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What are the ways that a man woos a woman…

how does he court her, romance her, connect to her heartand win her love and affection?

A woman and a man need intimacy to connect.. that means looking into each others eyes, talking from and through the heart, not ‘preaching’ about ‘plans’ and all that you ‘think’ that you know. It’s not boasting, showing off. It’s not a car, or things.
Sure, we, women, all know that a man likes to strut his stuff, or whatever he has, or it may be. But if he is too into strutting and not into her, she will look at him as a kind of buffoon. And she will never really care about him. Oh, she might care about his car, or his bank account, but if he doesn’t win her heart… it’s all for naught. 

It’s in the heart where we truly connect.. it’s kindness, thoughtfulness, caring, empathy, and sincerity.

It’s taking the time to learn what she likes and cares about.

It’s caring and a sincere interest…and if you don’t look her into her eyes, she feels unseen and it all falls apart…  Playboy types know how to seduce and to woo… the regular fellow looking for a real love connection might want to be aware and learn the art of courtship.
It’s putting another first… it’s not what he can get, as in sex (as an immature, emotionally stunted playboy or con uses it for)… It’s what he can give…it’s not rushing her to his goal, plan, and agenda. It’s getting to know her and showing her that she is genuinely liked for her positive attributes as well as her quirks. That’s if a man is sincere in wanting a lasting heart connection…
It’s what he can give of himself, in time, and genuine communication in sharing experiences, helping her, laughing with her, and sharing with her. 

When he is with her, if the event, the movie, the car that he is driving is more important than she is, then why is she there? She will wonder…And will feel like an object herself…

When a couple connects at the heart and intimacy level… this is when real romance that leads to love, a true connection and what a man ultimately desires great sex… but the need for sex is really more a need to connect to the magnificent feminine energy.

It’s the man that woos the woman. If a man can’t be aware and learn these skills, he will find himself alone, or with an unhappy woman, and without the way to get his innate emotional needs met and satisfied by the allure, charms and abundance of a woman. And the woman will feel alone, cut off from her innate charms, beauty and desires.

It’s a man that woos and a woman responds… but there needs to be something to respond to…

A man gives. A woman receives… it’s plain and simple… it’s biology…

You can tell by observing a couple, how good a man is at fulfilling his lady by the look on her face.

A woman in love glows… and she bestows this glow and the magic and wonder of her femininity on her man… and this is where most men want to be and to be the benefit of…

Men… it is about the woman.. if you make it about her and are sincere, you will have everything and much more than you could ever ask for or dream of…
As a woman, what makes you feel cared for by a man? What are some of the wonderful ways that a man has and can do to woo, or court you, in order that you soften enough to open your heart to him?

Love Love Love…All we need is love…

But what is love?
One definition – An intense feeling of deep affection.

Have you ever felt really loved?

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever felt deep down out of control amazingly wonderfully in love?

How do you know when you feel love for another?

How do you know when you are loved?

What makes you know that you are loved?

How do you know when you are in love?


Does everyone have the ability to love?

Do you have the ability to really love?