels of bullies… the obvious and the not so obvious. Of course, the obvious is the easiest to recognize, react to, or to turn from. The not so obvious, the sneaky, manipulating bullies, are the real dangerous ones… those that can bully your spirit into a place of weakness and submission before you realize what is being done.

Bullies give us the opportunity to define who we are and to create a strong-will and to refine our character. And once again, it can’t be legislated to stop bullying. To do so, is bullying from the government in itself and is detrimental to human interaction and growth.

Thankfully, I was taught early to see clearly what a bully is and how to handle it and the situations occurring from it. I can see through bullies, maybe, not always at first glance, but soon, and always eventually.

And what I see and recognize that is going on in our country is a government bullying its people while ‘trying’ to legislate against bullying… all this ‘political correctness’ is, actually, the government bullying us into submission to be like they want us to be, think like they want us to think, do what they want us to do. So, that they can better control and further bully us in to submission and be more and more under their control.
These government bullies want power over the people!

As we all know, once a bully sees that their tactics are working, they escalate them until they suck all the energy out of their victim rendering them weak, useless and controllable. Or if their bullying tactics aren’t working, they change their tactics. This is something that Obama and the current administration are ‘good’ at.

Some victims of bullying even commit suicide. If thisoccurs, that victim wasn’t taught how to set boundaries. And that is a parental, educational and societial issue.

And bullying can even lead to death of the victims by the bully’s hand, and, or their directives.

Learn to recognize bullying, teach children how to handle it, and don’t allow bullying to weaken you.  Bullying is an opportunity to build internal strength. We need to build character back into the world… not legislate politically correct BS, to get us so overly thin-skinned that no one has, or can have an opinion, making us more 

susceptible to bullying.

It’s my opinion, Obama and this administration lead by bullying. They use it on all its levels, emotional,societal, physical, financial, using threats, remove, discharge, and malign people. They use the main stream media as their bullying ally. You name it they do it. It was clear as day right off the bat to me. Office worker being bushed by large thumb Photo (12200033)Obama, the head bully of bullies, wants ‘we’ the people under the government’s thumb. 

A bullying government is detrimental to society and its people. I can tell what it looks like, and feels like and I both stand up to it and turn from it!

Separate Beds…save your marriage?

by Ann

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Can sleeping in separate beds actually do good for your marriage, instead of harm? A group of British researchers has questioned the traditional view that married partners should sleep in the same bed, stating that there is no reason that a couple can’t cuddle and talk in one bed, and then move over into a separate bed or room to go to sleep. If they feel rambunctious during the night or morning, there’s also no reason why they can’t just hop over into their spouse’s bed for a little playtime.

Counselors say that it is good to fall asleep after making some kind of physical contact. This helps express mutual attraction and reduce feelings of abandonment or rejection, and in some cases can be a form of sexual release for a couple who’s too tired to actually do the deed. They also say that it promotes mutual feelings of closeness, which will allow a couple the chance to initiate deeper talks and have more opportunity to share intimate and personal thoughts before sleep, or immediately upon waking.

Marriage counselors say that sleeping apart pushes relationships towards the “roommate zone,” while researchers bring up the fact that it was the pre-industrial revolution that required couples to sleep together in the first place in order to save space. Today, with family homes stretching beyond 3,000 square feet, there is no reason that we can’t retire to our own sleeping quarters. Here are a few statistics showing the prevalence of couples sleeping in separate rooms.

• 1 in 4 couples will sleep in separate rooms (sofa, dog house, etc.) on occasion, due to an argument or disturbance of sleep in one form or another.

• 3 in 10 couples, according to a National Sleep Foundation poll, sleep in separate rooms the majority of the time.

• 40 percent of couples age 70 and older sleep in separate rooms in order to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. Researchers suggest that the security of these long-time relationships resists any feelings of rejection or loneliness.

• 60 percent of all new homes built in 2015 will feature accommodations for two master bedrooms, so that each individual in the relationship can retire to their own sleeping quarters at the end of the day. This statistic comes from the National Home Builders Association.

The final message here is that if your relationship is suffering from sleep disturbances, then sleeping in separate rooms may just save your marriage… or even your life! In extreme cases, where one individual is disturbing as much as an hour of sleep per night of their partner, their risk of stroke, heart disease, depression and even divorce can practically double.

However, with that said, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can solve other relationship difficulties by separating your beds. These might include loss of attraction, disinterest in sex or gradual feelings of falling out of love. These are quite separate problems in a relationship, which will only get worse if you turn away from your spouse. Separate beds are a last resort for couples having troubles getting a good night’s rest, but should never be a crutch for an already crumbling marriage.


We must all think alike, be alike and like the same things!

by Ann

Political correctness, propaganda, mind control, actual brainwashing is taking over our country led by the media and the government’s self-serving agenda.

It’s their goal to tell the sheeple what to think, what to say, what to eat, how to vote, what to like, how to live. Instead of being educated to think for themselves or to inform them, ‘they’ are trying to ‘train’ people to do what ‘they’ want. And the ‘they’ is the government backed and funded by ‘certain’ industries and people. And it’s to secure their positions, and gain control, in order, to have power over the masses. And to get power and control over the masses, ‘they’ must brainwash them into submission.
People are getting dumber and dumber making them easier to be led. They don’t want to think for themselves. The sheeple sit in front of the TV, computers, pay attention to hand held gadgets, and follow most anything that they are fed, apparently without the ability to discern the truth. Or they keep so busy running around that they aren’t really hearing what is being said and are not recognizing what is being done.

If they hear it on Oprah, or some other talk show or some reality show or some agenda-filled news program, they take it as truth, and incorporate it into what and who they are – instead, of researching, thinking about it and coming to their own conclusions.

This is how a totally unqualified man became President of the United States. He became a media creation started by Oprah and here we are with our rights, liberties and lifestyle on the brink of destruction. He is a community organizer and this meanst that he convinces people to do as he leads them. He states that if it’s repeated over and over that the ‘sheeple’ will believe it. And when they don’t, he splashes his face in the media and repeats it again and again, then one more time, and even in a different way, and even contradicting himself. He will say ‘whatever’ he ‘thinks’ is needed to be heard to ‘convince’. He talks down to people and it’s insulting to us all. His statements and what he does and is doing shows no respect for the rights and will of the people. It only shows allegiance and concern for his agenda and that of those that back him.

Much is being covered up about Obama, who he is, where he came from and who backed him and it is being done by those that wish to control and become powerful and wealthy off the ignorance of the sheeple, along with him. He is their puppet , their front man, their snake oil salesman, and he loves the attention and power over others. He never realized that he SERVES the people!

Individual freedoms are being taken away daily as the rights of the people are taken away under the propaganda of ‘equality’.

We are not all the same! We all have different lineage, talents, genetics and circumstances. We all have rights, but we are not all the same and no one can make us the same. Unless, they supress us, control us into submission by rules, laws, fines, penalities and more control. In other words, take away our freedoms in the name of ‘equality’ and we all become alike and more easily controlled. Then we are a weakened people, able to be herded,  more numbed out, then led to slaughter. We are being treated like animals,  specimens, or chattel, even product, instead of human beings.
Take away a human being’s individuality and you have a zombie that is ready to be told what to do. Because the ability to discern and to think for self is diminished if not destroyed.

We all have different likes, dislikes, morals, talents, intelligence levels, aptitudes, body types, families and lifestyles. And this is our individuality and our choice.

Take indvidual choice away and give it to the government and what will be created is the evil of control of everything that we do. All choice and individuality will be taken away, mushing us all into one gray mess. Choice is what makes America what it is and is why those who came here wanted to be here.

CHOICE! The freedom to be an individual without the government, ‘ruling class’, or rulers stifling who that you are.

Think about this hard and long.

If they take one freedom away after another, another, then another, pretty soon you might not realize how totally your life and choices are being taken away, even GONE and that you are being controlled by ‘others’ led by the government and under their control.

Then when ‘they’ swoop in and take all of your rights. Will you be ‘surprised’?! When  they turn on you, the ‘you’ that ‘thought’, ‘actually brainwashed’ to think that ‘they’ were doing such good, nice things for you. When they take your property, your children, your car, your, gun, your choice of education, your choice of where to work, your choice of what to eat, your money; etc. They take all of your resources until you are totally dependent on them andTHEY TOTALLY CONTROL YOU! Will you like it then?

AND…If you don’t like or disagree with someone, it doesn’t make you a racist or a hater. It only means that you disagree and would rather be with ‘like kind’ and that you have an opinion… an individual opinion. It makes you who you are,  unique, an individual with rights and freedoms.

We were made individuals by our creator and placed in individual circumstances and are different for reasons. It gives interest, life, creativity, challenges, growth, and we are different colors for reasons. There are different races for reasons. Do you think that the different races and nationalities are an accident? It was done on purpose. And the races and nationalities have different strengths, weaknesses, and traits and they were created this way for a reason. We were not created alike. We were created different. We are all different. We are each unique! There is a reason for those differences. It’s called individuality. And it is GOOD!

Not to harm anyone, but if you don’t like or want to be around certain people that is your right and privilege.

Some people love the color purple. I don’t. Does that make me a purple ‘hater’ or a bad person? No! It just means that I have an individual opinion. What if the government decided that we should all wear purple because it was a more ‘environmentally’ friendly color (don’t even get me started on envirionmental BS) Think of a world where purple is the only color that we can wear. How mundane, gross and disgusting would that become? Even if you loved the color purple, you would end up tiring of it.

We lose our individuality and we will lose what we are about and that will ultimately destroy us all. It will make the world into nothing.

Take away individual likes, dislikes, opinions, rights, freedoms, and try to make everyone the same and equal and you lose freedoms, rights, energy and life!

We must strive and fight to maintain our individuality! We must shrink the government and grow the private sector! It’s the power, ingenuity and desire of the individual that makes America great and we need to expound on that, rediscover it, and all its facets and instill it in us renewed, and make it stronger!

The freedom to live, think, have opinions, like or dislike, talk, express, choose for ourselves!

Feel free to share your individual and unique thoughts on what I have written…

The Gift of Friendship…

Friendship is the gift of  time, respect, caring, honesty, truthfulness, and being genuine among other attributes. And the only time a true friend will block you is when you are on the way down.

There are all kinds of friends. There are long time friends that you see every so often, but the moment you see them, it’s like you catch  up right away and it feels as if no time as passed at all. 

There are old friends from high school or college that you don’t see much, but with whom you have lasting and bonding memories and a sweet familiarity that comforts.

There are friends that enter your life for awhile while then go on their way.

Some people have many ‘friends’ around them. They surround themselves with people. Some, they know well, some, they don’t really know at all, but it doesn’t matter, they have the need to surround themselves with activity and people. It’s as if talking about how many friends they have makes them feel some how important and better about themselves  They are people collectors. They have a need to be attached to groups. They may use people and be ‘social climbers’ as they are not really close to anyone and will turn on them and turn them in for a new friend at their whim. Then will re-establish the ‘friendship’ with the person that they were backstabbing, if and when the mood suits them.  They are all about themselves and are not a true friend to anyone and that includes to their self. I am sure that you have experienced them. They smooch up to everyone and care about no one. They suck energy, chew people up, then spit them out.

Those who gossip with you, gossip about you.
Some people have a close knit group that travels with them throughout life, as if the bond and memories from childhood, high school or college holds them together for a lifetime. 

A habit, sport, interest, or lifestyle can bond people, ie, overweight people may bond together – those that workout may group  together – art lovers or bird watchers usually enjoy being around like-minded people.

Addictions sustain some friendships…drinking buddies… those that do drugs. Stock Photo - women drinking martinis. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo clipart
But when the addiction is confronted and let go of, the ‘friendship’ usually ceases. There are positive friend influences then there are negative…the uplifting and the degrading.

Some people have a variety of friends with many interests and in varying groups.

Others continue to grow past friendships, as their life changes, their circle of friends change, also. They continue learning, growing, so friends from their past, while still there, are not as revelent as before. Some are fearful of new friends. They may venture out, but then pull back as the demand for growth overwhelms them and they long for the comfort of familiarity.

Some are stuck in a time frame, where they felt the happiest, and most accepted or they are stunted and don’t want, or have a fear of growing and changing past old comfort zones. Like holding onto an article of clothing or sticking with the same hairstyle when you
‘thought’ that you were the most attractive,  Some may stick with old groups, afraid ‘to’ change… afraid ‘of’ change. Stuck in a rut … all the friends stay stuck together.

Some stick in a group that they ‘think’ keeps them young. Others desire friends of an intellectual challenge. 

The tension to grow and rise up can also be the catalyst for friendship. Being around stimulating friends that test your mettle and challenge your thoughts and lifestyle can be both exhilarating and fun.

There is nothing like the comfort of a true friend. Someone that really knows and accepts you, flaws and all.

But a true friend is difficult to find and to develop, as it takes both people to have integrity in the friendship, and the resilience and self-awareness to grow, change, forgive, and heal together. If you have one or two really good and true friends in your lifetime, you are blessed.

You are free to let your guard down among true friends. All tests will bring the same result that you remain together. A true friend helps hide your vulnerability while allowing for confrontation.  A true friend helps you to recognize and fill up your holes.  A true friend will look at themselves and their behavior and ‘own it’ when they have wronged you.  A true friend rebounds time and time again. An enemy exploits or runs away from the truth of friendship thus avoiding the truth of whom, and, of what they are.

A true friend is quick to apologize when they are wrong. A true friend releases wrongs and doesn’t hold grudges. While disagreeing and arguing, a true friend listens, forgives and looks for ways to resolve.

Sometimes, you can misjudge a friendship and think someone is true then you discover that they are using you, talking behind your back, or trying to make themselves feel important by putting you down, or are after you for what you have, or whom you know. They may appear sweet and sincere, but you soon realize that they are false and phony. Our friend-enemies are destroyed, the moment we make our stand and witness against them.

Friends can define you and you can know someone by the company that they keep.

And different friends bring out different attributes in yourself to either recognize and to grow from, or into, as friendship is a mirror and reflection. Friendships are community and communication and is, perhaps, why we are here on earth. 

I would rather have one true friend than a boat load of superficial or false ones. 

Most of us have a mix of friendships, long time ones, business friends, social friends, acquaintance friends, party friends, activity friends, confide in friends, mentor friends, internet friends, etc.,

What kind of friendships do you have? Are you a true friend to others?
What constitutes a true friend to you?

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