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Politically Correct BS! I am exploding!!!

by Ann
Be forewarned I’m ranting.. some may get offended. So read with this awareness….

When someone starts preaching and trying to dictate what you eat then they better do the same, look the part, be the part, and not be overweight themselves. That is why I made my rant on Michelle Obama, a bit mean, but it is true.

Can the truth sometimes seem mean? Yes, it can! But if truth is never told then it can’t be heard! So, what the most cruel thing is, is to not tell, or reveal the truth!

This politically correct BS that is being imposed on us and monitored by some. The ‘some’ that call out the word ‘haters’ to those that tell and reveal the truth, give their opinion, or share their feelings is going to lead us all down a path to hell. 

Political correctness is paving the pathway to Hell!

We are not all the same! We are individuals! We should not, will not be mushed into some homogenous bland nothingness where all is passive with no differing opinions…

When individuality is diminished and taken away, weakness takes over, and then you can be easily led because you don’t know who you are, what you think, or what you like, and you become ‘mush-like’ and ready to be formed into what anyone wants you to be.

And that’s what a dictator-like leadership wants. ‘They’ want you insecure and dependant and to turn to them for answers… I say turn inward to yourself for your answers.

We must wake up and share our real and true feelings, so that others see and find the truth in themselves about what is being perpetrated on us by people that are not pure of heart and do not have our well-being in their thoughts and deeds. Their agenda is to control and to suppress everything about us and our way of life and our individuality.

To monitor, shame words and expression is the cruelest of all because it limits the expression of individuality… that which makes up you.. what makes you… YOU! An unique indvidual!

And when that is taken from you, you will see just how cruel it really is and how beaten down and bad that you will feel. You won’t be feeling…love, love, love for long…

It is perfectly normal to have opinions, to not like some and to like others, to like to eat certain things and not others, to dislike some people and not others, to worship the way that you desire, and to not have others’ way forced upon you… by the subtle evil of Political Correctness! To like and enjoy to be around people of your own race, religion and ethnicity, and to not enjoy, or like being around those that are different is natural and human and has been there since the beginning of the human race.

It may be interesting to learn about others and to visit, but to stay is not enjoyed, or liked by many, actually most, if truth be told. And that is okay!

A woman who dresses like this and was reared to think like she does would not have much if anything in common with me nor I her. I don’t want to know her, have lunch with her, or shop with her. Now, it might be interesting for one day.. but soon it would get tense. I am not like her and she is not like me.

When I see a woman in a burka, I find it offensive. I am offended that she hides her light and beauty under all that mess. It’s her decision, but I don’t care to ever see it or to be around it. 

I prefer to be with white, Christian or similarly like-minded, educated and similarly reared persons. Saying this doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy those of other races and creeds, or that I wish them harm or would do any harm to them, as I never would. Because I truly believe in freedom and GOD… BUT!  I am happier and feel more safe and secure to be with like kind. Does that make me politically incorrect? If is does… who cares!? I don’t!

It is a proven fact that people are more content and happy around like kind and minded people.

So, if is healthy, normal and human to be more comfortable around like kind, what in the world is going on? Why are we mixing it all up in the forcing of people to accept and like that which they really don’t.  

We can’t force people to not do, say, think and be what they don’t like by political correctness along with shaming and blaming. It might be done for a bit, but eventually it’s unltimately detrimental to us all. And actually will create a bubbling under the surface build up of frustation and suppression that could create a huge explosion.
Because of this misdirected, agenda-filled administration, the government is trying to infringe on rights, and freedoms to a level that is combustible. Is that, perhaps, the real reason why they are trying to enforce this BS? Because these are educated, agenda-backed, and lead people.

We have the word police (politically correct BS verbiage), the food police, the healthcare police, and this gives way to the thought police.. we are creating an America of weak, insecure, whimpy, easily bullied, and controlled drones and it sickens me.

I could care less if someone calls me a name or doesn’t like me. It’s their choice. In my lifetime, I have been called fat, ugly, too skinny, a white bitch, a snob, so on and so forth.. and it rolled off my back. The only time that it didn’t was when I wondered if it was true, or when I was a teenager and unsure of myself. But as an adult, I know who I am … so nothing anyone calls me matters because.. I know who I am! When you know who you are, all this politically correct BS is just that and you aren’t sensitive to everything that is said.

When you are insecure, lost, weak, whimpy, overly sensitive and looking to take offense, one little ‘wrong’ word no matter how 

unintentional can set you into a spiral.
So, all you ‘love, love, love yakkers’ that are the first to proclaim and deem others as ‘haters’ when all they  are doing is speaking the truth. Get over your fool selves!! Those that are speaking out are saving your whimpy, delusional butts and trying to protect your freedoms! The freedom that allows you to walk around in your delusional daze.

How about some ‘critical thinking’ and some real expansion of your ‘new age brainwashed brain cells’ into something real and realistic, before you allow the ones wanting to control your very thoughts to destroy our great country, and create a place with no rights, only supression and control. 

We are letting the infusion of those from other countries that do not know or care about our American ways change us into to something that is not good for us individually, or as a country. And the truth must be told before we all wake up in a HELL of their making!

Truth is not hate! It is BRAVE! It is real love not phoney BS, ‘New Age’ LA LA love.. because it takes courage to tell the truth about and concerning how something really is, instead of going along with the sheeple and not making any waves, as you are led to the edge and right of the cliff.

So, you might appreciate and listen when someone speaks, shouts or whispers a reveal of truth about all this politically correct BS because they are giving you a precious gift .

The gift of truth is love! And sometimes it must just be said outright and not in some politically correct agenda-filled way.

Love, freedom and truth all go together in honorable intent and actions.

Love is Freedom! Hate is Suppression! Think about it!

Kiss my size 4 butt…

Michelle Obama weight gain
Michelle Obama!

Okay.. read this at your own peril because this might sound kind of like a ‘mean girl rant’ to some… but I am EXPLODING concerning the government trying to tell us what we can and can’t eat.
Do I think we should workout, be physically fit and eat healthfully most of the time? Of course, I do! But it is our individual choice.
It is not and should not be mandated by the government. 

But now that the government is trying to take over our healthcare, it’s like they must think that they own our bodies and think that they can tell us what we can eat and are actually trying to take over what we put into our mouths.

The government is trying to take over our minds with their agenda-filled propaganda media, and in the school system concerning what our children are being taught. They are even promoting the use of some words and vilifying the use of others. Political Correctness is trying to shut us all up!!! Okay, those are different explosions… so back to….

We each have different chemical make-ups, different body types, and different genetics. I can eat salt. I love it and I do not have high blood pressure…my blood pressure is perfect.  

Another person can’t eat salt.. we are all different. So why should I be forced to cut down my salt intake when I don’t need to? I workout every other day and I have done this my whole life. I workout regularly. It’s a constant habit like brushing my teeth. I was a ballet dancer and physical fitness has been key in my life. I eat pretty much what I want, but never fast food. I know my metabolism. I know when I have over-indulged and I cut back. I am body aware and I like to feel good. So I eat and workout accordingly. I have never really been on any diet. I don’t believe in them.60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Show And I have never worn Spanx or anything like it.

Unlike the diet junkie, ‘know-it-all expert Oprah’, friend of the Obama’s, the ‘self-proclaimed health experts of our country’. He smoked and did drugs. Michelle is as big as a horse and so is Oprah even after all her promoted diets, her special cook, cookbooks and trainers…and her Spanx wrapped body stuffed into designer clothing  ( just how much money did she make off of promoting all these things?) and her ‘expert’ advice to everyone that watches her agenda-filled show as she makes millions. And this women is advising the Obama’s on their agenda whether she admits to it or not. She is one of the main reasons that he is in the White House… the media creation of Obama and the myth began on her show. Okay! A different explosion…so back to…

Body awareness, diet, nutrition, and exercise decisions need to made in the private sector, through health clubs, nutritionists, coaches, and most importantly in the homes. My mother gave a great example of varied and normal sized meals with few desserts. Sure occasionally, we would sneak and eat a whole bag of chips, but we played outside and did lots of physical activities and none of us had, or have weight issues. It’s pretty much  the same as always, input balanced with out go. It’s common sense! You can figure it out on your own.
But after that, no one can control what another puts into their mouth. What kind of a police state would we have, if the government tried to and actually accomplished this?

The government needs to butt out and Michelle Obama can kiss my size 4 butt! She talks nutrition and by my standards she is overweight and hardly looks physically fit. She just looks BIG! I am older than she is and I betcha much wiser and I will stand next to her in a bikini anyday of the week.

Now, I undertand that we all have different body types and all have their attractiveness. And a thin person can be ‘unhealthy’ and a full-bodied person can be ‘healthy’. It is all individual and the government can’t control this and should not even try.

For the Obamas to even talk about nutrition is outrageous… I have seen both of them eat more junk then other first families. Just their reported
‘Super Bowl Menu’ made me want to gag… and this is from a woman who can eat a whole pepperoni pizza when the right mood strikes. 
To have the government intrude into private lives the way that this administration is trying to do, reminds me of the movie GATTACA, which I saw the other night…where people are orderly maintained by rigid government controls… It is frightening!

The key is that we are all individual, God created us that way. We have our individual genetics from our individual family of origins. We have our individual situations, circumstances and challenges. That is the way that God created it and there are reasons for the differences and our individuality. And we all have free choice and freewill, until, or unless the government takes freewill and choice away.

We can choose what we want to eat or what we do not want to eat!

When the government tries to make us all the same and dictate our lifestyles, mandates eating habits, and what we must buy such as healthcare…then the government controls us and negates freewill, choice, individualism and FREEDOM.. and that my friends is HELL!

Marketing! I am exploding!…

by Ann

Can you tell when you are being marketed to? Can you see behind all the marketing agenda?

Marketing can make people believe that they need something that they don’t need it at all. Marketing can make you want it. Marketing can make you think that everyone has it, but you. Marketing can make you think that others believe something when they really don’t.

Marketing polls and political polls… are they real (honest), or are they contrived to make ‘you think’ that everyone believes, thinks, or wants something when they really don’t? And the purpose of all this is to make you think that you are out of the loop and not like the ‘others’. That you will be somehow left out..

BUT…Why do you want to be like ‘others’ … the ‘masses’? How about being an individual with your own thoughts, identity and purpose.

‘They’ those behind the marketing agenda do not want you to be an individual…they want you confused so that you are more easily manipulated.. Leviathan do you -know-truth-when-you-hear-it.aspx

Individuality threatenstheir’ agenda…’they’ want everyone to be the same, to want the samethings and to follow along exactly what, how and as they deem.

It is all being orchestrated for outcome. Either for a company to get you to buy their product, or service. Or a government, or political faction is twisting their propaganda (marketing strategy)  to get you to believe, think and to do what they want you to and  it’s done for their profits and control NOT for your well-being.  It is you that needs to, NO MUST, take care of your well-being and be in charge and control of what you think.

Ever think if the choices in your life are really yours or if you are being brain-washed to watch, buy and vote as some group wants you to .. that it’s all being marketed to you? Well, it is and they are!

The weak of spirit, of character and those without personal conviction are the easiest to manipulate. The sheeple that can be led right over the cliff.. and they won’t realize what was done to them until they are falling on their way down…

Believe what you know, what you think… instead, of what you are told to believe and to think. Stop being led down a path where someone wants you to go, but is not good for you or our country.

Most of what you hear is purposefully orchestrated propaganda. So, question, study, research and turn to your inner guidance….

They can try to teach, lie, market, sell, con, propagandise to you almost anything, but it doesn’t become true until you believe it.

Power to the People! The government serves us…

not the other way around! When did the government forget this???


How did the government manage the flip from being our representatives to being our repressors? Is it because they are voted in and more represent the class that feels entitled to be carried by the productive class?
And these people need the government control and the government needs them to need the control, in order, to keep their rule, dominate and control power trip as they get wealthier and gain more power off the backs of the people.

Time to end this government charade. Any group qualified to produce enough to carry such a worthless burden should be qualified to regulate their own lives.

I say government BUTT out of our lives.. And serve the will of the people.. instead of trying to infiltrate and control every aspect of our lives…

The government is taking away money from Americans and giving it to illegal aliens. How do ‘they’ have a right to do this? How did this ever even come up as a topic for consideration?

How did the government get so much control over the American people’s income, property, estates, education, and now, healthcare, businesses, food…on and on…etc.???

And why does someone who has paid taxes all their life, need to pay more taxes when they die? It’s government bloat and greed. It’s taking away from families to pass businesses, farms, property and wealth to their lineage.. it is government confiscation of wealth and property and it is of evil and repression of freedom and choice!

Why does the government want power over a family’s money? It is the evil of control. The government wants all the wealth, all the power to feed its bloated belly.

And this vilifying of those that have attained something is down right unAmerican! Someone gains the American dream of success and now, it’s to be given to the government to give to others. And there is ‘something’ called ‘the dream something’ that they are giving to illegals…

There are houses built in my town by illegals and they are horribly built. There is no craftmanship any longer.. Houses used to take awhile to be built and they were built well by Americans! And we speak English in America! And we dress as Americans do.. women with lovely hair showing and faces where smiles can be seen.

What in America is really going on? It’s like the government is trying to control every aspect of everything, even our thoughts and our right to like, or to not like someone or some practice.

It is like the government thinks that it is doing us a favor for allowing us to keep any of our money. 

All our freedom of choice and privacy are being diminished even taken away.

America was founded in order to get away from this kind of repression and rule.

Anything the government touches it messes up. And the bigger the government gets the more messed up it gets.

My Dad is a disabled veteran and is paid full benefits. At a time, when he became financially successful, he wanted to give these benefits back and for the government agency to stop paying him. He called to tell the government to please give his benefits to someone who does have the need. He didn’t want to take what he didn’t need when someone else could benefit.  He was told that they could not do this. That it would cause too much red tape for them to process and that he must take it. To which my father stated, “Government agencies are idiots! I am trying to give money back and they are too stupid to figure out how to take it.”

Of course, my Dad during his lifetime has done much for others and he found a way to give back many times over.

We don’t need the government to tell us to give. We don’t need the government to take our money and to give it to others. It is not the government’s right to do this.

Left on our own, in the private sector, and as a people, we do give back over and over to others… out of the goodness of our hearts. This is not a government mandate. And when we as a private sector give, we can make sure that less goes to waste, or administrative bloat, and that it goes to the actual cause and need.

Let families take care of their members. Let churches, friends and neighbors help others. And let us have tax benefits for doing this. Let the government butt out!

Be it in time, service or money, Americans give more than anyone.

Government stay out of our lives.. Shrink the Government. Give America back to the people.
We are industrious, creative and kind.

The government is to serve us, not the other way around!
The Government is not god…



by Ann
Make peace by confronting your anger…
Anger is a strong emotion; created by feelings that are oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. Expressing anger as it occurs, by confronting it, helps to release the feelings that create the emotion of anger.

 A disconnect to your feelings and, therefore from yourself can occur when there is an inability to express any of our natural emotions. If suppressed, feelings that create the emotion of anger can turn inward to create addictions of all kinds and, or passive aggressive behaviors.  

Addictions are obvious; over-eating, anorexia, drinking, drugs, smoking, and sex, etc.

Passive, Aggressive behaviors are not as obvious. And these behaviors can be to self, to others, or to both. Passive, aggressive behaviors may include; not speaking out about what is really bothering you, sabatoging life experiences, placating, and being overly-polite, or sarcastic communication, approach, avoidance, among others.

Examples: not returning phone calls in a timely manner, being cronically late to meetings and appointments, failing to complete tasks, not being responsible and doing what you know should be done.
Passive, aggressive behaviors may also be; being overly responsible and weighing yourself down with tasks and busyness, so you won’t have to stop to think, much less feel what is really bothering you. And some do all this while scurring about with a smile, underwhich lies seething anger that is being turned inward onto self.

This clearly can be destructive to your health. Suppression of angry feelings can literally eat you up inside. A disconnect from emotions creates a restless, internal zombie, that is  a person ‘trying’ desperately to feel, or desperately to escape, in order, to not feel, or to create distraction and excitement; as in excessive gaity and seeking exciting events or anything that will capture attention away from what is really bothering them.

conflict confrontation pictures - Conflict pictureConfrontation is defined as a bold challenge deriving from discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions. Confrontation is conflict and out of it can come understanding. It may create cooperation and it can clear the air.

Running, avoiding, being pleasing and sweet, no matter what comes at you, can create a bubbling resentment that leads to passive, aggressive behavior to yourself and to others and, or  result in explosive anger at inappropriate times.

Some people are afraid of, or avoid confrontation at all costs. They pull their head in like a turtle and smile sweetly, say only pleasantries, talk in sweet tones and avoid. Or they may project their feelings onto others. Since, they can’t see or recognise feelings in their self.

Some think that confrontation is scary or not a good thing. And some that avoid confrontation may also be avoiding self-accountability. To state, I just don’t want to talk about that, or I don’t like confrontations, may be a person that doesn’t want accountability for their own words, actions, or behaviors. If you don’t confront others, then does it let you you off the hook, too? Thus, you avoid the need to confront yourself on your behaviors.

can be, not only a good thing, but a brave challenge to undertake. If it clears the air, it can lead to cooperation and a release to healing that promotes a real internal peace.

Everyone has their own style, but at times, confrontation can change the outcome, even the world, while running away and avoidance…??? Well,it might keep the peace for the moment, but can wreck havoc on the body, mind and spirit.

People who can get things off their chests in an honest manner, most of the time, don’t take stress into their bodies. Therefore, they live a healthier psycological and physical existence.

On the flip side, too much confrontation can cause stress in yourself and others. There is a balance to everything. There’s a time to confront and a time to walk away. True wisdom is knowing the difference.

The key is to know when to do what, and to not be afraid to confront something, that may, if not addressed, you might carry unknowingly inside yourself that might be doing harm to your body, mind and spirit.

All emotions derive from feelings and are worthwhile. The ability to feel is a wonderful thing!  We are sentient beings whose purpose is to feel. All of our emotions have a reason for being. Emotions are just your heart and mind reflecting to you what is going on inside yourself.

To disconnect from one emotion, such as anger, and you will disconnect from the other emotions, too. The natural flow of all feelings and emotions is what is healthy, but being stuck in one too long and it becomes a distortion.

Separate yourself from your anger and you separate from yourself. It’s okay to be and to feel angry at times, and it is okay to have confrontation. It is apart of processing life and experinces.

What is your predominate anger style? Do you acknowledge anger? Do you confront it? Do you run away from it?  How do you handle your anger?


 by Ann

So, what if you are bullied! Get over it! Ignore it! Let it slide off your back! Walk away from it!

Stand up to it! Call it out! Address it! But don’t let these energy suckers define, control or harm who you are, or harm us as a society!

Have we become so thin-skinned and weak as a people that we can’t handle those that don’t think like us, like us, or are actually mean and cruel to us?!

When I was growing up, if I was being bullied. I was taught to turn away, and to not look back, or to stand up to it. My parents used this as an opportunity to guide me in how to build my self-esteem and to strengthen my character and resolve. 
If I complained to my parents that someone called me a name or was cruel to me. My parents would listen, then say something like. “What someone says about you doesn’t matter. It is who and what you are that matters and what you think of yourself.” Or “Who cares what someone says. Let it roll of your back!”

Learning this made me strong and able to stand up to those that tried to bully me. Because when a bully bullies, it’s about them and their trying to take my power, suck my energy… it is not about me!

I learned the bullying lesson before I was ten years old. That bullies can’t hurt me, unless I allow them to. Sure, I have been ‘temporarily’ hurt by bullies, but I look at them and the situation, examine the dynamics, then let it go and become the wiser and stronger for it.

Now, it appears that we are turning into a bully-controlled people…weak, whiny, thin-skinned and easily offended. It’s the weak of spirit that are easily offended. 

Instead of running home to Mommy and Daddy, many now, are running to the government… are we becoming a freaking NANNY STATE!?!

Are we becoming a nation of people of weak spirit? So easily controlled and whiny that anyone including this current administration can bully us into ‘their agenda-filled political correctness’ stating that it is for our own good, when it is actually bullying us into submission and weakness.

I am not advocating bullying, but a bit of it and how it is delt with can build character. And it’s a parent’s job to be aware and to talk to their children about what is real and what isn’t, and to guide children towards a healthy self-esteem. So, that bullies can’t harm them. So, that they won’t be and can’t be controlled by bullying tactics and so they can see through the bully’s agenda.

There have always been bullies and there will always be bullies… so learn to deal with it, because they are in all areas of life and will be in your life for all your life in some form. Bullies can’t be legislated away by government bullies.

Our government has become the biggest bully of all. Office worker being bushed by large thumb Photo (12200033)

Emotional energy manipulators know that the egotist is their bestfriend. They love people who are willing to sell their soul for the price of an ego-stroking. There are few rules and laws that govern emotional energy control and there shouldn’t be. It is up to the individual to learn to set their individual boundaries. It is apart of growing up and becoming self-actualized.Those without ethics or a moral compass can have their way often by bullying. There are physical bullies, economic bullies, social and emotional bullies. Some bullying is clear in intention (like our current government administration) others more underhanded.

So, when you or your children are bullied, it is an opportunity to teach and to build character. Steel yourself against the affects of bullying as it will serve you well your whole life. Learn and know when to turn away, when, and how to stand up to it, and how to recognize what is ‘trying’ to be accomplished or done to you by the bullies. Confrontation between two basketball players Photo (a01245)

Years ago, I was in a workout facility. I got off the equipment I was using to get some water. When I returned there was a large, black woman where I had been, She was in the middle of my things and using the equipment I was using just a moment earlier. I said, “Excuse me, I was working out here and these are my things.” To which she replied. “Well, I am here now, you skinny white bitch!” I immediately gathered my belongings and walked out.
When the health club called me to ask why I wasn’t working out there any longer. I told them. And they informed me that they had incidents of what occurred to me and that these people had taken thiings from the locker room. Clearly, this woman was trying to provoke and upset me… Why? In order to cause a disturbance to steal or just for her pleasure of doing so? I don’t know why and it didn’t matter. It was not worth my response.

Bullies many times are looking for your response. I exited and never returned. Had I responded to this woman, I would’ve been under the spell of the bully. And nothing ‘good’ would’ve have come of it..

Bullies try to suck energy, to control others in order to make themselves feel better, or to gain money, and, or power. There are all kinds and levels of bullying and all kinds and levels of bullies… the obvious and the not so obvious. Of course, the obvious is the easiest to recognize, react to, or to turn from. The not so obvious, the sneaky, manipulating bullies, are the real dangerous ones… those that can bully your spirit into a place of weakness and submission before you realize what is being done.

Bullies give us the opportunity to define who we are and to create a strong-will and to refine our character. And once again, it can’t be legislated to stop bullying. To do so, is bullying from the government in itself and is detrimental to human interaction and growth.

Thankfully, I was taught early to see clearly what a bully is and how to handle it and the situations occurring from it. I can see through bullies, maybe, not always at first glance, but soon, and always eventually.

And what I see and recognize that is going on in our country is a government bullying its people while ‘trying’ to legislate against bullying… all this ‘political correctness’ is, actually, the government bullying us into submission to be like they want us to be, think like they want us to think, do what they want us to do. So, that they can better control and further bully us in to submission and be more and more under their control.
These government bullies want power over the people!

As we all know, once a bully sees that their tactics are working, they escalate them until they suck all the energy out of their victim rendering them weak, useless and controllable. Or if their bullying tactics aren’t working, they change their tactics. This is something that Obama and the current administration are ‘good’ at.

Some victims of bullying even commit suicide. If thisoccurs, that victim wasn’t taught how to set boundaries. And that is a parental, educational and societial issue.

And bullying can even lead to death of the victims by the bully’s hand, and, or their directives.

Learn to recognize bullying, teach children how to handle it, and don’t allow bullying to weaken you.  Bullying is an opportunity to build internal strength. We need to build character back into the world… not legislate politically correct BS, to get us so overly thin-skinned that no one has, or can have an opinion, making us more 

susceptible to bullying.

It’s my opinion, Obama and this administration lead by bullying. They use it on all its levels, emotional,societal, physical, financial, using threats, remove, discharge, and malign people. They use the main stream media as their bullying ally. You name it they do it. It was clear as day right off the bat to me. Office worker being bushed by large thumb Photo (12200033)Obama, the head bully of bullies, wants ‘we’ the people under the government’s thumb. 

A bullying government is detrimental to society and its people. I can tell what it looks like, and feels like and I both stand up to it and turn from it!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get more stupid!

By Ann

It does. Not just stupid, but scary stupid! A male ‘acquaintance ‘ sends me a joke by email. A bit of background on this man. His wife left him. He still cares for her and realizes that he did many things that caused the downfall of their marriage. (at least, that’s a beginning to his awareness, you’d think so, huh?)
                                                                                                             Laughing : Surprise - A very surprised man- Close-up of a young man looking very surprised.
Then he sends this ‘joke’ to a woman like me.     

The joke:

A New Zealander walks into the bedroom with a sheep on a leash and says…
 “Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache.”
The wife, lying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says,
 “If you weren’t such an idiot, you’d know that’s a sheep, not a cow.”
The guy replies,
“If you weren’t such a presumptuous bitch, you’d realize I was talking to the sheep.”

SO! Where do I start? It’s an old joke – an insulting joke – a sexist joke – a crude and a crass joke.

And one better left told amongst men, while in a group, playing golf,  at some sporting event, or in the locker room, or while chewing the fat and drinking together…

And this man sends it to me! Yeah! HA HA!


by Ann

FRUSTRATION – a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems.
 Feeling frustrated long enough and the emotion of anger
 occurs. If anger is left to fester it may bubble into aggression.

Feelings create emotions… Anger : Couple arguing. Stock Photo

 can have many physical and mental consequences.The external expression of anger is shown by facial expressions, body language, physiological responses, and at times,even in public acts of agression. The internal effects of anger include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of adrenaline.

Anger is a completely normal and a healthy expression of an emotion. Except, when it gets out of control and turns destructive, then, it may lead to problems – at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of life. And it can feel as though you are at the mercy of an unpredictable and over-powering emotion.

ANGER is important to feel when it serves as a reaction that can be a protection when others try to dominate, manipulate or abuse and it can motivate us to take action. But it’s important to release anger in constructive ways. Otherwise, you’ll be like a pot of boiling water with the lid left on. If the steam doesn’t escape, the water will finally boil over and blow its top! When this happens to you, it’s no fun for anyone. And anger can turn into abuse of self and of others. 

Constructive ways to diffuse anger: 

THINK IT OUT – analyze, ponder, look at both sides…try to figure out the reason that you are frustrated or angry. Identify it. Pull out of your emotions and into your head.

– to friends, a counselor, each other… sometimes, just talking can release it.

WRITE IT OUT – get paper and just write, or type it out…then read what you have written, it will help you process the feelings and bring about awareness to the cause of the anger.
LET IT OUT – SCREAM! SHOUT!  KNOCK YOURSELF OUT! LOL! Well, not really and just make sure that you are where no one can hear you or that you are anywhere that you might scare someone.

CHANNEL IT OUT – Listen to music, read a book, or poetry, paint, draw or sing… create. 

CHILL OUT – take a nap, watch TV, go to a movie, sip wine, eat a good meal, cook a meal.

WORK IT OUT  – jog, jump rope, exercise, ride your bike, play tennis, move, jump, get out and about. Dance around the house to soothing music  or boogey around the house to the beat of rockin’ roll.  Movement shifts energy.

Doing the things listed above, will shift the energy and bring you into a new perspective. 

We are living in times, where ordinary feelings can move fast into anger. Use common sense and skills to release anger from your body and mind so that you will arrive back at peace and joy.  

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I am EXPLODING about this!

By Ann

… a movie getting ready to come out starring Jennifer Aniston. It’s premise – a single woman having a party to get pregnant and the sperm gets ‘switched’.  Charming premise or is it mostly disgusting? An insemination party… and this is ‘supposedly’ a comedy. How sick is our society becoming to make light of such a serious subject?! And how irrevelant is this making the part of a male in the creation and life of a child? A man replaced by a turkey baster. And that not knowing who your father is…what? No big deal!

Well, it is a REALLY BIG deal! The example that my father set for me and the security that he provides was and is paramount to who that I am as a person. My father’s love and my knowing who that he is and that he made a committment to my mother and out of their union, based in love, is how I was brought into this world, matters to me.
The premise of this movie, THE SWITCH, is a horrible example for our young people. Bringing a child into this world is a serious and profound decision and to make light of it in this manner disgusts me to a level where I am EXPLODING!

Then Aniston makes the comment across the self-promoting airwaves, that a woman does not need a man to get pregnant or to have a child or to rear one. This is a self-serving statement to promote ‘her movie; and is only ‘her’ opinion.  Aniston is a millionaire, divorced actress with no children… who is she to be giving this kind of advice that may be taken to heart by young people?

Sure, single women get pregnant and rear children everyday. But is that a desired state???!!!

This breakdown of traditional family is insidiously breaking down our society and must stop.Seems that Hollywood, the entertainment field and some stars will say and do anything to promote a movie in order to glean popularity and money. Morality and common sense and the message that they are sending seems to matter NOT when greed takes over.

I have volunteered with young, unwed, pregnant girls and to hear one comment, “That Hollywood actresses have children without being married and take care of children alone. So, I can do it, too.” Makes one want to explode. In that, the young woman making this comment in REAL life, hasn’t the means, education or common sense to discern fantasy from reality. She no ability to know how difficult it is to rear a child. She is only thinking ‘how fun it would be to have a baby to love and to have someone love her.’

Sad to say.. really sad to say.. that many think that the message in a movie is one that they can  implement in their lives.. when the ability to do so is practically non-existant. And when a popular actress makes a statement, many think that it is true when it is only their opinion.

What happened to, fall in love, get married, THEN start a family? So that, children can have the security and example of both a male and female in their lives? Sure, there are alternate life styles and families, but the exception is on its way to becoming the rule. This breakdown and disrespect for the process of bringing a child into this world is destructive to us all as a society and is going to backfire on our quality of life. There is a switch going on and it’s the demoralization of our country and the devaluing of that what is precious. The comception and rearing of a human being.

I am boycotting this movie as it is a sad statement and reflection of a distorted view as it diminishes the importance and seriousness of what bringing a child into this world is and really means to both the child and our society.

This Makes Me Want to EXPLODE – I ASK WHY???


This makes me crazy and feel like I want to SCREAM!

There are so many gurus. so-called spiritual, New Age, psychics, self-help books, those who are ‘supposed experts’ on everything from what to eat, what to say, what to wear, what to buy, how to think, what to believe… on and on and on. And what is ‘right’ one day, may not be ‘right’ the next. These so-called ‘experts’ opinions change almost daily and at rapid pace.

One of the worst is the what to buy.  ‘They’ tell you at every opportunity what it is that you need to purchase in order to have a better life. And the sheeple just follow along, right off the cliff,  charging up their credit cards up for things that they DO NOT need and could easily live without. In fact, a better way to live is WITHOUT credit card debt. We don’t need half of what they tell us to buy or what we think that we need to buy.

The absolute WORST is when they tell you what to THINK and this is done on a DAILY BASIS…
To be easliy led, is to open yourself up to cons on all levels and about everything.  It’s as if  ‘they’ say it on TV, that most believe it to be true. Or if ‘they’ do it in Hollywood, that it must be the thing to do. Or if, on some entertainment show or some talk show, ‘they’ say it, then it is true. If some politician says that it is what our country needs then it should be done and we all know, (or most all of us know) that most politicians are self-serving and out for personal gain and power.

Take Oprah, she has made a great living, telling others how to live, what to do, what to believe, even what book to read and what charity to give to, etc.  This women promotes her own charities continually and even had childen sending her their allowance and saving their change to send to her FOR ‘HER’ CAUSE. NOT THEIR CAUSE BUT HERS!  The big key is that it is HER CAUSE. People were sending their money to her because they believed her.WHY? Why did they believer her? And whoand what of those that believed her benefited most? Well, HER bank account, of course! She has made a great living telling people how to think and what to do. She even promoted THE SECRET and following this practice has caused the death of several people. 

When the media and advertisers promote something, it is for an agenda and for their benefit! Open up your brains and think… is what they are selling  or saying REALLY GOOD FOR ME AND MY LIFE???????????????? If not, how about DON’T FOLLOW IT, DON’T DO IT, AND DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Why can’t people ‘think’ more for themselves? How about STOP believing what others tell you and THINK for YOURSELF!!!!!

Research, ponder, use your God given instincts to discern what is real and what is con….