Definition of responsibility the quality or state of being responsible: such as moral, legal or mental accountability reliabilitytrustworthiness:  something for which one is responsible. To be responsible is to respond, to honor, to be trustworthy – to live to a higher standard.

Responsibility is an important key to living a moral, happy, content and peaceful life – to be responsible makes for a productive and fulfilling life. Those without responsibility to self and to others live a lost life.  All of us are accountable and there are consequences in life for lack of responsibility and accountability.  If you don’t pay your car payment, it will be repossessed. If you don’t pay your utility bills, they will be turned off. If a man is not responsible to and for his wife and her to him – best if done in equal parts – the marriage will fail.  When one person shoulders all the responsibility in a partnership or relationship – the burden becomes too much – balance is impaired and weakness seeps in. Sure at times, one may need to shoulder more responsibly because of circumstances. If you aren’t responsible to your children and family – it will all fall apart – they will leave – become unruly with a sense of lack, direction and ultimately failure. Everything worthwhile and of value in life comes from commitment and responsibility to that commitment.


10 thoughts on “Responsibility…”

  1. Thank you for posting this. Lack of responsibility is what many of our youth suffer from and why they are so many acting like crazies!

  2. If only more people would understand this. This was how the world used to work and it was a good solid world. Now few are responsible and accountable and our world is falling apart. I love your site and how you think. Thank you!

  3. Straight shooting and right! Nothing happens or is real without commitment whether it’s to a job, a person a project, a diet or whatever. Ayn, you write exactly what people of today need to hear. I applaud you! Keep up the good work!

  4. Exacting article. People today have lost the concept of responsibility and accountability in every area. Most are lazy and self-serving and care about no one but their selves. Great article.

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