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Make yourself happy…


Smiling has a positive effect on your mood. Also a smile is infectious. When you smile, it will lighten your mood along with the mood of others.

Get Out of the House

Being cooped up in the same environment can cause feelings of isolation and depression. Change your surroundings and get a breath of fresh air. It can snap you out of a mood fast.

Soak Up the Sun

The vitamin D provided by the sun along with other benefits boosts serotonin levels in the body. Even just 15 minutes of sunlight will immediately aid in lifting spirits.

Reward Yourself

Allow yourself a pat on the back for the challenges that you have overcome. Celebrate your victories, no matter how small, in order to rejuvenate yourself for future battles.

Pamper Yourself

Indulge yourself with something that lifts your spirits. Like a hot bath, a pedicure, a massage, or an ice cream cone…. do what makes you feel satiated and pampered to improve your mood.


Shake things up in your environment. Altering your environment can change your perspective and leave you feeling more open and hopeful. Move things around. Shift your environmental energy.

Accomplish Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Procrastination can contribute to feelings of negativity. To finish something that you’ve been avoiding will give you a sense of accomplishment and raise your mood instantly. Clean out that closet, rearrange your drawers, attack the papers on your desk…

Douse Yourself in Inspiration

Who inspires you? Reflect on and read about people and circumstances that reflect strength and faith. This will inspire and fill you with a renewed sense of purpose.


Exercising releases endorphins, it is a quick way to make yourself feel good. It also makes you feel more powerful, alive and youthful, which are key ingredients to feeling happy.

Do Something Good for Someone Else

Get out of your own head and give yourself a fresh perspective. Brightening someone else’s day will make you feel better about yourself and happiness is contagious.

Count Your Blessings

List everything that you are thankful for. It is easy to take your daily blessings for granted and lose sight of what you have. Celebrating and appreciating your life will open you up for more.


Laugh as much and as many times as the opportunity presents itself.. Act silly, make up and tell jokes…

Behave Like A Child

Swing on a swing. Jump rope. Sing songs. Play charades. Lay in your yard and look up at the sky and imagine what the clouds look like.

Have A Happy Day!

Do you have a special memory or thought…

that comforts you?

One of mine is, a story my Mom and Dad told me, concerning when I was a new born. That when I was crying, the only place that I could relax and go to sleep, was laying on my Dad’s chest. He is large man, 6’2″ and I was 5 pounds. He could hold me in one hand. We have photos and homemovies of this.
 When I need comfort, I bring up this memory of myself in those photos and I feel so warm and safe. I visualize myself being that tiny infant and laying on my Daddy’s chest.

At times, memories are all we have to sustain and comfort us …

What memory, or thought do you have that comforts you?

I am a dictator. I rule the government. I rule you…

You are not individuals. You are a collective. I know what is best for you. You are all equal, mushed all together. And I am above you. No one has more than another in talents, looks, or benefits because of their family lineage, work, or genetics as that would be unfair. I make you all the same. Work hard and gain and I can take it away then give it to whom that I choose, or keep it for myself.

As if in a concentration camp, you must all think alike, be alike, and be equal.  You are easier to control that way. Whatever you have that another doesn’t have, I can take from you and give to them. Soon, you must dress alike and all must have a number. I must know your count. There is no privacy.
I know all about you.

I can lie to you, but you can’t lie to me. If you do, you will be prosecuted.

I can vilify any group that I choose and you will believe what I say. I can tell you that Jews are bad, or the wealthy are bad and you will believe me. I can create class warfare, race warfare, religious warfare and then change it around to vilify another. I can cause you to kill one another. I can blame whom I choose to blame for whatever I do, or don’t do.

It’s all my agenda…
You may think that you can figure it out, but I convulute it so that you cannot. Confusion is my game, Leviathan is my name. You have become lazy and stupid, so easily led. I dumbed you down for my purposes.

At my orders, I can have you transported to where ever I desire.Jews from the Lodz ghetto are loaded onto freight trains for deportation to the Chelmno extermination camp. 
You will do as I say, as I tell you it is for you good, when it is quite the opposite.

Any talent or intelligence, I will use, or tax to my advantage, or it will be taken away. If you have beautiful hair, I can shave it off. If you have beauty. I can destroy it, If you have health, I can take it away at my whim. I decide what beauty is and what it isn’t. I tell you what to like and what to not like. If you have a talent, but go against me, I can have you ignored. I can turn the tide against you. I can change the meanings of words when I deem it necessary to further confuse and to keep you off center.
I can experiment with your life and your body. I can tell you what to eat and how much, or that you can’t eat at all. I can force you to inoculate your children, and if you don’t do as I say, I can take your children away, and put you in prison. I can tell you what to drive and how far and I can track your car and where-abouts. I can listen to your phone conversations. When you travel, you are searched. I can track you where ever you go. I put the prices on items and commodities, things that you need to live. I can make it so that you can’t get them, or afford them. I create the need then take away what you need to fullfill it. I am all powerful. You are not.

You can fight or challenge me, but I will win. I can make your life miserable. I can take your possessions, tie you up in the court system for life, imprison you, and yours and ruin your reputation by my control of all thoughts in the airwaves. I control the media, the school system, your healthcare, your life.

I create wars for my benefit. I create the stress that keeps you from thinking. If you have a business, it’s only if I allow it.

I am your god. I am your mother, your father, your family. I am your authority. I educate you and keep you dumb. I pick what you will learn. I hide what I don’t want you to know, or see. Everything you see, hear, or read is what I want you to see, hear and read. You believe what I tell you to believe. I can tell you that it is for your own good, then do as I like. It’s all for me, not you. You don’t matter, unless it benefits me.

I control your mind. I will repeat it often enough that you believe whatever I say about anything. I control you.

I will reward my followers and punish my critics and enemies. Try to expose me and I will annihilate you. 

If you work for me, you work for god because I am the god of your life and your world. You do not matter, I do. You feed me. And for you, it is “Freedom through work.” You will believe that this is your truth, or you will die. It matters not to me. I tell you what is true and what is not. You are only commodity to keep me running. I matter you don’t. I can tax then take what you have then sort through it.
I can take your home, all your belongings and your life.

One is for the many and I control the many.

I know your secrets and can destroy you at my whim.

You gave me all the power and I took the rest when you weren’t looking. You are too weak and stupid to think on your own. You need me. I am a dictator. I am the government. I am the authority.
I rule over you. Without me, you have no rights, no freedom, no life. It was not difficult for me to get to where I am in your world and in your life. You believed me, not yourself. You do as I tell you to do. I am a dictator. I am the New World Order where the evil infiltration of oppression controls the world. I rule over you…I am the authority that controls you…I rule, dominate and control everything in your world. I dictate all that governs over you…

My only opponent is your belief that I don’t and that you are free.

(What began as a way to protect the rights of an individual has been infiltrated and changed.)

The windows of the soul…

A good spirit will shine through them … and an evil spirit can be revealed by looking into them.

Observe the eyes… Are they clear? Do they look directly at you? Is there life in the eyes? Does a clear, honest spirit shine through them? Does love shine through?

In a person connected to the good in their spirit, there is a light that shines through their eyes and this cannot be faked. Michelle Obama
Some people, even when they smile have dead eyes.  I challenge you to look at the eyes…deep into the eyes. Look at the eyes of politicians, news persons, TV personalities and people in your life. Focus your attention to their eyes… that is where you will find their truth, not in their words. The source and intent is in the eyes.

Many Muslims have dead eyes. Look and observe, don’t take my word for it.

A sociopath has dead eyes and a dead stare. As they lie to you, their eyes will give it away, if you will clearly observe. 

Then listen to the voice… not the words, but the voicethe quality of the voice. A voice originates deep inside the essence of a person. It can reveal, if it comes from a place of goodness, dishonesty, or corruption? Do they manipulate their voice, or is it pure and sincere? Does the voice repeat, over-emphasize, lecture, talk down to, or shout? Is it contrived for purpose? Are the words contrived, or do the words and voice come from the heart? Does it hurt your ears or repulse you to even hear it?

The energy of the person. Is it upbeat and honest, or contrived and forced? Some people appear as if they aren’t even in their body, such as Pelosi, Reid, Michelle Obama and Joy Behar, to name a few… As if a body-snatcher took away their essence and left them vacant and vapid… easily able to be taken over and told what to do and to think. Those promoting the new world order have a robotic vacant and vapid stareThe evil eye is very real.  It is glassy, cold, and reveals a person without conscience, one that has been taken over by EVIL…
One definition of ‘evil’ is to have no compassion for your fellow man with the ability to act on it. Add to that, the ability to ‘pretend’ and to ‘lie’ that you have compassion for your fellowman, in order, to manipulate and control them, then acting on it to their destruction and you have out-of-control, insideous evil. What could ever be more evil than that? Recall Hitler?….  
Observe the eyes of dictators…Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announces the formation of the Tea Party Caucus in Washington

Michelle Bachman comes across full of life with light in her eyes, in her voice, and in her energy. Her eyes reflect peace, joy and honesty.

This is a photo of Anne Frank … joy is in her eyes, essence and energy…

Many children have a kind of joy and light in their eyes…

Reagan had a light in his eyes… a glow about him…Looking through the eyes of love… 

Those without it can try to emulate it. But it is impossible, as the light in the eyes is something that a person either has or has not.

The light in the eyes is something that you are born with. It is your individual soul shinning though.

Those with the light find it very difficult to lie.. those with dead eyes can lie without blinking, or missing a beat…

And the evil ones enjoy trying to suck the energy and light from those who have it…

Those without the light and who can recognize it in others, ‘those full of evil and envy’, will try to diminish and even steal the light from others by trying to control for their purposes. Control is evil. Freedom of choice is of God. Think about this – Guidance is one thing. Control is quite another.

I challenge you to observe the eyes of those in the public ‘eye’ and those in your life.

The eyes are the windows to the soul…Many things can be contrived, lied about and used to con… but this is one thing that can’t be faked. So learn to observe it.
The light in the eyes shines from the essence of the soul and is a gift from God….

Share who you think has light in their eyes along with those that don’t.

New Age Drivel…

by Ann
It feels like and seems like I have investigated and tried it all… Many years ago, I went to one of those psychics in those old houses that you pass on the side of the road… and she told me lots of BS, but two things that were accurate and I was hooked. 

I am a Christian, was always a Christian, will always be a Christian, and have never lost site of this, but still…my search and investigation into the New Age drivel, spiritual world of the lost continued… as I read the Bible, the Koran, Urantia, about Hindus, the Kabbala, Buddhism… Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, Robert Schuller, etc., the list is long. I read cover to cover and repeatedly. I took it all in, weighed it, and discarded most… not that there aren’t and can’t be insights and truths in everything… but soon most become empty… except for Christ.

A pure thought can easily become corrupted.

The ‘secret’ that if you just make a list and believe it strong enough that you can control your destiny is BS. The ‘pretend’ it until you make it…is just that pretending. Then if what you want doesn’t occur, it is ‘supposedly’ because you weren’t ‘clear’ enough, or didn’t want it badly enough. Well…BS!

The religion that teaches, if you kill those that don’t believe like you do and that you will be rewarded with virgins in heaven. Give me a break! Only an idiot could believe this…

It appears to me that most religions, ‘spiritual’ and ‘new age’ thoughts are more about ‘control’ than freedom…even though in ‘new age drivel’ freedom is talked about often. Actually, it appears, it’s more the way to morally corrupt and ultimately control the masses as it bleeds into politics and is used to make money, create followers and a profession. And it is mostly BS!
Some new age drivel states that God wants or expects nothing of you. So, you can do whatever you want. Anything! Have sex with as many, put whatever drugs you want into your system, and just do any and everything, break all the commandments and just plain do as you wish because God doesn’t care and it doesn’t matter…because you see, you are a god yourself. It’s love love love…when really it’s quite the opposite. That if you take certain drugs you will see clearly and find truth. Yeah! Right!… sounds like the ‘flower children’ mentality… also like Sodom and Gomorrah… and it’s BS! Who is this playing God and saying what God wants? Appears more to me like leading people astray… So, again give me a break … what arrogance and BS!

If a people lose their moral compass, they are more easily led into corruption then into disaster and a kind of slavery, as they have no character and stand for nothing…they become morally corrupt, weak, insecure in their direction and spirit, and all this ‘new age’ BS is doing just that!

This collective consciousness that Obama speaks of is corrupted… there is no collective salvation. Salvation is individual. And how utterly arrogant of anyone to think that they have control over so many. Who does Obama think that he is, Christ? When his administration is Anti-Christ at every turn… think about this one hard guys!!!

Anyone who tries to ‘play’ God, put words in God’s mouth, and, or tries to be your God or replace God as an authority… as in the government, or some ‘New Age’ Guru is trying to get you to dance with the devil … not good…

A real connection to the source of God is real freedom from all this BS! And it has nothing to do with covering your head at a certain time or attending some church to socialize. Not that doing this is wrong. It just doesn’t really matter. The focus on ritual is for distraction.
Meditation. I have known those that meditate and do yoga, etc. and I have done these also. And they also can be self-righteous liars. I have learned that those who lead with religion or some ‘spiritual’ practice are usually searching themselves, and, or trying to make money off of it, or trying to manipulate, and control others to make themselves feel like they are more than they are, and like ‘they’ know the answers and are in control, when usually they don’t have a clue.

Think of it.. Oprah, Chopra, and others.. how much money have they made off of their yapping about what they preach to others with their AH HA moments… again give me a break!

Chopra was Michael Jackon’s ‘spiritual’ advisor… umm…. pretty much speaks for itself, huh? It’s obvious that Jackson was one lost soul. He was very talented and could sing about some wonderful ideas, but apparently couldn’t bring peace into himself. It appeared to me that he didn’t really have trust in the Lord… that he put his trust in drugs, materialism and false prophets.

Astrology… now there may be something to this.. as it can be correlated to the Bible. The Wise Men were astrologers. I have studied it and found it to be a profound connection… but it must be from a ‘real’ astrologer, not some column in the newspaper, and not some BS that you call in and ask questions. All those call in psychics are just trying to make money off of the lost and searching. But as astrology can give some insights, nothing can really predict timing, because only God knows this. As the planets can shift and change with little to no warning, showing us that clearly there is an energy that can’t be predicted and that there is an energy and power bigger than us all.

And those that talk to the dead. Right! Why would anyone need to have someone be the go between … all of us can communicate with all diminisions, if we listen, and are connected to the real source of the divine and our divine gift within. It isn’t some ‘trick’ or something that you need to pay money to recieve. It is yours for the asking…and the connection is in your soul and your connection to God… the real God…

As my investigation continued…What I learned was to trust myself and my connection to God.

To trust God and the divine plan for my life. No one is between me and God and no one can tell me what God is, or has planned for me, or what my connection is… I was born knowing. It is imprinted in my DNA and my soul. It is a gift from God… a co-creation with The Almighty.

We all go through times of questioning and when we feel lost… even Jesus was on the desert for a lengthy time and he questioned. That’s, perhaps, a part of it all… the searching and feeling lost, and questioning, at times… is what can spark more awareness and can lead us deeper.

Careful not to give your individual connection and power over to someone else. We all have a interconnection to God whether aware of it or not. In my opinion, life… living… is to bring us more into our awareness…

My connection to God is divine and is a connection deep in my soul.  No particular church, Pope, minister, preacher, book, person, or New Age Guru is the answer…

When you live as close as you can to the 10 Commandments and are honest within yourself… is when you will feel at peace. Remember the golden rule…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The answer is in your soul and you know it when you know it…. and some never do… and they use all that they can to capture others’ spirits…

Nothing is new… and no ‘new age’ guru, ‘new age’ government, ‘new world’ order, or ‘new age’ religion, ‘new age’ talk show host, ‘new age’ monetary system will make any difference or ‘change’ what is real and true.
All this ‘new age’ BS is being used to enslave some to others. It’s not to free your soul or for your salvation! It’s to confine you in their evil and under their control…

Be aware of false prophets…

We are on this earth, not of it….

Would you exchange places…

with someone else? Would you exchange your life, your past, your family, your genetics, your individuality, your soul for another’s? No matter how wealthy, attractive, talented, or priviledged that you ‘think’ that they are, or how lacking and wanting that you ‘think’ you are, would you really want to exchange who you are for their set of circumstances?

Think about this hard and sincerely then tell …

And if you would, what kind of person or whom would you exchange yourself for?

Were you lovers in a previous life?

Here are some clues that might indicate previous incarnations with another. 

1. There’s an irresistible feeling that someone is missing from your life. You feel strongly there is a one-and-only true lover out there waiting for you. Then you meet them.

Lovers : Silhouette of couple kissing at sunset2. You’ve met someone and it’s love at first sight and no mistaking it. You both feel a sudden attraction that has nothing to do with physicality. It’s unexplainable.

3. You and your partner experience the same, or a very similar dream. If this happens, before you share the whole thing with each other, separate and write the dream down in the clearest detail that you can then share.

4. There are things you know about each other that you can’t explain. She loves daisies, can’t abide roses, and you instinctively buy her daisies. He’s crazy about Bach and for some reason, the first gift you gave him was Advent Cantatas.

Lovers : Young couple having an intimate moment on the couch5. When you first made love or became intimate there was no shyness. You felt as if you had been together this way before. The feel and scent of your lover’s body wasn’t new to you.

6. You love talking to each other and listening to each other—you share many values and ideas. You often complete each other’s thoughts.

7. There is/was no discussion of becoming a couple. You had no details to work out. You just Lovers : Beautiful young couple in love near the sea at sunset Stock Photoknew you completed each other.

8. People comment on how incredibly compatible you are, and they said that from the moment you met.

9. You know where your partner is simply by intuition. If he or she is in trouble, you know that, too.

10. Oddly, disharmony mixed with a feeling of commitment is a strong clue. You disagree often, feel at odds, or easily become testy with each other. Yet the love is real. You may be working out issues from a distant past.

No one can prove whether or not, we live multiple times on this planet. Past lives aren’t something new, and the idea of reincarnation isn’t scoffed at by all scientists. World religions and philosophies maintain that living many lives helps us workout our issues to attain spiritual maturity.Lovers : intimate color picture of sweet couple cuddling

You can’t know for sure if that familiarity is from some past life or not. And it might be enlightening and interesting to explore the possibilities.

I have experienced many of the above clues in relationships with almost an uncanny sense of pull, direction and purpose. Almost like an energy was pulling us together as it surrounded and captured us in a fog as the past bled through to the present and we fell through the veil to heal and re-experience, as we touched love, emotions and feelings in all their many dimensions.

Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings? It may not be romantic, but with friends, relatives, associates. You just have this knowing.

(These experiences are not always pleasant as we will soon find out in a book review and interview that I will have on Womenexplode next week…. so stay tuned…)
Have you ever felt these eerie and magical feelings and knowings?

More information on this topic on ‘OUR WORLD PAGE’, titled… ‘What If We Live Forever?’

“It matters not what others think about you…

what matters most is what you think about yourself.”

Sure, we all would like to be ‘liked’, but I would rather stand for truth and honor in my living and communication than to be liked for being false and kissing butt, not saying what I really feel, or just keeping quiet.

But, then at times, it is better not to talk or communicate… because some people don’t know how to, or aren’t able to discuss anything of a different opinion without falling into immaturity, or name calling. Or worst becoming defensive and throwing the hate word around. They may call you ‘hateful’, or state what is being said is ‘hate’, when really, they are the ones full of hate. They are projecting who they are onto you because they can’t see, or own it in themselves.

I rarely if ever use the word hate in any context. But I have come to be made aware that the ‘love and light’ folks use it frequently. I wonder do they ‘think’ that if they project it onto others that they won’t have to ever claim it as their own.

Also, is it not actually self-hate and insecurity to not be able to handle anyone in disagreement with their ‘fragilely put together and held together identity’ of self and ideas?

I have recently had an experience with the those of the ‘love and light’ which appeared  to me more like a cover for intense insecurity and dislike of self. I have noticed more and more frequently that some seem to deem as ‘hate’ anything that disagrees with their opinion. And even as I give explanation here, it is still baffling to me. But so telling of their level and ablility, or inability to discuss, to think, to communicate and to be tolerant of other opinions. 

Get a clue…When you have self-confidence you are more able to discuss and have tolerance of others’ opinions and ideas.

There is so much circle talking going on and…why so much insecurity in this world today?

And why do so many that claim to be ‘love and light’ have the word ‘hate’ roll off their tongue faster than anyone elses? They are so often pointing the finger outside themselves when they need to turn it back towards their own being and take at look at self.

Then there are the folks that don’t want to be judged .. so fearful of it that they are the first to point the finger towards blaming others…

If you say, “Don’t judge me.”, to someone. Can’t you see that this shows that you are insecure in who that you are, or what you are doing, or you would never even think this way, or give a moments notice to whom is ‘judging’ you?  I have never told someone not to judge me. The thought never enters my mind.

And BLAME… this word is thrown around all the time these days…

As in the tragedy that just occured in Arizona, the blame game took off at rapid pace by liberals and the main stream media. And they were all incorrect in their placement of blame.

One unstable man did this horror and that is it and no one can know exactly why?  As his actions began in his own mind and were excecuted by him.


I am tired of hearing these words and especially in the overdone context that they are being used in today  It is like apart of this society is being held captive by immaturity expressed by’child-like’ verbiage…so immature intellectually and emotionally that they can’t communicate or discuss without using these words.

A recent example of twisting and the use of blame and judgment: A quote from Obama’s most recent pep rally.. which, in my opinion, should have been only a memorial instead of a political opportunity for him. 

“But at a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.” 

Obama needs to ‘get’ that the American people, the Tea Party, and the Republicans are not his enemy.  He needs to stop talking down and bad about these people and inferring blame on people when there is none. He plays the judging, hate, and blame game continually in his political platform and those that voted for him do the same… the ‘love and light’, progessives and liberals.

There was really no reason for Obama to say this. Sure, it sounds good, but has nothing to do with what occurred, except for in the case of his backers and believers playing their blame game. Obama continually twists the blame and continually projects… it is Leviathan at work..  used for manipulation of the masses.

He, as President, should not divide the American people and point fingers at Beck and Fox, and others, etc. whether he likes their position or not. And he should not twist words and use every situation to campaign, but this is what this man does. And his doing of this shows absolutely NO RESPECT FOR THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE AMERCAN PEOPLE.

Obama knows what he is doing. And in my opinion, Obama’s rhetoric reflects actual disdain towards the American people and is insulting to the intelligence of us all as he uses hate, judging and blame and twists it to his agenda.

Again, it matters more what you think of yourself than what others think of you…

When you have a certain level of self-esteem and self-confidence, you will not have the need to call differing opinons ‘hate’. You will not care if you are being judged. And if you are ‘judged’,  you will look at your behaviors to see why and self-evaluate. And blame will live with self-first and not be projected outward. And you will be able to see clearly when people are trying to manipulate you using these tactics and in this manner…as in Obama, his handlers and his backers…
What do you think?

Go with the flow…let go…

by Ann
Life can feel like a dream– elusive and abstract, like a Picasso, where at times, much doesn’t seem to make sense. So much that we might find ourselves in the position of trying to figure out and understand the meaning behind every incident, thought and emotion.
But doing this can bring us more confusion, more seeking, more desires and more holding onto the idea of wanting to control the circumstances in our lives. When we desire any and everything that we feel we lack, the desire to try and control events, people and circumstances becomes a Mount Everest, nestled in the center of our minds and our souls, in which, we don’t truly see what is… but instead, what we wish to have and accomplish, which is to be “on top and in control.”

Our desire to be in control can be our undoing.

We selfishly hold on to what we want and, paradoxically, hold on to what we don’t. So many say that they don’t want to suffer, but unconsciously hold on to suffering like a child who carries his security blanket wherever he goes.

But what is going with the flow and letting go? What does it really mean? What are we letting go of, and what happens when we finally do relax and go with the flow?

To start, letting go means that we need to recognize, or become aware that we are holding on to something.
But what? A relationship, a job, your story, protecting the self from suffering? People hold on to any and  everything. The result is that we lose our authenticity and our child-like qualities of enjoying every moment, of flowing with life. Flowing with life can point us in the direction of what we really want while further expanding and revealing who we are to ourselves, and reminding us of why we are here.

Recently, I asked myself, “what am I holding on to?” I laughed out loud as I thought of the wishes and wants that I have that haven’t yet been recognized. Then thinking back over my life, I recall the twists and turns that led me to more fulfillment. A better fulfillment than I could have seen at the time.  But as the changes were happening, I was fearful that it was ‘wrong’  and would lead me to destruction or worse… when it was the path of my life and if I let go and let it happen, ‘went with the flow’… it all led me to a better place of being.
As humans, we LOVE to know things and to have all the answers, but when we think we have the answers, or think ‘we know’, there’s no room for anything new to enter that can change our perceptions, which will ultimately transform who we are.

This is the first and most vital step: asking yourself if you really know what it is that you’re holding on to, and why. And to be honest with yourself, if you don’t know, and to be honest with yourself, even if you think that you do. This is the beginning of the journey – where the answers begin to arrive.

Lao-Tzu practiced Wu-Wei, which literally means “non-action,” and from this state gave us the immortal Tao Te Ching, which is one of the greatest writings on letting go by doing nothing, ‘without force’. Here are a couple of examples he wrote regarding the freedom of allowing: “The sage experiences without abstraction, and accomplishes without action. He accepts the ebb and flow of things, nurtures them, but does not own them, and lives, but does not dwell,” and “Water overcomes the stone; without substance it requires no opening; this is the benefit of taking no action.”

What Lao-Tzu is essentially saying is that when we perceive life correctly, without placing our story on it, our lives naturally flow like water which has no desire, no needs to fulfill, has its own course, cannot be controlled, and will overcome any difficulty presented to it.

Nature is our greatest teacher, in letting go, and allowing life to naturally unfold. When the winds blow like a tyrant from an unknown land, a supple tree will not break, but will bend and allow, while a tree that is brittle will resist the ‘isness’ of the wind and be uprooted and destroyed. When we relax, our lives become like supple trees, and no matter how hard the storms may come, we will flow with them, allowing them to take their course without breaking with brittleness and frigidity.

Watch a river. Throw a rock into it. The river accepts it then returns to its natural course. Throw a branch into it and it will carry its weight without complaint. Throw a boulder into it and it will naturally find a way around it, and over time will carve its way through it. This is the nature of our lives without abstraction – following life’s ebb and flow. No longer forcing, but always embracing and allowing our individual rivers to travel their own unique and beautiful coarse.